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Wild Goose Chase (fiction, continue 18)

Posted on: November 24, 2008

Lingering traits in Son-God Incarnate psychic


            The medium-term strategy of Artax was clear in his mind but he failed to share it with his highest ranking officers.  The Monarch intended to lead his troops north for a few weeks and then lead the main body of his army south to future Azarabad country.  The rational was first, to send a strong message to the “Magnificent Khosro” that he is not a match and his take over does not constitute any major worry to Artax.  Secondly, Artax wanted to test the loyalty of his army: He sensed that the ranks and files were dubious of his mental stability though he needed confirmation of the extent religious tradition can sustain temporary insanity of their Son-God Incarnate.  Surely, this sort of test at this junction was highly flammable though excellent if the strategy goes well without major damage.  Monarchs had always agendas that common people were left out to reflect on:  a sure cause for disasters most of the times.

The first week north went passably well but grumblings were crescendo.  Artax sensed the danger of pushing his loyal troops to their edge.  He thus gathered his troops and spoke frankly and openly of his medium-term strategy and his latest testing tactics.  His speeches were delivered around bonfires for each company at a time.  The next day, the soldiers expressed their attachment to Artax by calling him “Lance Corporal”, one among them and one of them.   Artax sent a company further north that cherished self-autonomy at the risk of extra hardship; he ordered Boleyar Khosro, the scholar who figured the North Pole to be at reaching distance, to join the company and plant the Imperial Standard in honor for all the generations to come.

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