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Settling accounts


The fat wholesale merchants had a win-win situation financially and politically.  The small retailers were hanging on since their job was to pass on the increase in prices to the consumers.  Inflation kept climbing and the banks had to buy more gold at higher prices to keep liquidity circulating normally.  The little people were feeling the crunch.  One new factor emboldened the common people: a centralized authority was emerging due to natural processes.  Frequent clashes with the Iskandaranian mafia flashed on a daily basis.  The notions of order and security were heard and demanded. 

Artax contracted State to State deals with the neighboring Maharajas.  Once Artax regains his legitimate throne then the Maharajas would enjoy preferred trade status with Persia.  Reluctantly, the fat merchant realized that they would have to take side and cover the expenses of military campaigns against their steady connections in the Iskandaranian mafias. The ever optimist fat merchants figured that once the mafias are weakened then the merchants will have higher leverage for setting prices.

Since Artax is a new comer to the region then the honor was bestowed to the maharajas to lead the military campaigns.  It was as good an offer since the fat merchants are paying the bill even if it was for the duration of only three months. Two maharajah men of war dusted off their heavy arsenal of siege and destruction that were rotting and dilapidated and new forests were cut down to make ready for the war machine.

            The Macedonian trained divisions and the Greek recruits have lost many of their effective in men due to business competition and were getting older; not so much in age as in fitness for sustained frontal assaults.  They were still a magnificent war machine if combined under a central command and it would not be by any long shot a quick and dirty enterprise to dislodge them from these inaccessible rocky regions; not by the army of Artax anyway who had not engaged any enemy for long time but still it was a disciplined army that was kept on the march and is environmentally “battle tried”.

Seleucus understood that he was to negotiate a reasonable deal with Artax since he would have to take the brunt of the war in the Pakistani side.  The other more important factor was that Seleucus got secret intelligence that Ptolemy was negotiating with “Khosro the Magnificent”.  The piece of intelligence was wrong but persistent rumors are potent weapons because you end up believing them.

Artax was determined to control the Khyber Pass at any cost: didn’t he promise his troops up north “I shall return” when he received the infamous news of the take over?

Reaching Eden


As Artax pursued his advances through Northern Pakistan and Kashmir, he discovered a variety of cultures, civilizations and religions that could take him a lifetime to comprehend and transfer their best aspects to his people. His new plan was to settle in these countries and investigate the extent of its spread and wealth. At long last the troops of Artax found their ideal urban center.  Azarabad was a prosperous City-State with wide connections to the Iskandaranian mafias and the neighboring maharajas. It looked good and smelt good to Artax and he settled down.

During that whirlwind of a campaign, Artax had created two regiments of women soldiers. One regiment was engaged in real combats as mounted archers, on horses and chariots. They were also equipped with short light swords for emergency engagements such as to prevent any outflanking maneuvers by the enemy cavalry until reinforcement arrives. The other women regiment was on reserve and generally employed to supply the army. They furnished clothes, footwear, tents, equipments, food and unavoidably, for nursing the wounded.


This commercial City-State had already the rudiment of a new business unknown to Artax of what we call now banks.  After learning the purpose and procedures for running banks Artax invested in just one bank to get a hand on training.  Merchants were encouraged to leave their money at a safe institution when joining a caravan. They recuperated the same amount at the place of their destination.  This facility discouraged organized thugs that harassed caravans. It also made the Monarch and his associates richer by three per cent on the total amount deposited in the safe castles.  It goes without saying that Artax army was in charge of securing the forts and castles for salary.

Competition was encouraged and some financial institutions started educating the less fortunate travelers to the benefits of this commerce; a few even invented a credit system. Soon, people dared travel more frequently and the economy boomed. 

Not by the bread only…Stop all arms shipment to Africa! (November 25, 2008)


Note: The recurrence of civil wars and genocides, in a cyclical pattern, in Africa and recently in the Congo (Zaire), Somalia, and Sudan required the courage to come forward.


The general state of under nourishment, disease plagued, and horror mass killing patterns in most of Africa is the result of States getting their independence from Colonial Powers after their traditional social and political structures were obliterated without establishing alternatives that suited the majority of the people or were trained to practice it on their own for any duration.  The tendency of attributing the under-development of the African States on the basis of their GNP or other economic production criteria are shot-cuts to avoid investigating the sources of this under-developed condition because they do not honor the “civilized nations” who dominated these States for centuries.

In just the last three decades, over one hundred military conflicts in over 30 States were being waged around the world; most of them were hate conflicts among tribes, races, ethnic groups and sectarian sects.  Over 30 millions were displaced and more on the run.  Famine and diseases and under-development followed, killing millions more. As a consequence, the European States and the USA have enacted stringent regulations to limit the flow of political refugees.  Let us focus and recall the African States that experienced genocide on regular basis: South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Namibia, Algeria, Rwanda, Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Liberia, Sera Leon, Ivory Coast, Chad, Somalia and other smaller States and the cycle resumes its horror stories with no fundamental resolution for even medium-term period.  You will also recognize that most of these vast States are rich in precious raw materials such as oil, Equatorial Forests, diamond, gold, uranium and other metals.


I am inclined to believe that main factor of under-development is fundamentally a socio-political structure or an amalgamation of “juntas’ theocratic caste” systems taking control, governing, and running States.  I insist on the term theocratic because whatever predominant religions they claim to legally recognize these religions sects are at best skin deep.  The true religions and sects in under-developed States are variations on “paganism” (I am not offering a bad connotation for the term pagan but a description for the fundamental differences with the religious monotheist system in developed States, including atheism as a right).  Thus, the various tribes are attached to ancestral system of beliefs that are not officially or publicly stated.  These tribes or castes are closed autonomous communities that tend to regard the other tribes as enemies to the survival of their autonomies. The frequent occurrences of modern day genocides are fundamentally based on deep rooted theocratic caste systems.  Governments in under-developed States are formed of select castes and the rebellions, revolutions and genocides are outlets to re-shape the institutions according to the victors and governing under a different set of theocratic castes.

Most of the under-developed States that are not predominantly dominated by one recognized religion or sect will be facing recurring civil disturbances and thus lost opportunities for economical stability and development regardless of the magnitude of foreign infusions of money. Late Mai Ghoussoub mentioned the case of Ngoyambi, a 17-year old of the Hutu tribe in Rwanda, who is facing trial for mass genocide against the Tutsi tribe. Ngoyambi has no remorse and claimed that he won’t be afraid “if the judge is from the Hutu tribe because then he would not be wrongly found guilty”

Before the colonial mandates in Africa there was many skirmishes among the “tribes” but they were governed by social rules and very localized and of countable casualties.  Nowadays, these frequent skirmishes have acquired large scale magnitude in horrors and efficiency because of the despotism of theocratic juntas of castes after the “independence” of these States and the availability of efficient killing equipments sold by arm merchant connections that are themselves subsidized and managed by the superpower central States.

All the militias in all these conflicts harbor the same behavior and attitudes; they raise high their Kalashnikov, they show their cigarettes in the same manner, they take nonchalant breaks, and then they are up to resume their dirty immoral killing and maiming as regular jobs. They all claim to follow orders from superiors and they are not that worried of being persecuted in justice. Most of the militias are barely over 16 and in Africa 10-year old were recruited (the most lethal and scary midget assassins).  In some countries almost a fifth of the population participated in the war, directly or indirectly, and they all got used to observing the massacres and blood shed and humiliations.

I would like all those who gave orders to kill and maim, from the highest to the lowest ranking, politicians and military men, to be executed by specialized tribunals (not this puny International Court Tribunal that selects a very few samples of criminals).  I would like the arms merchants and those officially subsidized by the superpower States and their officials to be executed.


The liberal press and TV networks, in the Western “civilization”, loath to pinpoint the causes of these genocides; they claim that they don’t comprehend how human kind can reach such a low level of behavior.  What don’t you understand?!

Iskandaranian Mafias,(fiction, continue 21)


Artax learned the whereabouts and business of the three Macedonian trained divisions.  The divisions have taken hold of the strategic passages between Afghanistan and current Pakistan. They started on the business of brigandage, kidnapping, and all sorts of highway robberies. By and by, their business units stabilized on legitimate transactions.  The natural process cut in half the number of shareholders through a series of inner civil wars.  The two officers Seleucus and Ptolemy emerged winner and alive.  Seleucus and his band took control of the entrances fro Pakistan and had the monopoly on silk, spices and incense imported from India and China. Ptolemy controlled the entrances from Afghanistan and monopolized opium, furs and the slaves’ trades.

Through costly trial and error procedures, Seleucus and Ptolemy learned to respect the spirit of free market and free passage to the Afghanis tribes. Thus, the Afghans were not charged any entrance or exit fees and their caravans not inspected or intercepted.  The non-Afghanis caravans were taxed by adult heads over 10 year-old.  The task time measurement science proved that inspecting the belongings and ballots and bags and sacs were discouraging the soldiers and the return on minute inspection was not beneficial.  They opted for a straightforward head count and the appropriate rate to cover monthly expenses.  Thus, the entrance charges fluctuated but were decided on both entrances at the beginning of every month.  There were extra fees when caravans needed guides in the passages, and they learned to need it, for safety and security was within the business philosophy.

Turn of events for a New Spirit


Naturally, we have no further feedback on the prowess of the company venturing farther north and we failed to retrieve any manuscript or diary of Boleyar Khosro.  The general direction of Artax army was south, discounting the many detours, natural dead ends, and re-direction to a potential stable, strategic, and fertile region.  The clan of the run, running Iskandar got wind of the inevitable approach of the Persian army.  The clan was tired of relocating and surviving on goat milk and milk based products.  The clan beheaded Cyrus Iskandar and offered the severed head to Artax.  The Son-God Incarnate sensibility was tried harshly and he reacted in kind.  Artax beheaded the perpetrators of this ignominy.  This clan and other clans in the neighborhood got the message that only the Son-God had the right and legitimacy to end human lives.  The poorer clan members joined the army en mass.




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