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Wild Goose Chase (fiction, continue 22)

Posted on: November 25, 2008

Reaching Eden


As Artax pursued his advances through Northern Pakistan and Kashmir, he discovered a variety of cultures, civilizations and religions that could take him a lifetime to comprehend and transfer their best aspects to his people. His new plan was to settle in these countries and investigate the extent of its spread and wealth. At long last the troops of Artax found their ideal urban center.  Azarabad was a prosperous City-State with wide connections to the Iskandaranian mafias and the neighboring maharajas. It looked good and smelt good to Artax and he settled down.

During that whirlwind of a campaign, Artax had created two regiments of women soldiers. One regiment was engaged in real combats as mounted archers, on horses and chariots. They were also equipped with short light swords for emergency engagements such as to prevent any outflanking maneuvers by the enemy cavalry until reinforcement arrives. The other women regiment was on reserve and generally employed to supply the army. They furnished clothes, footwear, tents, equipments, food and unavoidably, for nursing the wounded.


This commercial City-State had already the rudiment of a new business unknown to Artax of what we call now banks.  After learning the purpose and procedures for running banks Artax invested in just one bank to get a hand on training.  Merchants were encouraged to leave their money at a safe institution when joining a caravan. They recuperated the same amount at the place of their destination.  This facility discouraged organized thugs that harassed caravans. It also made the Monarch and his associates richer by three per cent on the total amount deposited in the safe castles.  It goes without saying that Artax army was in charge of securing the forts and castles for salary.

Competition was encouraged and some financial institutions started educating the less fortunate travelers to the benefits of this commerce; a few even invented a credit system. Soon, people dared travel more frequently and the economy boomed. 

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