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Reforms in Azarabad


A significant climate of law and order took hold in the City-State of Azarabad.  Many neighboring City-States got jealous and they requested city-twining programs to transfer the know-how of restoring calm and tranquility among their populations.

 After lengthy consultations with the notable of Azarabad and meetings with the different active syndicates Artax ventured to propose a draft for social and political reforms.  The Son-God Incarnate transcended his century old beliefs into revising the books on government rules and idioms.  He decided on a small set of simple and rudimentary articles. They might sound familiar now but the original articles are centuries old and the scrolls have been dug out, almost intact, from a cave in Afghanistan. The articles are stated in a haphazard order. Artax instigated Seleucus to publish the artcles for a Constitution, as emanating from the mafia syndicate, which Seleucus used to be familiar with back in Greece but never adhered to their spirit. For example:

Article one: All citizens are born equal in the eyes of the Law, regardless of sex, color of the skin, ethnic origins or hierarchical levels in the society.

Article two: All tax paying citizens are entitled to representation in their community and toward the State Government.  All adult citizens above the age of 18 are eligible to vote, including the female citizens whether married or still single.

Article three: All children, boys and girls, between the ages of 6 to 13 are entitled to learn to read and write in the Persian language. Learning their own dialect is also encouraged but at their parents and community expense.

Article Four: All able bodies, boys and girls, between the ages of 15 to 17 have to serve in the armed forces for 2 years. In the first six months of training, recruits will be trained 4 days as soldiers and work 2 days for their living expenses. The next 6 months, recruits will be trained 3 days and work 3 days. Their last year in the service will see that they get trained only 2 days in the techniques of killing enemies and the remaining 4 days of the week to learn the survival skills in a cruel world and acquire a practical  profession.

Article five: There is separation between religion and State administrations. Every citizen has the right to choose between a religious wedding and a public one.  Regardless of the choice, State Laws are to be applied for matters of marriage rights, heritage, and responsibilities.

Article six: Females are entitled to the same proportion in the division of heritage as males. If the elder son is still entitled to the land, he has the duty to distribute the profits from the land to all the legitimate heirs for the next five years.

Article seven: Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution. Citizens can form political parties and gather in syndications after they register in due forms with the Ministry of the Interior, and their ideologies and by-law publicly declared in prints and disseminated in at least three public gatherings with 3 days notice for each assembly.

Article eight: All religious sects are entitled to be represented in the Parliament. The number of these religious members should not exceed the fifth of the total membership in the Parliament.

Article nine: Elections to the Parliament are calculated on a proportion basis, but on a majority basis for municipalities.

First baby step back home


The war techniques of the Maharajas’ armies and their war machines were somehow different from the Persian ones; not in purpose or outcome but in efficiency such as minimizing casualties and playing politics and posturing.  When the Maharajas’ troops engaged they were ruthless and indomitable to the last man.  What mattered was safeguarding the honor of the House since the soul was not perishable; the soul of the courageous would transfer to another generation of fiercer combatants.

Artax would have taken more time for negotiation and dialogue with the Iskandarans mafia if he knew about the ferocious onslaught of the Maharajas’ army spirit.  He sincerely needed the cooperation of these mafias when crossing back the borders to his Empire.  He needed every help he could get in manpower and in intelligence gathering.  Fortunately, the mafias stood their grounds for three months.  Artax was very reasonable with the fat merchants’ positions of discontinuing the financial aid.  The maharajas had no purpose any more to resume fighting without financial support.

The mafias have been weakened, the fat merchants got better deals, the reduction in commodity prices satisfied the little people, and Artax got along with the mafias for serious intelligence gathering tasks and propaganda dissemination in the Old World of Persia.  The Persian army in Pakistan could now travel into Afghanistan for reconnoitering missions.

Code name for the timing of the Wall Street crash: rule China (part 2, November 23, 2008)

The code name for the precise timing of the financial crisis was:

 Artificial oil price increases or (AOPI) and the messenger was the multinational financial brokerage firm Lehman Brothers.

All the members in the cartel of the financial multinationals received the order to activate the countdown for the Wall Street crash: they sold out their shares to invest in anything that has real value.  The little people who invested their life savings in stocks paid the price.

The FED, the Treasury and all the US multinational financial institutions knew the theory of Money Trade Cycle that when the trend of inflation is continuously on the rise then the outcome is a financial crisis.

The theory established that businesses and economy follow a pattern of upswings and downturns, and if the government refrains from meddling with the normal interest rates of doing business then the market economy based on real value-added economy will adjust to the changes.

The problem was that the USA was no longer producing any real value-added economy for decades: the US consumers were enjoying low priced items imported from China and the manufacturing bases were exported overseas to benefit from cheap manpower and limited legal constraints.

The world had already experienced a vivid advance taste of financial crisis in 1989 in the south-east Asian markets, Japan and Latin America.

The fundamental problem was tackled by the Asian States and they worked harder to produce value-added economy.

The successive US Administrations and politicians had no guts to tell the American people the hard facts, that a recession is as sure as the sun rises, and that getting back to work harder on producing what people need to buy is a must.  Instead, the US multinationals resorted to creative embezzlement fiduciary schemes (secondary and tertiary worthless paper money gimmicks) to resume world financial market hegemony

The FED knowingly, through political pressures, kept lowering the interest rates below the healthy level of a normal market economy which overextended credits for a decade and thus generated inflation rates that could no longer be controlled or stabilized.

The US Bush Jr. Administration decided, unilaterally and without a UN resolution, for a pre-emptive war on Iraq.  The US Administration invaded Iraq on the basis that the military expense will generate many folds in profit through the control of oil distribution and blackmailing the neighboring Arab rich sovereign funds of the potential threat of Iran.

The Arab rich States were no fouls of that strategy but they went along.  They are mere small States of oligarchies and monarchies with no national identity. If these States were nations then the citizens would have taken stands; any stand would have cost much less than the trillions of dollars injected for the US citizens to resume their lavish spending on consumerism, new gas guzzling cars, stocks, and overvalued Real Estates.

The FED, the Treasury and the cartel of multinational financial institutions knew that the normal scheme of siphoning in the sovereign funds of the oil rich States and the small stock investors had reached a plateau.

It reached a plateau because the investors realized that a crisis is in the offing and the scheme could not function normally unless the same level of increase in junk paper investment is maintained.

Since the scheme reached a plateau then it was time to decide on the appropriate timing to activate the financial crisis: it was much better for the crash to take place at the very end of an administration and then to pressure the politicians to agree on a financial rescue package.

The timing was perfect: since no more foreign financial rescue is coming in then the financial rescue will happen under duress from all rich States.

The motto was: either you caught up under duress or you will all have to suffer a global economic recession.

The world lauded the US for its timely energetic reaction of rounding up 700 billion dollars to rescue the failing commercial banks.

Wrong; the package was already decided upon before the crash and the bold figure of 700 billions dollars was psychologically marketed as covering the 60% of the unsolvable Real Estates: the US people would gladly preserve its homes and pay for it.  The trick: this package is a first installment and other packages are waiting in the queue pending the appropriate political conditions.

Well, financial rescue came from everywhere but this didn’t stop recession anyway. How can you stop recession when the USA is not producing any value that people are ready to purchase?

The worst part is that President Obama is not willing to challenge the US citizens with the hash facts, at least not for a long time to come.

The US people has preferred the lax attitude since the Reagan Administrations: most of the US citizens wanted to believe in an illusory wealth assuming that the worldwide acceptance of the dollars as the currency of choice is more than sufficient to keeping the illusion alive and kicking.

The hard facts are in; tackling decades of myopia and dependence on the hard work of the other people has to be grabbed by the horns.

The world recession is the making of the lazy, faint hearted US people who failed, in their cockiness, to recall what made them a great nation!

Only one giant Nation is winning: China.

China got the USA by the throat. The US is totally dependent on China in cheap import products and the purchase of US treasury bonds for many decades to come. China can direct the US financial policies and foreign policies. It had done it already. The US had been doing it with the Latin American States and everywhere else for decades. Rule China, rule!

Types of history stories: Mount Lebanon case study (November 26, 2008)

 Most history books are series of battle stories of who won and who lost, what were the causes for the initiation of the wars, which monarch was pleased and which ones were utterly frustrated, which century was mostly a military victory in the long-term, which decades experienced the plague and other infectious diseases that decimated a quarter of the population, who had the upper hand States or religious hierarchies, who were the “noble” figures and military geniuses in battles and in fortifying the forts, the adventurers who acquired whole continents for the throne simply by planting the flag of the monarch, and this sort of crappie stories.

If you are interested in serious stories on socio-political-cultural structures of civilizations and their development, you have to invest time researching, and dusting off voluminous manuscripts, (preferably for higher education degrees), and analyze the fundamentally biased contradictions among the scholarly treaties, a job that is outside your research purpose and in comparative literature.

This is a long sad history and I would rather develop on the case story of Mount Lebanon (barely 100 * 10 kms), a mountain region that is part of the State of Lebanon.

Not that this story is refreshingly magical, but because it tells the story of all the under-developed societies and current States waging frequent genocides and civil wars; (States that are obviously recognized by the United Nations).

I previously published a short essay on the various fallacies that were heaped on this majestic mountain chains and its brave and eternal people; please refer to that essay for further details.

Since time immemorial, Mount Lebanon was an ideal ecological place in weather conditions and abundance of fresh water.  Fruit trees and milk and honey and snow-covered mountain chains and virgin forest were trade marks of Mount Lebanon among all the invading Empires.

Mount Lebanon was a refuge and a sanctuary for the mystics and ascetics of most religious sects.  All kinds of sects and tribes have found refuge in Mount Lebanon, but it was not exclusively because of religious persecutions.

The inhabitants of Mount Lebanon are not a homogeneous ethnic group within sectarian differences. Mount Lebanon had experienced the absorption of many different ethnic tribes to serve the interests of the Empires that transferred entire tribes from various locations in their Empires to keep close control on the existing local tribes in occupied territories.

There were 3 major waves of Christian sects fleeing persecutions by other Christian sects who were affiliated to Byzantium with Constantinople as Capital.

These waves started in 325 during the Emperor Constantine, restarted around 400, culminated in the year 1,000 and then resumed around 1200.

The last wave caused the “Moslem” in the early 19th century was by extremist and salafist Wahabit sect, originating in the Arabia Desert of Najd, performing frequent razzias in and around Damascus in Syria. (The Oligarchy in Saudi Arabia is of this infamous sect).

The Druze Moslem sect members in Mount Lebanon were never refugees from no where. They lived in Mount Lebanon and were of various sects; they converted to the Fatimid Moslem sect who ruled Egypt for over a century around 950.

The Fatimid dynasty were fundamentally a Chiia sect (Moslems who refused a Moslem Caliphate, especially a Sunni Caliphate) and had Sufi tendencies and other esoteric beliefs.  During the Sunni Mameluke dynasties, Druze fled Aleppo to the Golan Heights and into Lebanon, but not necessarily to Mount Lebanon.

The Chiaa Moslem sect inhabited most of Mount Lebanon during the Omayyad Dynasty and ever since, in order to control the seashore from Byzantium navy incursions.  The Sunni Caliphates made it a trend to persecute the Chiia at every opportunity.  Many tribes from Turkmenistan, Persia, and Kurdistan were relocated in Mount Lebanon to balance the Chiia and keep them in check.  The Chiia were especially persecuted by the Ottoman since the Safavid Persian Dynasty got ascendance in the 16th century.

The Chiia tribes had no central religious authority and thus were not cohesive enough to share authority in Mount Lebanon with the Maronite and Druze in the last 3 centuries.

Mount Lebanon was mostly a social chaos of tribal rules with loose connections to a central authority of one of the multitudes of Empires through the paying of taxes and tribute.

A foreigner felt a sense of freedom but not liberty outside the tribe. Uprisings against the central authorities of the successive Empires were very rare, not locally initiated, and were quickly and easily repressed.

Mount Lebanon was never militarily impregnable by the forces of the Empires.

Mount Lebanon was relatively at peace because the local tribes did not make waves and were left alone as long as they paid the tributes and appropriate taxes.

Thus, Mount Lebanon was an ideal subject to central powers and was left undisturbed most of the time, except when local skirmishes necessitated local Emirs to support the Pashas of Damascus or Akka in men of war with their own armaments, mules, horses and supplies.

Mount Lebanon was never a whole entity socially, politically or administratively.

Mount Lebanon proper, as defined by the Maronite sect, comprised the high altitudes (Jroud) of the districts of Bshari, Betroun, and Jubeil.  Mount Lebanon was most of the times divided into, at least, 3 administrative provinces with capitals on the sea shore such as Tripoli, Beirut, Saida (Sidon), and Baalbak in the Bekaa Valley.

The “jroud” of the districts of Kesrwan, Metn, and Gharb were separate administratively from Mount Lebanon proper; the district of Shouf was also separate and belonged to the province of Saida.

Mount Lebanon is not the bedrock of communication among various ethnic and religious groups.

The more communication systems become easier, faster and more versatile, the more transport infra-structure develop, the more the tribal system in Mount Lebanon worsen from tribal into a caste system.

Current communities in Mount Lebanon have evolved to the worst; not only they are ferocious castes members but the number of officially recognized castes has jumped to 19 castes and increasing at each election or civil war.

Not only these castes are closed sects but they gained political powers in their self-autonomous officially unrecognized respective cantons.

The latest election laws are reflecting this dangerous trend for mini-state status.  Mount Lebanon is staunchly defying the entire set of hypothesis on “The World is shrinking into a village“.  Mount Lebanon is a proven case that village mentalities are defining the World.

Whereas the Maronite Christian sect enjoyed the better centralized religious authority since 1200, it has now disintegrated to the benefit of the other religious sects that are more united politically under their religious authorities, although not necessarily socially.




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