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Wild Goose Chase (fiction, continue 24)

Posted on: November 26, 2008

First baby step back home


The war techniques of the Maharajas’ armies and their war machines were somehow different from the Persian ones; not in purpose or outcome but in efficiency such as minimizing casualties and playing politics and posturing.  When the Maharajas’ troops engaged they were ruthless and indomitable to the last man.  What mattered was safeguarding the honor of the House since the soul was not perishable; the soul of the courageous would transfer to another generation of fiercer combatants.

Artax would have taken more time for negotiation and dialogue with the Iskandarans mafia if he knew about the ferocious onslaught of the Maharajas’ army spirit.  He sincerely needed the cooperation of these mafias when crossing back the borders to his Empire.  He needed every help he could get in manpower and in intelligence gathering.  Fortunately, the mafias stood their grounds for three months.  Artax was very reasonable with the fat merchants’ positions of discontinuing the financial aid.  The maharajas had no purpose any more to resume fighting without financial support.

The mafias have been weakened, the fat merchants got better deals, the reduction in commodity prices satisfied the little people, and Artax got along with the mafias for serious intelligence gathering tasks and propaganda dissemination in the Old World of Persia.  The Persian army in Pakistan could now travel into Afghanistan for reconnoitering missions.

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