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Wild Goose Chase (fiction, continue 25)

Posted on: November 26, 2008

Reforms in Azarabad


A significant climate of law and order took hold in the City-State of Azarabad.  Many neighboring City-States got jealous and they requested city-twining programs to transfer the know-how of restoring calm and tranquility among their populations.

 After lengthy consultations with the notable of Azarabad and meetings with the different active syndicates Artax ventured to propose a draft for social and political reforms.  The Son-God Incarnate transcended his century old beliefs into revising the books on government rules and idioms.  He decided on a small set of simple and rudimentary articles. They might sound familiar now but the original articles are centuries old and the scrolls have been dug out, almost intact, from a cave in Afghanistan. The articles are stated in a haphazard order. Artax instigated Seleucus to publish the artcles for a Constitution, as emanating from the mafia syndicate, which Seleucus used to be familiar with back in Greece but never adhered to their spirit. For example:

Article one: All citizens are born equal in the eyes of the Law, regardless of sex, color of the skin, ethnic origins or hierarchical levels in the society.

Article two: All tax paying citizens are entitled to representation in their community and toward the State Government.  All adult citizens above the age of 18 are eligible to vote, including the female citizens whether married or still single.

Article three: All children, boys and girls, between the ages of 6 to 13 are entitled to learn to read and write in the Persian language. Learning their own dialect is also encouraged but at their parents and community expense.

Article Four: All able bodies, boys and girls, between the ages of 15 to 17 have to serve in the armed forces for 2 years. In the first six months of training, recruits will be trained 4 days as soldiers and work 2 days for their living expenses. The next 6 months, recruits will be trained 3 days and work 3 days. Their last year in the service will see that they get trained only 2 days in the techniques of killing enemies and the remaining 4 days of the week to learn the survival skills in a cruel world and acquire a practical  profession.

Article five: There is separation between religion and State administrations. Every citizen has the right to choose between a religious wedding and a public one.  Regardless of the choice, State Laws are to be applied for matters of marriage rights, heritage, and responsibilities.

Article six: Females are entitled to the same proportion in the division of heritage as males. If the elder son is still entitled to the land, he has the duty to distribute the profits from the land to all the legitimate heirs for the next five years.

Article seven: Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution. Citizens can form political parties and gather in syndications after they register in due forms with the Ministry of the Interior, and their ideologies and by-law publicly declared in prints and disseminated in at least three public gatherings with 3 days notice for each assembly.

Article eight: All religious sects are entitled to be represented in the Parliament. The number of these religious members should not exceed the fifth of the total membership in the Parliament.

Article nine: Elections to the Parliament are calculated on a proportion basis, but on a majority basis for municipalities.

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