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Wild Goose Chase (fiction, continue 26)

Posted on: November 27, 2008

A difficult process for the ratification of the constitution


Artax political acumen had improved with experience and hardship.  The draft for a Constitution went too far in reform and the number of articles was far too many to digest but that was a calculated risk to blunt reflection on matters too new and very complicated to ponder at on short notice. The main objective was to weaken the overwhelming power and authority of the religious hierarchy on the mind of the population which robbed this intelligent and hard working people from serious individual reflections that would use the rational mind into resolving fundamental problems of centuries old.  “Khosro the Magnificent” was selected and appointed by the religious structure to circumvent any reforms no matter how insignificant it might be.

Most of the articles in the proposed Constitution were subject to alterations and modifications to suit the majority of the power base but Artax insisted on the first two articles that would educate the population on their legitimate rights as citizens.  Anyway, democratic elections for municipalities were agreed upon and carried through undemocratically.  The fat wholesale merchants and mafias have rigged the voting process.  One good thing resulted from this election process: the fat merchants realized that they needed from now on to drop their blunt cockiness and resort to under the table deals, to invest time listening to the people demands and to invest some of their surplus profit for maintaining a few infrastructures and a lot for propaganda.  Some kind of muted dialogue and communication were taking the shape of undercurrent popular energy. 

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