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Wild Goose Chase in the Old World (fiction, continue 26)

Posted on: November 27, 2008

In the heart of the Persian Empire


            The newly installed “Eldest-Son of God Incarnate, “Khosro the Magnificent” was continuing to throw lavish parties and festivities in the vicinities of the two Capitals of Souze (the summer Capital) and Persepolis (the winter Capital).  The tradition observed a whole year of lavish and generous gesture toward the population as excellent omen and good augur of the emplacement of the constellations as concurred by the Highest Priest.

Artax was forgotten as an impotent Monarch who did not behave as Monarchs should; Artax was expected to direct his troops immediately for a major, all out frontal battle. Since Artax failed to follow the customs of the time then he was considered unfit for the throne.


The army is trained for new jobs


The Monarch Artax wanted to rely first on his army to disseminate the new political philosophy: at that stage Artax had no other disciplined manpower to rely on in the first place. Consequently, an intensive re-orientation of the educated ranks and files was programmed.  The army had to study, analyze and discuss new concepts and ideas that should secure a more solid structure for the society to grow and prosper for years to come.   His officers and soldiers will have to learn new concepts; they had the task to indoctrinate and spread his new philosophy to the common people. 

How his armies should go about different jobs that they were not trained for?  Tasks of proselytizing the new Constitution and Bill of Rights, how to win over the minds and hearts of the new generation, boys and girls, how to secure the acceptance of the older generations, how to infiltrate towns and cities and spread the new rights and responsibilities, and how to help the peasants in their fields and to keep the economy growing were not accessible if the only structure remaining intact was not involved on a wide scale.  Well, the trained army proselytizers had to memorize whole paragraphs suited for specific situations and then deliver the speech correctly and with no hesitation: projecting the impression of total conviction and mastery of the new philosophy was the crux of the endeavor.

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