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Has your Ego changed in definition?

Posted on: November 28, 2008

Has your Ego changed in definition? (November 28, 2008)

Sciences have this tendency to fine tune definitions in order to account for variations perceived in social and individual diversities.

The field of psychology has offered at least four definitions for Ego.

  1. You have got the Narcissi Ego when the “I” is wished to be above the common of mortals, an inability to identify with the sufferings of others and which masks our vulnerabilities to death and apprehension of the others.
  2. You have the Hysteric Ego when the “I” depends on the perceptions of the others and the urge to be accepted as the center of the universe.
  3. You have the Egocentric Ego when the “I” would like to be without any reproach and flaw in the view of the moral standards with the consequence of ultimately hating every one who offer a criticism.
  4. You have the Non-Ego or the “Da” in Tibetan or “Atman” in Sanskrit when we should strive to feel like a drop of water in the ocean, an ego not associated to the ephemeris of society but related to nature and the universe (I don’t like it because it lacks the attributes of human beings).

If we consider any extreme emotions as transient insanity for an indeterminate duration (the length of the duration being a science in itself for determining mental dysfunction) then all of us “normal” people have a combination of the four kinds of ego, the proportionality of one kind of ego to the others reflecting the frequency of one ego with respect to the other four, within a day, a week, or a conceptual period of observation.

Maybe when we blame someone for failing to develop or mature in due time, we might unconsciously be blaming him for not transforming his type of “ego combination” into a qualitatively more appropriate combination acceptable by the “normal” society.

I have been observing my behavior for the last seven years, what we call an introspective analysis, by writing and reading a lot.

I think that my ego combinations types started Egocentric, then Narcissi, then Hysteric, then subconsciously drifting toward Atman (out of disgust of myself and the state of affairs in the world) and then finally settling to mostly Hysteric (a state that most of us would like to categorize their Ego, young and old, male and female: it has a gentle connotation of being liberal whether our definition of ego is true or false or the denomination of liberality is true or false).

The point is: if you think that your combination of ego has not changed then you are definitely insane or you have the streak of a trade mark narcissist.

It never hurts to have a heavy dose of one kind of Egomania, as long as you are aware of who you are, proud of your individuality with a tad of compassion and sensibility to people’s sufferings.

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