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Killing the Gold Goose in Wild Goose Chase

Posted on: November 30, 2008

(Fiction story, continue 33)

Now that the High Priests had firm proofs that Artax is very much intent on politics and had crossed the red line in military incursions and harassment tactics, then it was time to play hard balls. 

The High Priests figured that more profit could be made if they monopolized the trade business; as if a well oiled machine would continue to lay Gold Eggs if tampered with.

Two Persian army contingents were dispatched toward Balkh and Kandahar.   Afghanistan was turned into a battle field and military kind of curfew were ordered in all that Estate.  Caravans stopped going into the Persian Empire, from land and from seas.

Special spices, rare kinds of incense, and silk got scarce.  It was not unusual for properties to be sold not in gold coins but in exchange of these most precious products.  Girls’ dowries were bartered in these precious products.

 The upper strata of the Persian society could no longer suffer the humiliation to their palate, sensible noses, and fashionable attires. 

They pressed upon  their supreme monarch “Khosro the Magnificent” to win the war very soon. The rapidity in preparation lead to more mistakes and errors in planning and thus logistics bogged down the progress of the war.  Consequently, the malaise within the upper and medium upper strata of society turned into serious horror of the future state of affairs.

With central authority engaged far up eastward the empire, then the Western Estates in Turkey and Syria were disintegrating into smaller kingdoms of warlords, loosely linked to the central authority and supplying nominal recruits who made it a point of honor to desert along the long trail. 

Caravans heading west were loath taking that route because the taxes on their goods increased at each warlord principality and prices attained unprecedented height in the western Estates.

Tales of the riches of India gave wings to the adventurous spirits, the marginalized nobles, little merchants, and whoever could join caravans going east.  It was a period of mass exodus from Persia that emptied the Empire from its youngest and most promising elements in education and commerce.

Since that period, Persia or present Iran turned eastward toward India for commerce, culture, civilization, philosophy, and religious alternatives. (This same process was repeated later during the Ottoman empire as western Europe blocked Turkey trade westward)

The commerce with the western Estates of Turkey and Syria and their civilizations were forgotten for many centuries.

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