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Any good news in and out?

Posted on: December 7, 2008

After Iraq: Any good news in and out? (December 7, 2008)


Let me offer new facts and then older facts that were not disseminated; then I will ask the question “Why the Bush Administration needed a major war?” then the follow up question “Why Iraq specifically?” then the resolution question “What where the results of this pre-emptive war and what after Iraq?”.

Since the Wall Street crash the USA has lost over 550,000 jobs and as many in the developed States and there is no end to that trend.  In 1989, the world experienced a nasty financial crash that destabilized the Asian markets and then Latin America and its ripple effect hit the US as Bush was being inaugurated.  Thus, before the Twin Tower disaster the US was financially unstable and the joblessness rate was very high and increasing.  After the 9/11 attack the stock market in the US hit its lowest and the rate of decrease was about 36%, almost as bad as today.  The major difference was that the financial disaster then was not publicized and the whole affair turned to the necessity of preventing further terrorist activities and defending the “Nation”.

The US needed badly a major war; first, to absorb the unemployed, especially the Latinos, and second, to divert attention from acute economical and financial problems that the Republicans were not equipped to handle under their free, non controlled capitalist policies.

Why Iraq then?  Afghanistan was a non entity and very poor to launch a major war and invest so much on it.  Iraq had no Qaida elements within its territory, simply because Dictator Saddam Hussein was a Sunni leader and would not permit other Sunni organizations to eat from his own dish.  Iraq had no nuclear weapons; the Nuclear Control Agency said so; the European leaders said so; the UN said so and refused to support this foolish pre-emptive war.  The Bush Administration went solo against the World community. Why?

  Iraq was a State with the highest reserve in oil and second to Saudi Arabia in potentials for production. Iraq was strategically located amidst the oil producing countries in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally to the US.  Iran is too big to swallow.  Iraq was about right since it had been seriously weakened after 10 years of economical embargo by the Bush Father and Clinton. (Over 2 million babies died in Iraq in that period of embargo for lack of powder milk and basic medicines).  The neighboring Arab States were easy prey for frequent financial blackmail to invest in Treasury bonds and other financial gifts such as purchasing redundant military hardware at the highest prices. For the long term, the US planned to blackmail powerful China, avid of oil, by controlling directly the distribution and production of oil.

When the US forces entered Baghdad, Bush Junior declared “Victory”.  Two years later Bush Junior revised his declaration “Victory was way premature”.  Recently, Bush Junior was begging the Iraqis to accept the “Security Agreement” to save face for the retreat of his troops.  What would you expect from an Iraqi government, appointed by the US forces, but to obey its Masters?

What were the results of this long pre-emptive war?

First, over one thousand Iraqi scientists in all fields have been systematically assassinated by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.  The names and professions of these scientists and professors are published on the internet. Israel was greatly relieved: The huge brain potential of the Iraqi people was a nightmare for tiny Israel; and backed by huge oil reserves and fertile lands and prosperous industries.  It is said that the Egyptians write books, the Lebanese publish and the Iraqi read the books.  For over ten years now the “Arabs” have not been reading their published books!


Second, a catastrophic ecological situation has befallen Iraq: the oil that could not be processed or distributed was re-directed to be dumped in valleys; vast areas are lost for ever and ever to any reclamation.


Third, over one million Iraqi civilians died and three fold that number crippled.

Fourth, oil production never reached the level of ten years ago.


Fifth, the US has stolen, highway robbery, the oil produced in Iraq with nothing to show for it but destruction, miseries, and sectarian warfare.  Security in Iraq is the last thing in the mind of the Bush Junior Administration; the Iraqis can go to hell and why? Why?


Sixth, China re-directed its investment for oil fields toward Africa and the US is totally impotent.


Seventh, China has struck deals with Russia and India and the oil pipelines are almost finished and freed from maritime transport and US blackmailing tactics.


Eight, the hatred and animosities against the US policies in the Arab and Moslem people has reached the zenith and no public image gimmicks would do.


Nine, Russia has checked the US-NATO expansion toward its borders.

Tenth, the US is totally bankrupt and humiliated economically, financially, and militarily.  Shall I go on?


The cycle is back from where we started.  The financial conditions are worse than in 2001 and unemployment rate even worst.  What then?  Which country is now ripe for another pre-emptive war in order to suck in the jobless population and blackmail the Arab State for financial secure?   Saudi Arabia is ideal: nobody like this savage, ignorant, narrow minded Wahabi sect of this theocratic monarchic family.  The world can do without this hotbed of terrorist, salafist, wahabit sect which is the source of the Al Qaida and its numerous branches; except the USA obviously.


Don’t you hate this hypocrite of a monster claiming that he was against war but the CIA lied to him?


The case is to be handled by the International Tribunal of war crimes and perpetrators of genocides on a wide scale.  If the International community fails its duty towards this massacre of the decade and persists in acting biased toward the developed nations then the underground organizations will take over in the name of justice and for a long, long time.

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