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A Moratorium on State Terrorisms

Posted on: December 11, 2008

A Moratorium on State Terrorisms (December 12, 2008)


States activities of pre-emptive wars against much weaker States, perpetration of genocides within and outside borders, fomenting military coups against duly elected governments, encouraging and supporting dictators and oligarchies, destabilizing societies among ethnic and religious communities, exporting arms and ammunitions to under-developed States, destroying infrastructures in under-developed States, contaminating ecological equilibriums, and withholding economic, financial, and professional skills to much needed societies are typical forms of State terrorisms. The current war against “terrorism” means simply this “We, the superpower State terrorists, vehemently forbid any organization or under-developed State to disrupt our monopoly on terrorist activities.”  The rich and the powerful States are frustrated that they no longer have the monopoly over violence.

I am no historian and will not venture in defunct Empires terrorist activities like the Soviet Union, Britain, France, Italy, or Germany.  I will focus on the virulent and still much active Empires such as the USA and China.  Israel is another nasty and ugly State terrorist that extended its tentacles way outside its border, but Israel is a poor satellite to the USA.  Israel has assassinated over one thousand Iraqi scientists since the Bush Junior invasion of Iraq; it has invaded Lebanon six times without good excuses and destroyed all Lebanon infra-structures four times; it has incarcerated over 25, 000 Palestinians without due legal processes within three years period; it has systematically famished one million and a half inhabitants in Gaza and was the first State in the Middle East to initiate terrorist activities since 1920.  Israel has admitted to terrorist activities last year in Georgia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, India, Africa, and Latin America.

China is responsible for wide scale genocide against its people since 1950; hundreds are dying every day in mines, of famine in the provinces, in sweat shops and intimidating the whole population in Tibet, and Nepal.

The USA is the cum laude Empire in State terrorisms.  Since 1950, the successive US Administrations have perfected State terrorist techniques in all forms and around the world.  Not a single State that refused to side totally to its hegemony has been targeted; the policy was 100% “alliance” or destabilization.  Every State in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East did not escape US State terrorisms. If you guys want an exhaustive list of terrorist activities initiated by the US Administration then read “Dominate the World or saving the planet” by Noam Chomsky.

The successive US Administrations have recently committed genocides within the US territory in the last 50 years: thousands died of cancer from above ground nuclear explosions, 120,000 US soldiers engaged in the first Iraqi war in 1991 are dying of the vaccine against potential chemical weapons; thousands more are dying from pesticide bombs and orange cloud bombs used in Viet Nam. The US Administrations have proven vindictive in spirit (read racist attitudes) on smaller States; war has been the only alternative even when feasible diplomatic resolutions were ready.

No US Administration was pacifist; ask Bill Clinton why he ordered the bombing of the unique pharmaceutical factory in Sudan of Al Shifa; more than 10,000 civilian victims and workers died in broad day light.  Ask Clinton was he allowed Sharon of Israel to bulldoze the Palestinian camp in Jenine; hundreds of civilians were crushed under the tanks.  Ask Clinton was he permitted Shimon Peres to bomb a UN compound in Qana Lebanon; killing immediately 130 civilian refugees and many hundreds later on. Ask Clinton (who made over $100 millions on the circuit lecture) why he ordered the airborne of thousands of Moujahedeen Afghans to Bosnia.

We ask President elect Barak Obama to issue a moratorium on State terrorism; this would be the most effective and drastic measure to win victory over terrorism.  We ask the UN to stop covering up on State terrorism no mater how powerful is the State; we ask the news Medias to start taking their responsibilities as the fourth power to the benefit of the little people.  We ask that all the civic organizations to institute an organization to specifically monitor all State terrorisms.

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