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The State of Palesrael: a future plausible resolution (November 12, 2008)

There are reams and reams of plans and counter plans and resolution suggested to containing this everlasting unjust and uncalled for reality of the 20th century monstrosity that permitted the establishment of the State of Israel by displacing its original inhabitants (the Palestinians), as so many monstrosities in this century.

There are two viable solutions for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, short of exterminating one party or the other or most probably both, that has been spreading death, disabilities, miseries, indignities and humiliation since 1920.

The Israeli Olmert PM has lately declared that the time to facing truth has come.

Since the Madrid convention in 1990 among the Arab and Israeli delegations and mediated by the US Administration, during the tenure of Bush Sr. for a resolution of this conflict, it was becoming evident that the “Biblical” strategy of Israel, for further expansion and preemptive wars, is no longer tenable.

A resolution was contemplated but the US had an old battle plan to invade Iraq before resolving this conflict.

The Bush Jr. “Son” administration dusted off this war plan and invaded Iraq. This invasion has failed miserably but Israel is no longer necessary for the strategic interest of the US in the Middle East:  The US has military bases in the Arab Gulf, it has many heavy weight allies among the Arabic States, and the price of oil on the market is far cheaper than physically securing its exploitation and distribution in Iraq or elsewhere or even resuming plans to intimidating China and blackmailing her by outdated military presence in Iraq.

The return of the heavy investments of the US in Israel has been reflecting sharp negative rates for decades, politically, economically, and socially within the US society and foreign policies.

My plan is of two phases:

1. The first phase is recognizing the State of Palestine by the United Nation, a State self-autonomous, independent and all.  It is of primordial interest by the world community and the Jewish State that the Palestinian people recover their dignity and rights as a full fledge State and be permitted to exercise the complex task of administering and governing a State.

At least from a psychological necessity, the Palestinian people should feel that persistent resistance and countless “martyrs” for re-establishing their rights as legitimate and independent people have brought fruits, as any genuine national resistance ultimately should.

2. The second phase is the merging of the two States of Palestine and Israel into a confederate State with a central government and several self-autonomous “cantons”.

I can envisage the following cantons: West Bank, Gaza (including Escalon), Galilee (including Haifa and Akka), Judea (around Jerusalem and Bethlehem), the “East Shore” (Tel Aviv, Yafa), and the Negev (including Akaba).

I have this impression that the tight religious extremists on both sides would opt to move to Gaza and Judea, and the very secular citizens would move to the East Shore or Galilee and the economically minded people might reside in the Negev backed by strong financial incentives.

The second phase will witness the return of the Palestinian refugees as ordered by the UN resolution of 193 in 1948 and the refugees would have the right to select the canton of their preferences.

I can foresee that the key offices in the central government would be equitably distributed, including genders, shared by the Palestinians and Israelis and a rotation of key positions imposed.

The representation in the cantons would be proportional to the general census of the period (at 5 years intervals).  The representation among sects, factions, or other types of social divisions within each “people” would also follow the proportions in the census.

I suggest to the interest of the future “Palesrael” State that Israel let Lebanon experience without foreign interventions the full extent of its caste structure so that the State of Palesrael might study the pitfalls and strength of such a system of co-existence and avoid the unnecessary miseries of minor civil wars and countless frustrations in its future unfolding.

It would be inevitable that the State of “Palesreal” be guaranteed a neutrality status (no preemptive wars within and outside its borders) by the world community and the regional powers.

Then, it is hoped and strongly desired that the State of Lebanon would secure the same neutrality status.  Amen.

Note: John Kerry, State Department chief, has been shuffling between Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas since 2013, trying to find a resolution to the Palestinian problem.

So far, Kerry failed. Israel has been building more settlements than ever before, annexing Jerusalem to become totally Jewish, and demanding that the Palestinians and the Arab leaders agree that Israel is a pure Jewish State.

Ursula, my nun aunt (continue 9)

An aunt of mother, Sister Ursula, was working at the boarding school in Beit Chabab, and mother sent her plentiful of money to provide special care for my younger brother Ghassan and me, but I do not recall seeing any money coming my way as pocket expenses.

Ursula forced us to swallowing raw eggs in the mornings and it was Calvary moment for me.  Ursula told this story countless times that I would shout at her “May you die instantly“, though I do not recall having said this sentence (maybe someone else said it?).

My colleagues in class resented this “special treatment” and they avoided me like the plague thinking that I should be a potential snitch or a sneak and would foil their stealing endeavors for extra food from the canteen.

I do not recall eating much, either out of lack of appetite or not liking the cooked food; I believe that I loved best fried eggs served on Saturdays’ breakfast with plenty of tea.  

Around 4 p.m. the school served us a sweet stuff “halloum” which I never cared for.  Most probably I never tasted milk at school or it was never offered to us because too expensive: the first days in family, mother made us drink powdered milk and I would vomit the milk after drinking it.  Mother never gave up on me to try keeping drinking milk. Right now I eat almost anything and I love eating and I am not picky on any ethnic cooking.

One summer, students broke into the reserves of food and everyone was lined up and received several whips on the hands except me; the Father Director Athanasios could not gather enough heart to punish me because I was scrawny, tiny, and didn’t have the look of a naughty boy.

Thirty years later, this director became the head of the monks and I sent him a letter of congratulation but didn’t fail to remind him that his special favor exacerbated the hate and resentment of my colleagues.

I do not recall ever having a conversation with anyone.  I used to wet my bed and feeling frustrated how to hide my night’s mischief.

We slept in a dormitory, spacious enough to hold over sixty pupils. There was a teacher sleeping in a room attached to the dormitory. We were wakened up at 6:30 a.m. and we attended Mass and then had breakfast.

Entertainments at the boarding school

Every summer, the remaining interns whose parents failed to come to Lebanon from abroad were treated for two weeks vacations in the town of Falougha where they stayed in a convent and enjoyed a change of scenery.

Ursula refused us (brother and I) these luxuries on account that if anything happened to us then mother would blame her. Thus, Ghassan and I would be the sole residents remaining in school.

I don’t remember what we did in that interval, but seeing everyone gone was an acute suffering and a wrenching humiliation for me and I never forgave Ursula. I also never forgave Ursula for denying us joining scouts, for the same excuse. I never forgave Ursula for forbidding me to do roller skating.  

The school was famous for its team of roller skaters and it performed marvelous “tour de force” at the end of the year descending like bullets from a steep incline.

At the time, mother sent money to my cousin Aida for our pocket money and I saved 17 LL, a real fortune then. I handed over all my savings to my cousin Jihad to buy a pair of roller skates because he was not subjected to Ursula dictate.

Sister Ursula never missed a religious ceremony to make us, Ghassan and me, wear white angel wings with our hands clapped in front of our chest in a sign of prayer.  I served the priests in countless masses and I remember my first communion as if I was about to lift to heaven.

Frankly, I suspect that Sister Ursula was following the directives of mother and didn’t dare take any chances.  I should confront mother on that subject, but will refrain to utter any kind of jeremiads.




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