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“Licensed to kill” by Robert Young Pelton (book review, part 1)

Posted on: December 26, 2008

“Licensed to kill” by Robert Young Pelton (Part 1, December 26, 2008)


Note: My niece Ashley purchased this gift for me on Christmas Eve and my nephew Cedric selected it.  If you enjoy my review you might as well thank Ashley and Cedric.


Robert Pelton met a covert team of “contractors” licensed to kill at the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the fall of 2003.  Robert embarked on an odyssey in locations where the CIA and the US State Department needed the services of these private war constructors (read mercenaries and security service operators) because these private businesses were evaluated to be more economical (fixed cost contracts) and less burdensome in legal matters, paper works, and political legitimacy than relying on the US army. (I am under the impression that beside the President, his Vice, and the Pentagon the other ministries are not entitled to request the security services of the US arm forces; or maybe the ministries do not want to feel indebted to the Pentagon!)

The hired members of private “security” businesses are ex-Special Operations soldiers, small-town cops, ex-marines, ex-rangers, ex-operators in third world dictator regimes (such as Chili, Guatemala, South Africa, and grouped under the label of third country nationals TCN), and young adventurers seeking $600 a day with license to empty the magazine of their fire arms.  Many of these shadowy operators took their vacations to relax on safari trips.  They mostly claim that they love their jobs and that it helps save their marriages from bankruptcy.  The fact is, most of these operators ended divorced and mutilated and living in their cars. 

The chairman of Blackwater Security Consulting, Erik Prince, is bidding for a “peace-keeping force” in Darfur (Sudan) since the income from the multitude contracts to massacre and maim in Iraq is dwindling.  A competitor to “Blackwater”, Triple Canopy, is facing legal issues after one of its operators killed an Iraqi simply because he felt like satisfying a wish before returning home; Triple Canopy was forced to send packing its operators to their respective homes.  The competitors to Blackwater are mainly MVM, USIS, and DynCorp.

The operators of Blackwater shave their heads and tattoo their bodies with Blackwater logo (the wide ass of a grizzly bear) because headquarter is located in North Carolina on a 6,000 acres of the Great Dismal Swamp.  Their vehicle of choice is called Mamba, a slower moving South African-built armored Suburban leviathans, designed to withstand mine blasts and sniper bullets.

There are so many hot places in this forsaken Earth because the US has been taunted, in the last three decades, as the only serious superpower that the US didn’t feel to stooping to any diplomatic resolutions but to using brute force as a mean to discriminate itself from the rest of the pack.

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