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Iraq: License to kill (January 3, 2009)


A major part of this article was extracted from a chapter in the book of Robert Pelton “License to kill”

In a matter of months after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, private security firms increased wildly and many had multi-billion contracts such as Blackwater, HART, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, ArmorGroup, Control Risks Group (CRG), Erinys, and Aegis.

The pentagon was officially contracting with 60 such “private security” firms, but the unofficial subcontractors doubled the number of firms; for example, Zapata Engineering which handled gathering, transporting, and demolition of ordnance had its own security services; not to mention Halliburton and the like.


At the end of the “Cold War” in 1989, the US military force was downsized by 30%. (In my opinion it was not just an economic necessity as it was a political shift of image control; Clinton didn’t want to be cornered by the military for alternatives that can be resolved diplomatically). 

Thus, the military enhanced its policy of privately outsourcing logistical supports

In December 1985, the first Army’s Logistic Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) was introduced; it permitted for civil corporations to supply sanitation, shelter, maintenance, transport, food services, and construction.


In 1992, Dick Cheney, then secretary of defense to Bush Senior, contracted Brown and Root (later acquired by the Texas-based Halliburton) to offer a dozen fictional scenarios that could require the deployment of 20,000 troops in 5 base camps for 6 months.  During the Clinton Administration, Cheney headed Halliburton from 1995 to 2000.  In 2001, Cheney secured to Halliburton an extended term of 10 years.


Even with the over billing schemes of the private contractors, the military saved money but the main objective was political cost savings when things went wrong: the companies could be blamed, contracts annulled, and their employees lost their jobs without due prosecution.


Bush Junior invaded Iraq with about 250,000 troops because, except Britain, no country would contribute forces but the total manpower on the field was much higher because of the private suppliers.  The US refused to increase its forces to at least 400,000 in order to maintain law and order and thus relied on private security services.  

Without the necessary forces on the field Iraq drifted into total chaos.  The chaos sparked impunity for the violent criminal groups that didn’t exist during the reign of Saddam.  Colonel T.E. Lawrence warned 80 years ago about the region “A tissue of small jealous principalities incapable of cohesion, and yet always ready to combine against an outside force.”


(Among the multitudes of private providers were dozens of Israeli companies, coordinating their activities with the Mossad intelligence service, looting Iraq, its historical monuments and artifacts, and assassinating the scientists and Iraqi intellectuals).


While 50% of the Iraqi was unemployed the private suppliers hired foreigners from the Philippine, Turkey, Pakistan…because they could not trust the Iraqis.  The Iraqi population stayed quiet for 6 months hoping for the reconstruction of the country to take off but it never materialized. The US allocated $20 billions for the reconstruction, mainly from the Iraqi oil production (Bush Junior signed Executive Order to confiscate Iraqi property in the US and funds in American banks and the UN allowed 95% of the income from petroleum export sales to be diverted to the Development Fund for Iraq “to promote the welfare of the Iraqi people through the effective administration of the territory”). 

In 2005, Congress increased the Fund to 55 billions to the year 2007, an influx that benefited the private US sector but not the Iraqi.


More than 600 private security contractors have so far died and were not accounted for in the total number of casualties.

“Licensed to kill” by Robert Young Pelton (Part 2, January 1, 2009)


            Robert Pelton met a covert team of “contractors licensed to kill”, by the US Bush Junior Administration, at the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the fall of 2003.  Robert embarked on an odyssey in locations where the CIA and the US State Department needed the services of private war contractors (read mercenaries and security service operators).


First a few quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

“If we cut down the forest of the laws, in order to catch an unlawful individual then, when the next storm comes, how are we to save society?”

“Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of laws, for my own safety’s sake” by Thomas Moore


“I have no fucking idea who we are fighting.” A member of Task Force 11


“At the end, we all knew there might be a conflict of interest” by a private contractor. Foreign leaders are dependent on the US government when its interests collude to withdraw hired private security if displeased.  The US State Department could withhold further contracts if private providers of security do not obey the US Administration orders.


“We are not merely imperfect creatures that need improvement: We are rebels that need lay down their arms” By C.S. Lewis in (The problem of pain)


“T’was the night before Christmas in Baghdad, Iraq

All the Mamba Crewmen were tucked in their rack

The defenses were set in impeccable form

And I had just settled down to surf Internet porn

When out in the street I heard such a clatter

It wasn’t a mortar so what was the matter?

In full kit I ran out and what should appear

It was Rudolf, he was wounded, he was one fucked up reindeer.

He said Santa’s sleigh had been hit by a Strela (a missile)

The old man burned in and was captured by al Qaeda…” An e-mail from a Mamba Team House


“I want to kill every fucking Afghan I can” by a certain contractor named Jack

“The only thing that Jack should be allowed to kill is his bar tab” by a bar owner in Kabul


“I can launch a thousand armed and trained men” by Eric Prince, owner of Blackwater


“We should expect bad irrational behavior, disloyalty, rampant individual greed, back-stabbing, and bum-fucking activities.  It may be that getting us out comes down to a large splodge of wonga” by Simon Mann from prison.


Mullah Omar, the leader of Taliban, was not targeted and he roamed freely in the Pashtun provinces in Pakistan where they enjoyed self-autonomy by the central Pakistani government.  Ussama Ben Laden was no longer seriously apprehended and lived also in the Pashtun provinces.


(It is my contention that the Saudi theocratic oligarchy valued Ossama Ben Laden as their best proselytizer of the Wahhabi sect in Pakistan and had made a very generous deal with the US Administration to sparing this Saudi asset!)  You recall that it is these extremist terrorist Wahhabi groups that finally managed to assassinate Benazir Bhutto PM because she wanted to clip the wings of the Wahhabi entrenchment in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

No wonder that the Saudi monarchy has started to negotiate with Taliban for power sharing in Afghanistan.  It is the same Wahhabi of Al Qaeda that tried to destabilize Lebanon by fighting the army in the Palestinian camp of Nahr Al Bared in the city of Tripoli.)

Why grounds attack on Gaza?  Bush Junior is not even remorseful of his countless genocides! (January 4, 2009)


Note:  The death toll in Gaza has reached 550 martyrs (half of them women and babies) and over 3500 serious injured Palestinian civilians and increasing by the minutes.


Ehud Barak, the minister of Israel “defense” forces that has never been on the defensive since the creation of this Zionist State in 1948, said in a televised announcement that the grounds offensive will last as long as it takes for a new political climate to be established in Gaza.   What this short and nitwit of Barak means is “We want Hamas to agree to all the principals that Israel and Egypt of Moubarak are happy with; mainly that the spineless “President” Abbass be re-appointed President to the still inexistent State of Palestine, that Hamas agrees to be another “agent” to Egypt’s policies in the Middle East and consequently, the sending of handmade missiles on the neighboring Israeli colonies be controlled by Egypt.

            Moubarak of Egypt coordinated with Israel, the Bush Junior Administration, and Saudi Arabia for over 3 months on a military solution to weaken the “extremist” military wing of Hamas.  The first day of Israel air attacks was supposed to have clipped the military wing of Hamas by destroying all the Palestinian police stations in Gaza.  Then, Israel changed its strategy by destroying all State institutions in Gaza from ministries, schools, mosques, hospitals and infrastructures.  Moubarak was no longer pleased by this turn of events: he is rightly viewed as a traitor and a puppet to Israel and not an Arab leader of the most populous Arab State.

            The theocratic and oligarchic Saudi regime is fundamentally the mastermind and financial fund for the destruction of Gaza.  Saudi Arabia wanted that Hamas adopt the Wahhabi sect brand of Islam, (as it has been pushing for it in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon) and not an extension to the Egyptian “Moslem Brotherhood” movement.

            Bush Junior and Israel do not care for the Arabs’ endemic tradition of being “A tissue of small jealous principalities incapable of cohesion” as long green lights for their genocide plans are camouflaged under short-term political Arab’s exigencies.  That is what this Zionist State has been taking advantage of since its creation.


Why is this follow up stage of grounds attack in Gaza?  Does Israel has changed its mind and wants to re-conquer and manage Gaza after Sharon evacuated this Strip of Land in 2005?  If Saudi Arabia is willing to fund Israel’s administration of Gaza then it might be very tempting for a while.  Most probably, Israel has realized, once for all, that Hamas is an institution, a State, an ideology, and a democratically elected movement and that the most that this campaign can achieve is to offer Israel a reprieve from missiles for satisfactory election of the Labor and Kadima parties.  Consequently, Israel wants to occupy the relatively empty space in north Gaza in order to have closer and more effective control and monitoring of the missile launchers in Gaza.  Israel wants the UN to agree on a clause that allows Israel to resume the destruction of missile launchers whenever one is fired or not.

Hamas begs to differ; it has acquire worldwide recognition and sympathy; the populations in the Arab and Islamic States are supporting its objectives of clipping Israel’s habits of using the US supplied arms mindlessly and with utmost hate and apartheid behavior toward the Palestinians and Arab resistance forces against its expansionist policies and dominion.  Hamas wants to be recognized legitimately by the UN as a democratically elected movement. Hamas wants to be independent of allegiance to these so-called “moderate Arab States” of Saudi Arabia (the least moderate in spreading its brand of terrorist Wahhabi sect), Egypt, and Jordan.

One thing is certain, as the UN starts negotiating directly with Hamas, the extremist members in Hamas will have to listen and participate in a State program of reconciliation among the Palestinian factions.

“The murderer as he talks” by Nasri Sayegh (Part 3, January 3, 2009)


The dead were collected in the streets of Tripoli as Arafat tried a second come back to Lebanon in 1984.  The dead were packed in plastic bags and sold to the relatives.  A poor woman recognized her dead baby and she was asked to purchase it.  She fainted and the “good” guys helped her to recover consciousness but refused to deliver her baby.


A column of elder people of all genders was pushed to advance into a mine field. When the column slowed down the rear column was decimated with machine guns.


Asaad Shaftary, the remorseful Phalange leader, testified that the Christian forces planned to poison the potable water in West Beirut so that the Moslem population could be reduced by 500,000 in order to re-establish a confessional balance in Lebanon.

Asaad said that many Maronite fighting groups were solely constituted of members of rich families because they refused to fight along side the other poorer social strata; they fought mostly at night, they had their own command, and  they were ferocious and executed their orders efficiently.  


Mona Sokarieh interviewed many scores of youths on barricades in West Beirut and from all confession Sunni Moslem, Shiaa Moslem, Druze, Christian and even secular fighters.  The common denominators among those youth killers are that they are mostly un-educated, barely can read or write, had no idea what is fascism, Nazism, socialism, federalism, or any concept that their warlord leaders were claiming to fight for. 

Most of them started when they were barely 13-year of age and they love to carry their weapons.  They have been engaged in fights, and killed prisoners and they are not that remorseful or apologetic.  They all obey and worship their warlords and their ideology is non-existent if not confused out of ignorance.


 There have been many genocide occurrences in the last century; the Armenians, the Jews, the Cambodians, and the Rwandans; not counting the apartheid systems in South Africa and Rhodesia, the colonial massacres by the French of the Algerians, the massacres of the Zionist State of the Palestinians, the Serbs of the Bosnians, the US of the Iraqis, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the purposeful famine waves in China and Russia.


In Rwanda, the minority Tutsi tribe was selected by the German colonial power as the most fit to govern the country; then when the French took over they changed their policy and appointed the Hutu tribe to govern.  For over 100 days, the European and the US did not intervene in the genocide that killed over 600,000 Tutsis.


In Cambodia, the ultra “communist” Red Khmer had wide latitude to kill every educated Cambodian or “bourgeoisie” and massacred over one million before Viet Nam had time to breath of its war with the US and enter this country and put an end to the genocide.

The “Indians” of America were massacred because the Protestant clergy declared the Indians not of human type; they were not worth being converted to Christianity.  President Theodore Roosevelt declared in the 20th century that “A good Indian is a dead Indian

The country of Mexico had 15 million inhabitants in the year 1500. After the Spanish conquistadors entered Mexico, the population dropped to 2.5 millions within 50 years. And the population of Peru declined from 9 to 1.3 millions in the same period.

Franco of Spain committed genocide in Morocco but he was forgiven by the Europeans until he transplanted the same technique into “White Europe“.

“The murderer as he talks” by Nasri Sayegh (Part 2, January 2, 2009)


Note:  The official title is “Thus Spoken a Killer“.  Since I stopped believing in prophets I decided to speak like commoners

There is no consensus of who and how the civil war was initiated in Lebanon. 

All that we know is that on April 13, 1975, a bus load of civilian Palestinians was ambushed and the passengers killed by the Christian Maronite Phalange militia. 

In the previous part we described “Black Saturday” where hundreds of Moslem workers and civilians were slaughtered in the area of Beirut maritime port. 

The Moslems reciprocated in West Beirut and set up barricades. The Christians driving through were summoned to step out of cars and a bullet lodged in their heads.  A Moslem youth of 16 had received the body of his older brother in a sac and his zeal at the barricades was indomitable.  He recounts that one driver begged him to spare his life on account that he has children; the youth spared the life of the driver; but then the driver started to run in a zig-zag fashion which upset the youth for the lack of faith and decided to shoot him.


The Phalangists decided to eradicate the area of Karantina, by the port, where the poorest of the poor (constituted of Kurds, Shiaa and many ethnic groups) lived precariously.  The phalanges shelled the location and then advanced behind bulldozers wearing huge crosses and the picture of the Virgin Marie. They massacred by the hundreds every inhabitant there.  And after the slaughter, Champagne was poured “a volonte” for celebration.


The Palestinians responded by invading the town of Damour in 1976, a coastal town, and exterminated 43 Christians and drank from the skulls of the vandalized cemetery.


In 1982, the Druze feudal lord, Kamal Jumblatt was assassinated. 

Within hours, the Druze “wolves” grabbed knives, axes, and any weapon they had and massacred over 300 Christians co-existing with them in the Chouf district. The Christians of all sects vacated that region. The motto was “Kamal Jumblatt death was worth that amount of sacrificial victims”


When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and entered the Capital Beirut, Israel allowed the Christian forces, lead by the infamous Samir Jagea, to return to Chouf.  Israel casually watched the counter-revenge of murders and humiliations inflicted on the Druze inhabitants. 

Then, Israel retreated from the Chouf within months and the Druze, lead by the son Walid Jumblatt, massacred the Christians regardless of political affiliations, gender or age. 

Since 1992, the Lebanese governments invested billions of dollars in an account called “The Relocation Box” and managed by the same monster of warlord Walid Jumblatt. 

Only 12% of the Christian refugees returned to Chouf and Walid Jumblatt has been using these funds as his private “War Chest” and strengthening his feudal base in Chouf and Aley.


When Bashir Gemayel, leader of the Maronite Lebanese Forces, was assassinated in September 1983, it was the turn of these Maronite Christians to raise the motto “Bashir death is worth over 2,000 Palestinian deaths in the camps of Sabra and Shatila” (managed, controlled, and facilitated by the Israeli forces of Sharon that totally encircled the camps). 

It would be great to read the book of Robert Fisk for details on this mass massacre that lasted two nights and three days and was covered up by the Israeli forces.

In 1986, the infamous and criminal Samir Jagea executed hundreds of Lebanese Forces prisoners who paid allegiance to another Lebanese Forces leader Elie Hobeika. (Hobeika is the same one who lead the massacre of Sabra and Shatila and who later negotiated with Syria to end the civil war, which Jagea didn’t appreciate at all; Hobeika is the same one who agreed to take the witness stand in Belgium which decided Sharon to assassinate Hobeika three years ago).

Regina Sneifer, a very remorseful leader, wrote a book about the atrocities committed by the Maronite Lebanese Forces. She said that she convinced many fighters of Elie Hobeika to surrender on account that she will intercede to Jagea; she was terribly mistaken and many of her dear friends were executed in prison. Jagea told her “If Hobeika won we would be prisoners and executed”.

(Why the 17-year civil war in Lebanon happened?

My contention is that President Sadat of Egypt was negotiating with Kissinger a peace treaty with Israel, which took effect in 1977, and Syria was against these unilateral negotiations. 

Since Lebanon was practically controlled by Hafez Assad of Syria, Lebanon had to be destabilized. 

The Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and many of the leaders of Fateh (PLO main faction) were relying mainly on the political and military support of Egypt. Actually, Arafat is known to have been an “agent” to Gamal Abul Nasser.  Arafat worked out the Lebanese civil war to weaken the Syrian influence because Arafat wanted a wider latitude of freedom in decisions.

Arafat was in visit to Egypt when the civil war broke. It was very easy to expand the civil war among 18 self-autonomous religious sects in Lebanon.  Later on, Arafat shamelessly declared from the Palestinian West Bank city of Ramallah that he used to be the “de-facto and omnipresent leader of all Lebanon”. 

As Sharon convinced Begin to invade Lebanon in order to weaken the Syrian military and political presence in Lebanon, he resumed the preemptive 1982 war to push forward and enter Beirut and the Palestinian “resistance forces” were expelled from Lebanon in 1982.




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