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Idiosyncrasies: Introspection (chapter 19)

I lived in the USA for over 20 years and it was on the last year that someone told me that, in the US, men who don’t shave their chest hair are considered homosexuals.  I had the opposite idiosyncrasy and I am no longer surprised of the wrong impression that I projected. 

I always hated my hairy chest and I would have shaven it if I knew the idiosyncrasies in the US; especially, that the graying hairs started to overshadow the black streaks.  When I came definitively to Lebanon I started shaving my chest and the dominant idiosyncrasy was reversed.

I guess that I would be under suspicion, no matter where I am!

Speaking of missed communication and wasted opportunities.

Another example of idiosyncrasy comes to mind. Dad keeps the nail of his left little finger long, mainly for nose work, I guess. I kept mine long for teeth jobs.  Again, on the last year in the USA, my Real Estates partner warned me that long nails of the little finger projects addiction to cocaine or some hard substances; like sniffing?  Without realizing it, I was fenced in to failure.

Another example: on my first weeks to the US, on a university campus, I noticed American students walking barefoot in summertime and stepping in classrooms barefoot too.  Usually, they wear their sandals over their shoulders.  

Girls do that all the time in the US to save their new shoes, or maybe they are more of hot-blooded down there than young men.  I emulated American students going barefoot for the first time in my life.  The ugly woman teacher kicked me out of the classroom on the ground that foreigners are not to behave in the same manners as Americans.  

This was racism in reverse:  The teacher was trying to convey the implicit meaning: “You guys have a few remaining good behaviors of respecting teachers and family .  Do not ruin what is good with alternative bad behaviors.”  I think that is how I would like to interpret the wrath of the teacher.

Early exposure to the facets of living is the key to diminishing man’s problems; and sex education and exposure come first in the list.  I do believe that “primitive” communities are far more developed socially for raising their progenitors.

Very happy I am; very lucky, indeed! (January 5, 2009)


Note:  This article is extracted from the epilogue of “Thus Spoken the Killer” by Nasri Sayegh; the epilogue is entitled “Fuck it”


Very happy the individual who emerges from a civil war with a simple insult on barricades; who received just a slap, a box, or a vengeful wait on barricades.


Very happy who escaped a civil war and was robbed a bundle of bread or his car trunk was vandalized.


Very happy whose wife’s body was just checked by fretful fingers, who was threatened to be beaten but was spared a beating, or by death or by kidnapping but these threats never materialized.


Very happy who was warned to vacate his house and obeyed gladly.  Very happy who was just fired from a job on confessional basis but survived a civil war.


Terribly lucky that you were kidnapped or made prisoner and returned safe and sound to your family.


Terribly lucky that you were estimated of any value for prisoner exchange, or because you were utterly worthless to waste a bullet in your head.


Terribly lucky that a bomb went off or a car explosion spared you of shrapnel.

Awfully lucky that you kept your property intact by bribing the appropriate leader.

Awfully lucky that only one of the members of your family was injured.


How lucky you were that a family lived in your vacated property and kept it decently maintained.


How lucky that you were out with your family when a missile hit your home.


How lucky that you found someone to whisk you out of a dangerous zone or you were a foreign national and were shipped out safely with your compatriots in identity paper.


You should have been grateful that you were allowed to be handed the body of a relative and that you managed to give him a proper burial.


How courageous you were when you demanded to know the name of the killer.


You must have been one of the rare courageous men to have just asked that you personal rights for freedom be respected, that embezzlements by militias are not part of human rights.


Thank your God that you escaped alive with an intact passport and a current visa, or valuable document to your properties, of cherished photos and souvenirs of those who died to safeguard “freedom, honor, and self autonomy”.


You have to be thankful a thousand times that you survived to re-experience another civil was as a meek sheep.


(Fuck it all; there are no grounds to be happy or thankful to have survived a civil war, where no party even won the war!)

“The Obsession for State Borders” by Michel Foucher (January 7, 2009)

I have written on State borders problems in two previous articles; this one is on a happy realization in several parts on earth.

There is this concept that is taking effect on a large scale for resolving border problems:  reserving delimiting zones as natural preserves and void of any military presence.

Up to now, it seems that 10% of the total area of natural conservation projects is of this nature.

For example:

1. Along the borders of Poland and Byelorussia we have this primary forest of Bialowieza.  T

2. he tri-national park of Prespa delimits the borders among Albania, Greece, and Macedonia.

3. The Trifinio natural reserve among the three Central American States of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador is inhabited by 700,000 people managed by 45 communes. 

4. In south of Africa the “Park for Peace“, large as Italy, delimit the frontiers of the States of Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, and Bostwana.

It seems that between 2004 and 2006, at least 8 secret meetings between the Syrians and Israelis negotiated borders resolution by creating natural reserves on Lake Tiberiade; the Israelis would have access to two snow skiing resorts in the Golan without visa requirements.

Brazil has borders with all States in South America except Chili and Equator.  Brazil resolved the problems of its 17,000 km borders using aerial cartography of OrbiSat that can produce carts covering 250,000 square km in two months.  Brazil and Venezuela have opened a trans-Amazonian route from Manaus to Caracas; and gas pipeline through the Amazon Forest to Bolivia.

There are 12 trans-oceanic routes or corridor under consideration with a budget of $50 billions in a 10-year plan by Mercosur (economic union of the South American States).  These corridors are meant to “vanquish barriers of physical, normative, and social natures”

rmative, and social natures”

Today Lucubration (January 5, 2009)


We may spare the ground floor, wide open to winds and nature, bare of walls, doors, and windows.  We may spread on the dirt floor a carpet of dry leaves, dry nuts, and dry hay, straw, and chaff; a couple of buckets of fresh water in corners.  The neighboring animals have the tendency to pray a lot in a shelter; most of their prayers are for the kindred spirits.


Animal have acute subconscious: a caged canary sings for the hunter to remind him of its hopeless and unnatural conditions to be ended.


The first line in a poem should be the gift of grace; the remaining lines a proof of skills: only skills are materially rewarded.


Details, describing living details are the art of writers; only when he feels the approach of death should the writer focus on distilling the honey of wisdom.


A liked poem has already conveyed an act of resistance for capturing human dignity.


I read an article on where the roles are reversed between the Palestinians in Gaza and the Zionist State; how the world community and the US and the European Union would respond to a 3-month siege of famine and air strikes if the Palestinians of Gaza had cut off Israel from the world; in what terms the war would be labeled (genocide, war crime, holocaust…) and how quickly the US would have maneuvered to end the war?


Note:  The death toll of the Palestinians in Gaza, after 13 days of Israel savage genocide, climbed to 700 and 4000 seriously injured.  If we discontinue the martyrs of the first day of bombing on all the Palestinian police posts, then the ratio of babies and children is over 60% of the total number of casualties.  This genocide is mainly targeting the next generations of Palestinians and the Bush Junior excuses are beside the point.




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