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Today’s lucubration: not erotically remunerating (part 2, January 11, 2009)


If you have to kill, then by increased order of esteemed behavior do the following:


First, make sure that you are paid according to experience and professionalism. “Security” contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan are being paid over $500 per day; they have a 90-day contract followed by a month vacation, usually spent in Africa hunting, mostly tamed “wild animals” in natural reserves areas.  As you gain experience you will learn to demand extra armored mamba and security personnel for your own protection. Don’t be suckered like those tough Israeli “Defense Forces” reservists who are launched to fight babies in Gaza.  Be man enough to fight Hezbollah and Hamas resistance forces; man to man fights are noble exercises even if you apply your rudimentary martial arts training.  By all means, decline Top Gun assignments: dropping bombs on ants is not erotically remunerating.


Second, don’t fool yourself that as a professional killer you don’t need to know your victim.  Even if your coward client gives you a picture and the coordinate of your next target it is incumbent upon you to do your due diligence of research.  If you get bored navigating the web then hire a professional internet navigator to gather the info; the more you share your fat contract salary the more professional you become. Let your motto be “subcontracting is excellent business when my life is at stake”.  The best warrior is the one who excelled at escaping dual and running faster than rabbits.


Third, gathering info on your victim and not reading them or investigating any further your client’s secret wants and needs is total waste of your hard earned money.  You have to consider a “contract to kill” as an opportunity to know your strengths and weaknesses and answering “who you are”, just for curiosity sake so that you would not hate your obscurantist attitude.  A contract to kill is the grace befallen on you to start respecting human rights to die in dignity.  Join the human rights organizations for continuing education in your line of profession.

China: the main Capitalist partner to the US (January 11, 2009)


            “Communist” China is the largest accumulator of dollars with a reserve of two trillions or two third of its GNP. With such a reserve China is currently the main capitalist partner to the USA; China has interest that the dollar does not devalue, that its currency the Yuan does not increase in value which would make Chinese products less competitive, and that the financial system does not break down.  “Communist” China is catching up quickly on Japan for the purchase of Treasury Bonds, a way of lending the US the needed cash to resume a Capitalist financial policy.  China is not only the factory of the world but also the prime banker to the US.


            The Chinese Wen Jiabao PM stated after the financial crash of Wall Street: “We have got to unite. In these difficult times, China has joined the USA.  We believe that our financial rescue will aid at stabilizing the economy and world financial system and thus, preventing a major chaos.  I believe that cooperation is indispensable”.   China is expecting full cooperation of the US in erecting a new Capitalist system and it has more muscles than the European Union in enforcing the re-structuring of the financial system that would guarantee its investments in the USA that amount by the trillions of dollars.


            Many of Chinese investments in the USA are in the red after the crash.  The US multinationals that China invested heavily in have been saved with Chinese influx; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were saved too.  Lehman Brothers was not spared for reasons.  The Bush Junior Administration had selected Lehman Brothers to artificially increase oil prices to $150 through speculation in order to hurt the ever voracious China in oil demands.  China reacted vigorously.  The world financial system was rotten and China demanded to cooperate in the timing of the crash if the US wanted China to stabilize the financial system after the crash.  Lehman Brothers was the sacrificial messenger of the impending financial crash.


            The financial strength of the US was based on the dollars as the universal currency in world economical exchange.  Bretton Woods (in New Hampshire) agreements in 1944 on the financial rules consecrated the pivotal power of the dollars; the British economist John Maynard Keynes tried hard during this conference to create a new world currency the “Bancor” but the US imposed its hegemony. Since then “the US administrators could decide what they wanted and it was up to the rest of the world to pay up the deficit”; Treasury Secretary John Connally stated it clearly “The dollar is our currency, but it is your problem”. 


            In 1960, the French President De Gaulle denounced the “exorbitant privilege of the dollars”.  Since the 1980’s investment capitals have been going into the USA and then the US multinationals would re-invest the borrowed capitals wherever they desired; 90% of US Treasury Bonds are purchased by foreign States. Nixon was very comfortable de-linking the dollars from the value of gold and the world had to go along with whatever the US Administrations thought was beneficial to the US regardless of the ultimate danger that exposed the world financial system.


            Consequently, States opted to save the surpluses of their dollar in “Sovereign Funds” meant to purchase foreign companies and enhance the flux of technology and know how and the latest management and financial methods.  In one decade, the weight of the dollars in the reserve of world exchange has decreased from 71% to less than 61%. Still, the currencies of the EU, China, and Japan are not that widely used and adopted to counterweight the power of the dollar in trade exchange; but the center of gravity is clearly shifting toward China.


            President Elect Barak Obama wants to re-invigorate US economy with major State investment (with Chinese cash); he must be closely cooperating with the Chinese on the amount and ways of re-launching the US economy.

Los Angeles (Continue 24)

I was in the USA for six months. In the summer of 1976, the International Office at the University arranged a trip, for one week to California, for some of us new international students. It was my first ever trip outside Oklahoma. We were to meet families in this exchange program.  I did not care meeting any American families for the time being, but I needed to get away in my first summer and wanted to see California.

The International student advisor knew about my origin. The program matched me with an old Jewish couple in Pasadena. The husband was very helpful and friendly but his wife gave me the impression that she agreed reluctantly to join the program. The house was large with a relatively wild garden.  The interior looked old, traditional, and very gloomy and smelling like it was never aerated and reeking of old people.  I think it is a crime to surprise youths with living among old people before thorough warnings, before proper preparations that elder people are great people, still very much living individuals who could be funny, and could be functional…

We had a general gathering the first day by the host coordinators with all the families and invited students to Los Angeles. Then we were given the daily program of places to see and whatever. We were to see Disney Land the next day for free.  I declined the invitation: Disney Land is for kids. I remember that I had another chance to visit Disney for free, two years later. I again declined. Disney was still just for kids. I regret that I didn’t share, even one day of the program, with the international students; at least I would have had a testimonial on the effectiveness of these programs for communicating with “Americans”.  I failed to participate in the program activities.  I got to be familiar with the neighborhood of West Hollywood and walked to Beverly Hills and wandered there for days, alone.  I wrote in length about this visit in my piece “I should have told Barbara”.

Seven years later, I accepted to attend a conference in Los Angeles hoping to see Barbara again. It was an important political conference but my heart was not in it. My friends drove me through Beverly Hills where the rich and glamorous live but I was not impressed. Finally, giving up, they gave me a lift from Anaheim to West Hollywood.

Many years later, I discovered that everybody liked to see Disney, including kids. I never saw Disney in California, but the smaller version in Orlando with my relatives. My little nephews and nieces, 5 in total then, loved Disney but less than I did.

Introspection: Marijuana (continue 23)

I recall the first time I smoked a joint. I was in a convertible Alfa Romeo with two Lebanese university students. We were heading toward the lake in a mid summer night. My friends were having a great time, speeding and listening to “Leila”, a guitar tune played by Eric Clapton. Later, we had a bite and coffee at a diner.

My friends laughed a lot at my expense: I had a hell of problems keeping the lids of my red eyes open.

I twice experienced smoking a joint in groups, never alone, in my stubborn attempts to “train” myself for a better fit among smokers. Once, my friends had to leave me home to see a movie and dance.

When they returned 4 hours later, I was still lying on the sofa, my eyes closed shut, listening to music, trying in my ignorance of music to differentiate the timbers among the different musical instruments.

The third instance was in a park during a summer festival, close by my apartment. I was enjoying an afternoon open concert in a beautiful summer day. I woke up and the park was empty and dark already. I walked my bike home.

The University of Columbia, Columbus

My friend Boubeker (from Algeria and studying Operations Research) and I drove up north in 1976 during the spring vacation.  It was my first long trip by roads and we visited the University of Columbia in Ohio because my cousin Nassif had asked me to relay to him my impressions about this university: Nassif, living in Paris, was to teach mathematics at this university next year.  

We had a quick tour of the bars around the university and walked the university park.I have a picture of the main lawn of the university and Boubker and I sprawled on the grass and wearing our OU caps.

Boubeker often reminded me that I never kept my head straight when walking; he claimed that my head and eyes were roving, constantly on the lookout for beautiful girls, those southern blonde student beauties.

In 1977, I flew to visit Nassif during Christmas vacation and I learned that my young cousin Mireille (Nassif’s married sister) had died a year ago. Nobody informed me in order not to disturb my state of mind because I was very fond of Mireille who was a year younger than me and we spent lots of time together. It looked pretty odd to me as I stepped into Nassif apartment to see Mireille’s framed photo in the living room, and I got suspicious, and Nassif didn’t wait for me to comment.

I met two of Nassif’s girl friends; one was the head secretary of the math department and a married lady that Nassif visited her during lunch breaks at her home.  Well, the city was covered in snow and I splashed in the dirty streets.




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