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The Oklahoma Daily (of the University of Oklahoma at Norman)


I wrote a lengthy article in 1976 about the causes of the civil war in Lebanon which the Student newspaper The Oklahoma Daily published as a series in two successive issues. My friend Ramez aided in the editing because he was familiar with journalism and was studying History of Science. Somehow the Chairman of the Syrian National Social Party at the time, In3am Ra3d, received a copy and he sent a delegation from Houston to link up with me; I kept a copy of the article and then lost it and then years later I contacted the Oklahoma daily to mail me another copy but never receive it.


Foreign student organizations


At this period there were hundreds of Iranian students on campus and they were the main core of all the demonstrations and the few Arab students were organized under the wide banner of The Arab Students association and I was appointed president of this association (since not many met anyway) for a year. We had a room allocated to us in one of the university buildings but since we never met in that room the student association decided to allocate it to another association but I fought for it and retained it for a short while.  The Iranian students were active politically and well organized and the Komeinists arrived to power in 1979 while I was in Houston.  It was in 1975 that I was beaten up by a group of Lebanese Phalanges coming from Oklahoma City and they never showed up because I complained formally to the police and spent an overnight at the university hospital.

My roommate Fouad, a Lebanese student majoring in pharmacy, used to travel two hours on weekends to work as a bartender at an Army base in Lawton. He spent the rest of the week studying to be a pharmacist in Oklahoma City, one hour away the other direction to Norman from where he rented. He used to pick me up in his Spitfire.  Fouad married a US “Philippina” and then divorced after he obtained his US passport.

I finished my program in two years but I was displeased with my thesis which was suggested by my advisor, Dr. Foote, another Jewish professor.  I was just inputting random numbers in a written computer program that another student had written and dealing with stochastic production demands. The results didn’t turn out encouraging and suffered grueling months very unsatisfied with the whole project.  I decided not to pursue a PhD program.

Why grounds attack on Gaza?  Bush Junior is not even remorseful of his countless genocide! (January 4, 2009)


Note:  The death toll in Gaza has reached over 1,000 martyrs (half of them women and babies) and over 4,600 serious injured Palestinian civilians and increasing by the minutes. 65% of the victims are litterally babies of less than 3 years old.


Ehud Barak, the minister of Israel “defense” forces that has never been on the defensive since the creation of this Zionist State in 1948, said in a televised announcement that the grounds offensive will last as long as it takes for a new political climate to be established in Gaza.   What this short and nitwit of Barak means is “We want Hamas to agree to all the principals that Israel and Egypt of Moubarak are happy with; mainly that the spineless “President” Abbass be re-appointed President to the still inexistent State of Palestine, that Hamas agrees to be another “agent” to Egypt’s policies in the Middle East and consequently, the sending of handmade missiles on the neighboring Israeli colonies be controlled by Egypt.

            Moubarak of Egypt coordinated with Israel, the Bush Junior Administration, and Saudi Arabia for over 3 months on a military solution to weaken the “extremist” military wing of Hamas.  The first day of Israel air attacks was supposed to have clipped the military wing of Hamas by destroying all the Palestinian police stations in Gaza.  Then, Israel changed its strategy by destroying all State institutions in Gaza from ministries, schools, mosques, hospitals and infrastructures.  Moubarak was no longer pleased by this turn of events: he is rightly viewed as a traitor and a puppet to Israel and not an Arab leader of the most populous Arab State.

            The theocratic and oligarchic Saudi regime is fundamentally the mastermind and financial fund for the destruction of Gaza.  Saudi Arabia wanted that Hamas adopt the Wahhabi sect brand of Islam, (as it has been pushing for it in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon) and not an extension to the Egyptian “Moslem Brotherhood” movement.

            Bush Junior and Israel do not care for the Arabs’ endemic tradition of being “A tissue of small jealous principalities incapable of cohesion” as long green lights for their genocide plans are camouflaged under short-term political Arab’s exigencies.  That is what this Zionist State has been taking advantage of since its creation.


Why is this follow up stage of grounds attack in Gaza?  Does Israel has changed its mind and wants to re-conquer and manage Gaza after Sharon evacuated this Strip of Land in 2005?  If Saudi Arabia is willing to fund Israel’s administration of Gaza then it might be very tempting for a while.  Most probably, Israel has realized, once for all, that Hamas is an institution, a State, an ideology, and a democratically elected movement and that the most that this campaign can achieve is to offer Israel a reprieve from missiles for satisfactory election of the Labor and Kadima parties.  Consequently, Israel wants to occupy the relatively empty space in north Gaza in order to have closer and more effective control and monitoring of the missile launchers in Gaza.  Israel wants the UN to agree on a clause that allows Israel to resume the destruction of missile launchers whenever one is fired or not.

Hamas begs to differ; it has acquire worldwide recognition and sympathy; the populations in the Arab and Islamic States are supporting its objectives of clipping Israel’s habits of using the US supplied arms mindlessly and with utmost hate and apartheid behavior toward the Palestinians and Arab resistance forces against its expansionist policies and dominion.  Hamas wants to be recognized legitimately by the UN as a democratically elected movement. Hamas wants to be independent of allegiance to these so-called “moderate Arab States” of Saudi Arabia (the least moderate in spreading its brand of terrorist Wahhabi sect), Egypt, and Jordan.

One thing is certain, as the UN starts negotiating directly with Hamas, the extremist members in Hamas will have to listen and participate in a State program of reconciliation among the Palestinian factions.


Note: I listened to Hilary Clinton for her confirmation as Secretary of State; guess what?  She refuses to admit that Hamas exists and will not negotiate with Hamas.  What has changed with Barak Obama?  That Silent President Elect on the Horrors in Gaza. Obama “The Horrible”.

Today’s lucubration: The Horror; the Silence of the Able! (January 14, 2009)


            I am single; had always been but I sometimes have horror dream.  A few of these horror stories in dreams is that I am married; I wake up in sweat.  Just imagine living in close intimacy with another sex for over 40 years.  I think married people created laughter; it must be; otherwise why hysteria is such a close relative to laughter?  When a couple is visiting then what do you think the subject of laughter is about?  It must be at the expense of the spouse (no difference in gender here).  When one of the spouses is murdered what do you think was the cause?  Someone was laughing hysterically but had no idea of the dangerous consequences.


Forty years have elapsed since I was twenty; it seems like yesterday; I reverted to how I used to be; I am as confused as ever; a full cycle; which is good.


Too many disturbing news of doom: Earth is vanishing in the year 2012.  One of the causes, as they say, is this mass of energy, larger than the Sun, that circle the sun once every 4,200 years and brings destruction and change in magnetic polarity; the cycle of this mass of energy is due in 2012.  After what I witnessed in Gaza I feel like it is about time to be cleansed once for all.  If the so-called civilized western States are unperturbed of the modern age genocide in Gaza then how humanity should be able to discriminate between good and evil?  The Horror; the Silence of the “Good Guys”, the Silence of the Able!




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