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Introspection: Lawton (continue 25)

Posted on: January 15, 2009

Lawton, Oklahoma


Fouad was one of my numerous roommates; he was a Lebanese student majoring in pharmacy, used to travel two hours on weekends to work as a bartender at an Army base in Lawton. He rented a house there for the weekends and then spent the rest of the week studying to be a pharmacist in Oklahoma City, one hour away the other direction to Norman where he rented with me. He used to pick me up in his Spitfire to Lawton, a “hole of a town”. He could afford a Spitfire; he sold me his old fashion VW, an engine cooled by air. This car was wrecked by a drunken lady at 2 a.m. at an intersection; I was lucky to be alive and the insurance paid what the car was worth on the market and the lawyer received as much in compensation for depositing a claim for health damages.  At the time, it was common for anyone who had car accidents to sue for “backlash” and the physiotherapists were glad for this booming business and they cooperated well with lawyers.

Fouad married a US “Philippina” and then divorced after he obtained his US passport.  I expounded on details in my piece “Raine’s my initiator; or maybe not”. On my second trip to the U, Fouad had re-married and then enrolled as a surgeon at a Mexican University and commuted everyday from El Paso until he graduated.  He participated as a surgeon with the US invading troops in Panama.

I finished my program in two years but I was displeased with my thesis which was suggested by my advisor, Dr. Foote, another Zionist inclined professor.  I was just inputting random numbers in a written computer program that another student had written and dealing with stochastic production demands. The results didn’t turn out encouraging and I suffered grueling months, very unsatisfied with the whole project. I am reminded of this expression a “bullet shit” of a non-fighter joining a fighting group who is loaded with ammunition so that the fighters could eventually use his ammunition if he dies; that what happens to many graduate students who have no idea for a proposal. I decided not to pursue a PhD program.

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