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My tour in West Africa

Note: Re-edit of “Touring West Africa (Introspection, continue 30) January 19, 2009”

I stayed with the Lebanese  company CAT about less than 6 months, all in all, before the company decided to transfer me to Cyprus.  

Actually, I never received a formal transfer order of what I should be doing in Cyprus.  And frankly, I believed that Cyprus would be a brief stage before official dismissal, fired and sent to Lebanon. 


I had a mind to tour Africa, to visit with my brother the dentist in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and a few relatives in neighboring States before going to Cyprus, but my tour extended for over 6 months and I lost my “position”. 

I did visit my brother Ghassan without a visa; he must have bribed officers at the airport to let me out of the airport. I visited a couple of friends in Abidjan, was invited to a night out and a day at the beach. 

I was not impressed with the “Paris of Africa” Abidjan.


I visited my cousin Joseph and his wife Silla in Burkina Faso (Haute Volta at the time) without a visa, but I am not that sure. Later on, Joseph told me that once his brother Nassif came to visit without visa and he was turned back on a chicken train.


I boarded a somewhat comfortable train for long hours.  Years later I was reminded by Silla that I taught her to drive  I met with the little Sa7ar (2 year-old).  Joseph gave me once a ride to the Capital Ouagadougou, hopeful to find  job.

After three weeks Joseph gave me a ride in his Peugeot 604 to Segou in Mali, without a visa, I think.  


I spent over a month in Segou at my cousin Samira’s.  Her husband Sessine drove me to Bamako to apply for a work permit and I took advantage of the trip to retrieve a copy of my birth certificate.  (I was born in Bamako in Mali). 


I had the opportunity to visit Niono (up north and close to Mobti) with a Lebanese merchant living in the open air there. I guess that it barely rains in that flat and vast town that was denied asphalt and you had to endure dust hanging in the air.  I guess my hosts were getting short on ideas of how to fill my time


I met a US Peace Corp girl from Boston and had the opportunity to dust off my American slang and I learned a little bit more of how this organization is aiding Africa.

At a certain level in my subconscious I wanted to visit Sikasso where I lived my first 5 years, but it was not to happen because I didn’t ask. I guess that if I inquired of any acquaintance there, then I would have managed a ride to Sikasso.

I still want to visit my birth place, where I almost died of Typhoid fever at the age of 5, an illness that precipitated my sending off to Lebanon and changed my life.  


Uncle Asaad, father of Samira and Joseph and married to my aunt Josephine, had the only bakery in town and was doing well. He used to have acupuncture sessions for his back and leg pains. I tried a session out of curiosity but it had no effect on me: I suffered of nothing in the first place. 


I was and felt practically redundant because I was not that needed in the bakery or the shop of Samira. I was in a very confused  situation because I had Not decided to return to Lebanon and had no idea what to do in Africa. I had no idea of what I wanted to do next after I overstay. 

My decision to leave was forced upon me by a mean procedure that I think was not necessary.  I was shipped in a Taxi to Banfora where I spent a few days at Joseph’s.


My return to my brother’s in Abidjan was not a cheerful occasion: my brother’s wife Diane alluded that her apartment is not to be considered a hotel, simply because I turned in around 11 pm. 

I slept at a friend of mine and in the morning, waiting for a taxi to the airport, my two suitcases deposited on the street were robbed.  I stupidly followed my friend to his shop across the street to retrieve a gold necklace as a gift to his family in Lebanon. Actually, I am pretty sure that this friend assured me that it is safe to leave the suitcases for a minute.


I arrived to Lebanon with nothing but my handbag and the cash in my pockets.  Among the lost items was an expensive local ceremonial robe that Samira hand ordered for me. I had to endure days of humiliation; the guy that came home after a year with just a handbag!

Today’s Lucubration: Near Death Experience (January 17, 2009)


Note:  If you have read the previous detailed article then you will feel more confused in today’s lucubration. 


I will describe is series of quick slides a few testimonials of near death victims. “I see me on the border of a vast vortex”; ” I am coaxed to jump in the precipice; I am following an interminable dark tunnel with a tiny light at the end; the light grows intense but does not light the tunnel”; “I was not afraid; I felt in a state of extreme well being;  I walked like a mechanical doll”; “I am moving among stars effortlessly in empty space”; “I can hear whispers and comprehend thoughts before the nurse speaks”


Countless people have experienced the phenomena of near death but they opted not to testify so that they are not considered crazies by society.  I tend to believe that most of the seers or very sensitive people have experienced near death during sleep and were not sure of its taking place: there is no way to distinguish between an exotic, hallucinatory dream and a NDE experiences, I think.


The re-embodied survivors have much less apprehension of death than us, after re-joining the living. 

They have gone through the after life and they enjoyed it.

They are still not in a hurry and not pressured for any kind of a suicidal tendency afterward.

I think that they have plenty to do in the mean time before the next real one:

They have to keep acquiring knowledge, day in and day out.

They have to reach certain performance criteria of loving their neighbors, completely, entirely, and unadulterated.


The re-embodied survivors are possessed of newer skills:

They can divine people’s thoughts and can generate peace and calm around them.

They think that they have been promoted to a higher level of consciousness without the need to proselytize or impress upon people of their found knowledge.


Maybe millions die every day and quite a few at the same moment.

Although the entity may go through almost all the experiences of the after death,

It is striking that the process is not unanimously the same.

Might that, even in the after life and with the speed of events,

Administration is still the main limiting factor for a uniform,

Speedy and stress less process?


There are no ways of knowing at what level of body degeneration a spirit can re-embody its corps.  The new techniques of electro-encephalogram that detect brain activities cannot be used during emergencies and its installation require long time.

There are even instances where a spirit re-embodied after twenty minutes.


I think that it would be advisable to start learning and experiencing loneliness, especially if you are a politician craving for audience recognition; I think that it would be advisable to scheme and prepare for the death of your loved one at the same instant and location as yours so that the newer emotions are wholly shared.


For my part, I would not mind to undergo a temporary death when the techniques are developed with a 100% chance for success, given that I contracted a case of an incurable and imminent serious illness; I would be curious to experience the first showing of the play.


A reminder: The casualty toll in Gaza has climbed to over 1,300 dead and more than 5,400 injured.  More than 400 of the injured are dying which raise the death toll of babies to over 800 Palestinian babies “martyred”.  We still have to wait for the final count: many bodies are to be extracted from the rubbles of demolished buildings. Israel decided to cease fire, unilaterally: Israel refuses to negotiate with Hamas.  Nobody believes that Israel will ever cease fire.  What is sure is that many Israelis must be feeling very ashamed: the world community has finally discovered the true spirit of Zionism.

Describing and explaining Near Death Experience (NDE), (January 17, 2009)


Professor in cardiology, Van Lommel, has studied for 8 years 344 cases of NDE of which 62 have seen death face to face. These de-embodiments could also occur after receiving serious injuries or when imminent death is perceived. Many Asian ascetics are ilearning to reach a stage of emotional and mental serenity that will allow them to experience these phenomena, way before they come that close to death. Usually, there is a tremendous letdown for those survivors who believed that their experiences were unique to them! Most survivors decided on a vow of silence and kept their real stories under hermetic cover for fear of being judged as crazies.  After describing versions of the NDE experiences I will offer the various chemical and biological explanations.


 The renowned psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, experienced the phenomena in 1944 and said that he needed three weeks to decide resuming life and could not feel like eating; to him life seemed a prison afterward and he felt extremely disappointed after his experienced state of well being.  Plutarch recounted the same phenomena at the first century in his manuscript “Moral Treaties”; the witness recounted moving slowly amid bright stars in the vast and empty universe. I remember reading a book by actress Shirley McLain where she mentioned that her friend, the actor Peter Sellers, experienced an after death de-embodiment after a heart attack and he managed to travel around the world, very fast and unimpeded, and visited places he intended to see.


            Many books have been written on that subject with detailed descriptions.  My early book review in June 2004 was “Life after Life” by Dr. Raymond Moody and it offered me a whiff of Eternity.  It is a book about the testimonies of those who returned to the living after being declared clinically dead such as (heart stoppage, nil breathing and no audible arterial pressure).  Dr.Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote a foreword to the book.


Consciousness hovering over its previous physical body, instantaneously zooming in on any person, however far he might be, understanding his thoughts before opening his mouth.  An entity carried down and fast into a dark vortex or then perceiving a pale light at the end of the spiraling tunnel, growing mightily bright and white, sending a sensation of warmth and of complete love and compassion.  It was a vivid intense light that mutely encouraged you to recapitulate your past life in a vertiginously fast chronological order, in minute details, all the emotions and critical decisions, in relief, color, and motion; a projection of holographic series of scenes. A light that gives the impression of an individual who already has all the information and is just prodding you to reflect on the important moments in your life since you were a toddler.

The memory events are not accompanied with accusations in this panoramic movie, instead “encouragements to continually learn and love people”.  It is an entity, dense less and quickly acquiring an all encompassing awareness of its past life; capable of comprehending everything being done and said around his dead body, including the technical medical procedures and medical personnel, while clinically dead.


An entity, helpless in communicating with the living creatures, helpless in acting on the living crowd, poking, pressing, pushing, cursing crowd in cases of fatal car accidents; helpless in acting on the nurses who were wildly sending emergency code pink calls to any living God doctor.  Nurses are artificially trying to reanimate the corpse with all means available; the corpse of a helpless entity that feels lonely and would like someone to share his new discoveries and sensations.


An entity that has forgotten the senses of taste and odor: senses too linked to the basic animal instincts? An entity that can understand without hearing but could hear extremely uncomfortable buzzing sounds, excruciatingly painful and well remembered after re-embodiment or, much preferably, exquisitely soothing music.


Medical explanations of few experiences: Oxygen deprivation to cells provokes loss of sensorial connection with the body; oxygen depravation of cells in the occipital brain lobe affects vision and the impression of intense light. The excessive liberation of glutei acid is linked to the processes in memory and emotions.  There are hallucigenous products excreted such as ketamine that attach to nerve receptors and endorphin (opium) that prevents feeling pains and other chemical products to be discovered. It is known that even a tiny nerve lesion in the temporal lobe can cause return of memories though not necessarily coherent.  It is plausible that with the limited sensorial input that the brain tries to re-construct a model of the universe.

A good alternative is to learn the languages of animals and record their testimonies; but then we will have to come to term whether animals are endowed with souls.

Inevitably, verbal explanations of NDE phenomena by people would mostly abuse of coded religious expressions that they had memorized for the interpretation of their experiences such as an interminable tunnel to the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”; or strange pigmies resembling little demons inviting the dying person to jump in the vortex; or the intense light to Christ or the Prophet Mohammad or Buddha.


There are many other forms describing the NDE phenomena.


An entity composed basically of two parts; the much larger rounder part is first to exit from the head and the smaller part re-enter from the head after the entity encounters a barrier such as a door, a gray fog, a mass of water or a limiting frontier. The re-embodiment is generally done after the coaxing prayers of loving relatives:

I assume that the prayers of nasty and hateful relatives should have no special effects.

An entity that is reunited with loved ones long gone. Some of them speechlessly responding to the entity queries of where to go next and what to do next, a stranger to flying airplanes in a vast airport with multiple exits and entrances, and some keeping quiet because the time is not yet come, because silence is gold in that critical instant.


I do hypothesize that humanity has experienced many of these occurrences throughout its evolution, and they were much readier than today to accept these fantastic stories. Religions flourished in every community; a few religions are still truer to their origins and are readier to accept these testimonies as real.


The Tibetans have “The Book of the Dead” that relates these experiences. Their book contains more details than what is confided to Dr. Moody.  The book describes the state of confusion and disorientation of the des-embodied entity, its resistance to accept what is happening and the feeling that it is keeping its own body for a while. They also tell about reincarnations into other bodies after a long time spent as a spirit. The Tibetans still perform complex rituals for their dead to prepare their souls into accepting the next phase without undue confusion and irritations.


I have questions: Does this phenomenon happen invariably to everyone who dies, to babies and to people afflicted with Alzheimer diseases? To people who are burned carbonized or blew up to pieces by a direct bomb hit? For how long does this phenomenon last? Would it last for an eternity? Or would it last the duration to meet their great grand parents?  Could any disintegration occur to this entity and how badly?


If eternal life with no degradation of performance for joy is the case, then is it incumbent upon me to procreate?  At my age it has to be done now. Would an adoptive person who never saw mother or father recognize his parents when they come to welcome him after death? Would his parents know that their unwanted child has died?  If they knew, would they be able to recognize him? Would the meeting be all love, compassion, understanding and total forgiveness? If recognition and total forgiveness of deleted children is the case, then, to procreate is my destiny in this lower form of life!


Would the animal life go through the same experience?  Would an animal follow a modified version commensurate to its under capacity for mischief?  If they have an after life, then I should stop killing bugs or eat any kind of flesh.


It appears from the testimonials that there is no condemnation or Hell whatsoever.

The acts or wrongful behavior are not at a par with the religious dogmas; thus, rules or laws prescribed by societies would be irrelevant in the after life. Let us say, it is probably of insignificant consequences.


The real problem is that the testimonials never revealed a murderer among them, not yet.  Apparently, soldiers were absolved for their killings in war; unless they went to war and did not get a chance to kill a single enemy, before they were shot dead, temporarily, by the enemy. A genocidal or a mass killing decision is under investigation for the after life. Hell, the usefulness of genocides is still under consideration in this lousy life!

Tales of life in Montreal, Canada (Part 1, January 19, 2009)

Note:  The following abridged chronicles are extracts of very short stories of life in Montreal.  They were selected from a tiny French booklet written by Gisele Kayata-Eid, a Lebanese who immigrated to Canada.

Saint-Justine hospital, a semi-circle century old building   Babies and kids are bolding and pale.  Mothers are livid, anxious and wheeling chairs; they are pondering “why him? Why so young?”  Behind me in the return bus a dad and son are thrilled.  The kid is calling: “Hi mom, I am well.” The dad takes the cellular and confirms: “Yes honey, the tests are normal; nothing to worry about.  We are on our way”.  Today, Saint-Justine changed name: it is saint-Justice.

Caesar is an old homeless; he frequently visit a “friend” benefactor.  This friend smiles to Caesar and sometimes listens to his miseries; occasionally he offers him leftovers of his dog’s canned food.  It is 30 degrees below zero and the wind speed is over 150 km/h today.  Caesar asks permission to sleep on the porch; his benefactor denies him this favor on account that insurance would not cover the risk of Caesar dying on his property.  Dirty and smelly Caesar is not to sleep inside: the friend would have to repaint and change the carpet.

A typical voter on Election Day.  The person parks his car and calmly walks to a public building, a church, a basement, or a school where flags flap. He files in the queue by reflex; a badged attendant shows him the way to a vacant bare booth; a man and a woman agents wearing badges sit behind a sober desk.  The voter delivers his ID and is recited the well oiled instructions. The voter votes and then departs, as mute as he entered.

The church was well heated.  A whole team of attendants welcomes me, smiles at me, hand me the mass sheet, shows me the way and allocate me a seat, as if I were at an Oscar ceremony. The people hang stony faces and follow the game of standing up, sitting, kneeling, reading the document, and occasionally participating in the hymns of the chorus.  Mass lasts exactly an hour before the worshipers exit as silently and solitary as they entered.

Saturday morning at a hospital emergency.  I had an ugly deep cut on my forearm and blood was ejecting profusely.  I ran to the emergency of the nearest hospital. The shift attendant directed me to an empty room.  Immediately, a nurse showed up and kept asking me the same questions for over 15 minutes.  I am ordered to take a blue seat instead of the red one since I was served filling a questionnaire.  I had to wait another half an hour before I am ushered to a closed room.  Another 15 minutes wait before a white robed person enters. No, the person is not the physician; she is a nurse with a clipboard that needs to be satisfied with more of the same queries.  I don’t know what happened next: I had fainted this Saturday morning.

The public transportation in Montreal had a 3-day strike; unperturbed, the citizens of this City walked to work, confident that their authority will settle this problem very soon; they have to go to work because the workplaces are the main locations to talk.  At the exact time for the resumption of transport, the citizens are already lined up calmly and by reflex; they know that the doors of the trains will not be shut before everyone is in and seated.  The only time that moods flare up is when the media ask the citizens to offer comments on the strike

Kindergarten in Montreal.  There is this golden rule in kindergarten “It is absolutely forbidden for this father to recuperate his son”.  The personnel scrupulously notes down “His father came in, held up his son, put him down, whispered to him and then left him crying”. During the day, the workers in kindergarten take notes of every details for every baby’s behavior such as what he ate, how much, how was the consistency of his bowel, when he falls down, if he wakes up with the other kids, if he refuses to draw, color, or participate. Kids arrive before the sun is up.  Today, a kid never stopped crying because his dad picked up his brother to hockey training; the kid managed to skip outside the perimeter and was found sleeping in the snow

French women (January 19, 2009)

France is expected to become the most populous country in Europe within 50 years: 

1. France has currently the highest rate of procreation in Europe. 

2. The Sate is investing lavishly on “crèches” (kindergarten) so that 50% of mothers can work full-time. In fact, a mother of two can expect to earn $600 as family support;

3. Not a single political party even suggested that cuts on budget should affect family support.

Over 85% of French women in the age range of 50-59 have sexual intercourse compared to 65% of the Anglo counterparts (Brits and USA)

75% of the French women in the age range of 60-69 still indulge in intercourse; compared to the Anglo counterpart rate of 45%. 

In general, mature French women do not select men in order to have a lasting relationship. The motto is “It changes your life to be viewed as a woman”.   The corresponding Anglo-Saxon women have a description of a mature male “Try finding a woman over 50 on the internet.  They all want a retired gentleman worth over $100,000 per year, willing to tour the world, be athletic, a dance loving partner, loves crazily their pets, and has no one in charge of.

24 out of 30 school kids in Paris are of divorced couples. 

French actresses over 60 can expect to be offered a leading role, and not at all the roles of an old decrepit and complaining woman. 

Very matured public figure women flaunt their new acquired young beaux; they raise children without feeling the obligation to be officially wed.

Why French women consider elegance in attire, even at advanced age, as a national doctrine

The French/British actress Charlotte Rampling said it clearly

“It is the French men who render their French females beautiful and desirable”  There have been a lot more complicity between French males and females than in other cultures that set French women apart. 

Feminism in France raised the motto “Women want the power to seduce and be entitled to be seduced.  We are never going to have war of sexes in France.”




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