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How am I doing in Music:Introspection?

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Initiation to music (continue 34)

It was during that period that I tried to learn musical instruments; I purchased an accordion and a classical guitar but gave up quickly. I enrolled for music lessons on Saturday mornings at the University of Kasleek but had no musical ears and learned that it was too late for me to acquire any musical skills. I recall vividly that the class of “solfege” got very excited as my turns approached for reciting musical codes.  The laughter started before I started and it grew to a deafening crescendo.  The next room music teachers used to immediately come in and join the merry. I didn’t believe the students serious: I was damned sure that my voice was correct since my ears were telling a different story. At long last I had to fake that my voice was not suitable and started preempting laughter; well I simply agree, there is no coordination between the brains specialized in ear and voice performances in my head.  My musical instruments didn’t go to waste; they are used by my nieces occasionally.

I enrolled in aerobics because it was the fashion; I was trying to catch up with any activity that I was denied as a kid and trying to discover any innate skills that I could develop as a hobby; I was to discover no genuine artistic or physical skills and blamed it on age.

I had many trips to the sky resort of Faraya; I had a second-hand Peugeot 404. I purchased all the snow skiing equipments and outfits.  Most of these trips I took alone during week days when I lost my job; the weekend trips I drove with Rose, a neighbor. I enjoyed swimming in the sea and covered heated swimming pools.  My best months for beaches were from mid-September to mid-November; the kids are in schools, the sand and sea water are cleaner, and I am practically master of the location.

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