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Bi-weekly Report (#10) on the Middle East and Lebanon

Posted on: February 10, 2009

Bi-weekly Report (#10) on the Middle East and Lebanon (February 9, 2009)


            The new US Administration is serious about diplomatic negotiations with Iran and comprehends clearly that a resolution of Afghanistan’s quagmire is not possible without Iran’s cooperation; it had already sent a positive gesture by closing its airbase in a Central Asia State bordering with Iran. Saudi theocratic and monarchic regime of the Wahhabi sect is frantic and lousing its top; it is in deep trouble and no billions of dollars of briberies are going to be of major impact of the changing winds.  This terrorist State and the hotbed for terrorists wants to convince the Arabs, the Moslems, and the West that Iran is the arch enemy for the stability in the region.  This obscurantist regime is ready to ally with the devil (Israel) in order to save its rotten political structure.  Egypt of Moubarak fell into the trap because it was willing to believe that the enemy of Egypt is its opposition parties and not the Saudi regime that has been financing its “Moslem Brotherhood” opposition party.

            The Saudi dark regime has been extremely busy financing and supporting the terrorist Moslem salafist movements, Qaida, and Taliban to proselytize its brand of religious sect, and thus let rooms for Iran to fill in the void left by mindless Arab States.  The Saudi regime tried to throw sands in the eyes of the “USA believers” that it wants peace very badly. Consequently, the Saudi “peace plan with Israel is still on the table but not for long” as King Abdullah ejaculated during the Kuwait meeting of the Arab League.

            The Saudi regime wants the Arab States to bow their heads and agree that the “shining message” of peace and stability can be emulated by dissecting the benefits of its multitude of reforms, starting by allowing women to drive and assassinating 950 of its “terrorist citizens” that demanded reforms.  The people in Gaza are continuing to pay the price of dissentions among the “leaders” of the Arab World and suffering from famine and diseases.  Hamas is finding that breaking its isolation is not going to be an easy task.  The “Moderate Arab States” want Hamas wings clipped more sharply than even the European or the USA wish and Iran is far away and unable to come to the rescue even if it wanted..

            If we have to analyze the consequences of Israel’s genocide in Gaza based on the “Arab Moderate States” reactions and development then might be tempted to agree with Israel that its operation was a success, but it far to be the case.  The facts are coming; the citizens in Europe and the USA are now aware of the true nature of the Zionist State and are vocal about it and acting. More importantly, the reverse wave of immigration out of Israel is going strong.  It appears that it finally dawned on the Israelites that their successive governments had no foreign policies as Kissinger stated in 1975.  The survival of this implanted State is shaky and no longer tenable.

            Turkey is tentatively trying to find a role in the Arab regions after over 70 years of dissociating itself from its problems, as if it lived in an island with European blood connections and relationship.  It is not going to be easy for Turkey to squeeze in a special role when Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been vying for leadership all these years.  Until Syria is convinced that serious pressures on Israel are in the pipeline then Turkey will stay out in the cold and managing second roles at the umbrage of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Turkey seems to accept this position since it has been softening it language toward more moderation than what the Arab people were expected of Turkey.

            What about Lebanon?  They used to say that the “World catches cold when the USA sneezes”.  Lebanon still suffers everytime the Arab “Leaders” are at dissonance.  The Patriarch of the Christian Maronite sect and most of the allies in the so-called March 14 movement would like us to believe than it is Iran and not Israel that is our enemy, and thus having a resistance force is redundant and counter productive. Reforms are hard to come by and the process of change is done by infinitesimal nibbling on the statue quo enforced by the Hariri Clan since 1991. 

We have a great political issue on the table for applying the laws related to wire tapping; a lawless trend that has been used for years to harass thousands of families on the ground of security necessities though it was primarily targeting opposition parties; we had two dozens of assassinations and the perpetrators, in not a single case, were made public.  The other issue was lowering the communication costs, especially the wireless utilities that are the highest in the world with restricted usability.  Half of our mazout consumption is for generating electricity that is not generated; probably there is public electricity when we are asleep at night.  The March 14 coalition is gearing up for a mass gathering on February 14 to open up their election campaign.

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