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The Worst Discriminators

Posted on: February 10, 2009

Types of Misogyny in gender preferences (February 10, 2009)


            I realized in a few of my articles that I have been stating “maybe societies should start to accept the fact that the majority of people of both genders are unable to taking the drastic decision and making the serious effort to comprehend the other sex: They prefer the community of their own gender”. 

I was referring to social preferences of same sex relationship among genders as fundamentally a position or a statement that heterosexuality is temporary in its long term nature. As proof, kids, middle aged, and older people gather around same sex friends and acquaintances for relaxation and for having “good times”.  Family seclusions are anathema to the spirit of freedom.


There are many books and movies of the genre “She said, he said” or “Males are from Mars and females from Venus”; they make us laugh simply because they exhibit the foibles and limitations of the other sex.  Many authors have claimed that marriage institution was forced upon societies for procreation purposes and caring for offspring.  The marriage institution was linked to the benediction of an Almighty in order to sustain the family structure that proved to be the most effective unit for social stability and cohesion.

Many authors tried to explain the “other sex” and Simone de Bauvoir was no exception.  Quickly, the story turns to historical accounts on Patriarchal and Matriarchal structures of societies.  We learn in no time that the whole exercise is a power struggle between genders.  What else it could be?  Power offer choices; among the choices is freedom to assemble and associate; among the choices is discovering varieties in pleasure, story telling, and themes for discussions and excuses to fight and shout and form enemies.


In adolescence, curiosity, social restrictions, and natural biological demands steer youth to discovering the “other” unknown.  At such an early age, not many of us have the pre-requisite social and conversational skills to communicate with the other sex.  It is basically a matter of trial and error techniques, offered opinions of same sex “supposed” comprehension of the psychology and behavior of the other sex. 

This period of finding out can lengthen the period of frustration for our lack of comprehension and our obstinacy to discover what we undertook.  Quick weddings and close co-habitation present an ideal setting for definite position on social gender preferences. The “heterosexuals” who manage to agree with a family life are mostly those who had frustrating early experience with their same sex companions.


I am still finding my way.  One thing I know from experience; women in position of power are the worst and greatest discriminators; women in power are ruthless and unforgiving and their decisions are generally based on “intuition”, hunches, spite, and presumptions.  Traditions are founded on harsh experiences.

2 Responses to "The Worst Discriminators"

So muych has been said and written about same gender sex over the years with the religious, generally speaking, voice being the loudest. No one however has actually bothered to go deep into the Lords heart to find out what it means, is all about, and who created such confusion in the heart of a human being. When you understand the depth of the enemy ‘s hate you will also witness the depth of the Fathers love. Same gender relationships hurt all including those who’s confusion on the subject has led to suicide, venom, hate, etc., The Father knows the venom of the enemys desire to undermine the Fathers children. The Fathers spirit far outways that spirit of homosexuality and so our job is not to judge the sex or gender but to respect each other and show that their condition is different from ours ‘but we all have one.’

We are’ ‘in him’ ,on the road to perfection, not one of us has reached that place yet and therefor we are not to judge someone in that way or who is on their way to that place. When we ourselves are judged we should take that pain to him for healing and not allow it to ‘kill’ us..(Suicide)

My essay is not on intercourse but on social preference between genders.

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