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Ego Centrist: The fake and the real, you decide

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Egocentrist: The fake and the real, you decide (February, 18, 2009)

Life covers infinite shades of typicality and values but sending the right message needs two gross examples for comparison sake. 

Let us consider a person who have or made time to spare and he decided to analyze his behavior, pretty much an exercise in introspection.

This process requires reading a lot, reflecting, recalling, and writing on a daily basis; a diary is highly recommended. 

It is a harsh exercise that demands honesty, guts, and stubbornness. The road is uneven and fraught with despair and loneliness and social uneasiness from the neighbors and close relatives. 

Fundamentally, you are categorized as someone who “lost it” or going through middle age troubles and the longer the process of introspection the definitive is the condemnation.

This process does not rule out socializing and having fun and enjoying life to the hilt; the real hic is “are you going to find whom is willing to join you and sharing your happiness”? 

If you are to go out alone and if you are not ready to socialize wherever you are going to, then why the bother of getting out? You know deep down that you are in introspection primarily because you feel the urge to comprehend the others, to discover resemblance in behavior, more compatible associative links than how you used to judge people.

You don’t want to feel an alien in your surrounding. But first thing first, you need cohesive answers to the questions “Who am I? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How can I improve and in what way? What is the value of living? How can I contribute? Do I still count after I am dead?”

Now let us consider the other type of individual

He hates staying still; he is constantly on the road; on weekends he is taking long trips hunting, fishing, skiing, camping, vacationing, touring or whatever. He cannot stand being at home. 

He has to fuss around more than of being of help.

After work he hits the bars to rewind.  He lingers as long as he can to avoid returning home. 

At home he has nothing to do but watch cables.  Fundamentally, he hates anything related to reading, reflecting, discussing, and writing.

At best, he might read professional materials to keep up with his profession. He ingurgitates all kinds of pharmacopoeias in order to keep out of home.  It is always the end of time if he has to be tied down to bed because he has to feed his family, because he has responsibilities, because it is not the time to rest and sleep, because “I will sleep long enough after I die

The introspective person implicitly believes that there is a second return after death and that if he learns to witness a change in kindness toward others and himself then he should be ready and up and running to enjoy what life offers. 

The second individual implicitly do not believe that there is another life; even if there is one then it would be of the same nature of struggle among wills for power and another life of strings of miseries.

My question is “Who is the ego-centrist?” 

Is he the one running away from reflecting on his behavior or the one who decided to take the demon by the horns? 

Who will be more capable of mastering “Time” and taking advantage of his older years

Who will be more capable of showing companionship and relating to people as age advances? 

Who will be the favorite listening ears and the least judgmental with age?

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