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Parent’s have choices: Revisited

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Parent’s have choices: Revisited (February 23, 2009)

In a previous article I stated “All that parents need to know on the condition of a fetus of six weeks is a drop of blood from the mother.  The mother blood carries cells transferred from the fetus and all the necessary information can be obtained from a single cell.  A wide array of diseases of physical and cognitive natures, whether curable or incurable, can be diagnosed at six weeks of the fetus. A sample of these diseases is: sterility, mongolism (Down syndrome), Elephantine, blindness, deafness, metabolic deficiencies, epilepsy, mental retardation, cancer (ovary, breast, colon, and prostate), neurological, Alzheimer, and anxiety to name a few”.

The medical institutions, bolstered with the science of genomes for interpreting the ADN chains and the recognition of the wide gamut of physical and mental characteristics of a person based on his ADN, are in the midst of a new set of challenges. It is possible to perform successful surgeries “in utero” (unborn baby) for cardiac, renal, and spinal-bifida ailments.   Knowing the chromosomal ailments the medical profession can treat the afflicted parts a various stages.  For example, by sorting out the embryos and selecting the least affected, during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and at an advanced stage of pregnancy. “Bubble children” who are confined in sterilized environment are being treated successfully by genetic therapy by injection of modified genes and injection of the lacking proteins.

Do you know that the technology can scan the whole body in 3-dimensions, in and out, and the data stored for further analysis?  Shouldn’t the State covers the cost of scanning the body at birth, when adolescent and when a person reaches 40-years of age?  This facility should save the heath system tons of money because the physicians would have the means to evaluate the progress of ailments and tumors instead of costing countless micro scanning throughout a life time and then many patients realizing that an ailments is far advanced and the expenses are exorbitant in suffering, psychological traumas, and financially.  Very soon, every citizen would be carrying on him a USB of his whole body scan along with his medical card.

The human and social institutions legal, political, and religious are left dizzy; they are scrambling to catch up with the new realities of man and his potential development.  The Parliaments have backlog of fresh laws to organize and codify the new realities. 

For example, should the parents have the right to know the condition of the fetus without the obligation to ask, should the gynecologist inform the parents of the alternative treatments for giving birth to a healthy baby, should the parents have the right to abort when they get the full knowledge of the condition of the baby even after an advanced stage of pregnancy, what are the civil status of “in vitro” born babies, or how long a person is permitted to extend his life with various transplants?  Laws are enacted several years after the fact and they are at beast incoherent and have to be revisited frequently.

We are already experiencing a shift from traditional medical specialties to high tech treatments simply because publishing is the name of the game.  Mentors of medical students want recognitions that only come from up-to-date advances.  How about the cash cow treatments of the other preventive treatments such as vaccines and performing antibiotics? Who is caring for the billions of patients in the under-developed States who are asking for just a low cost preventive vaccines and low cost antibiotics that no pharmaceutical companies care to produce anymore?

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