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Bi-Weekly Report (#13) on the Middle East and Lebanon (March 1, 2009)

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Bi-Weekly Report (#13) on the Middle East and Lebanon (March 1, 2009)

The US Administration has usurped President Obama authority and squandered his promises to fight racism and apartheid systems for a just and peaceful world. 

First, this US Administration has declined to join the world conference to fight racism and apartheid on the ground that Israel would be very displeased since the conference would discuss the Zionist State genocide activities in the Palestinian Gaza and the West Bank territories.  What the US Administration wants the world to comprehend is that any criticism of the Zionist State is invariably anti-Semitic.

Second, the policies of this administration are no different of the Bush Junior administration concerning the Middle East; this administration wants the world to understand that the mistakes of the previous administration were in matter of negotiation procedures and technicality. So far, this administration has refrained of any dialogue with Hamas and the Palestinian resistance factions who won in a democratically election.

Third, this administration is still resuming air strikes against civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, confirming the Bush Junior orders for accepting “collateral damage” strategy.

Fourth, the heavy funding of under performing private multinational institutions is resuming the same Bush Junior trend.

            Israel is trying to accommodate new realities.  When the US President Eisenhower checked Israel expansionist policies in the sixties the Zionist State adopted a containment strategy of the Arab States: it allied with Turkey, Iran, and Ethiopia.  Now that its former allies are no longer in the mood of alienating the Arab States for the sake of blue eyed Jewish Ashkenazi then Israel has attempted to divide the Arab States between the “Moderate” (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia) and the Radical parties such as Syria, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Hamas.  Since when was the dark Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia been moderate? How can dictatorial regimes in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia be considered moderate?

            Lebanon has always been the political barometer of the feud and animosities among the Arab States.  Each major Arab State funds a Lebanese party with the purpose of sending political messages by destabilizing our security and peaceful coexistence.  After the Dawha agreement Lebanon enjoyed a period of “entente” among the political leaders and then it is degrading again as Saudi Arabia and Egypt are trying to force the hands of Syria for taming Hezbollah and Hamas.  

            The allies to the Hariri clan want the Lebanese to believe that the opposition is scare shit of the scarecrow of the International Tribunal that might take 6 years of deliberation if funding is secured and that our bankrupt government is to bare 49% of the expenses, which means never. The majority of the Lebanese have known for many years that the mastermind behind the assassination of Rafic Hariri are the US, France, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.  In fact, these States are among the 10 states that refused to cooperate with the investigation in providing information and intelligence data!

            For the time being, the Lebanese have no public electricity, no ministry for planning and reforms, no productive economy, and no plans to absorb the thousands of expatriate Lebanese who lost their jobs and businesses abroad in this world recession.

2 Responses to "Bi-Weekly Report (#13) on the Middle East and Lebanon (March 1, 2009)"

The people of Israel are not of Semitic. They originate from the tribe of Ashkennaz, son of Gomer, son of Japheth. According to the Torah and the Bible, they are not of Abraham seed nor do they have any link for Palestine. Those who call themselves Jews are for the most part converted to Judaism.

I agree with your information. I mentioned that fact in many articles on religion and analysis of Israel’s social structure.

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