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Posted on: March 16, 2009

“Souvenirs” (March 16, 2009

Many people still move a little.  You have individuals who lived at one location when singles, then they relocated across the street when they married.  Many of these “across the street lodgers” lived to be a hundred; they never needed the help of anyone.  Is that the best or the worst character that human kind is capable of?

Many parents experienced extended prison terms, many sentences were not of civil crimes.  Many served in wars. They come home with a few belonging from prison.  They hide or lock up those belonging in obscure corners in the house. 

It is up to the offspring to discover those “miserable inheritances” to remind themselves that refreshing memories now and then is good for the future of humanity. 

A few inherit the old and smelly outfit in small handbags any which way life take them. A few make it a sacred ritual to touch the bag before taking a decision; the impression that this reminder of the existence of this bag might improve their behavior.

A flood of questions come to mind:

1.  why parents have to keep their prison souvenirs?

2. Why lock them up if they are so important?

3. Why not communicating with their offspring about their experience in prison?

4. Why not writing about their emotions and conditions of feeling incarcerated if they are that important? 

5. Why preferring to commit suicide instead of opening up? 

6. Why the inheritants fail to wash and iron their “sacred trove” of smelly cloths? 

7. Are only official military uniforms worth washing, ironing, and displaying?

There are many reports from rebel-plagued States.  The rebels and the governments reciprocate in crimes against humanity.  Most rebellious movements create parks for children; the tombs are toboggans, the swings posts made out of old rifles, pictures of “kids martyrs” plastered around the park: those innocent eyes will soon shine with hatred and their tiny bodies torn to pieces when exploding among crowded civilians.

Social memory is selective.  The horrors of the past registered by lousy writers ended up in the dust bins.  The terrors of the past that generated laws which didn’t pass “parliaments” ended up in archives. 

Only the lousy laws enacted by the military colonial powers were retained by under developed States, such as detention without prosecution.

Invariably, movies would like you to believe that only on New Year’s Eve people make their moves to get out of solitude. 

Invariably, the characters say that they were depressed for many months and never ventured outside their residences except New Year’s Eve.

Invariably, the night ends up as a success story; the protagonists agree to never forget the memory of one another, on each New Year’s Eve, for the remainder of their miserable life. 

You guys think that there is one official New Year’s Eve? Wrong, there are many and for each religious sect.

You might, if you wish, line up many more memories per year; why be content with only New Year’s Eve?  There are so many holidays and so many public memorial dates, and many more of the private kinds.

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