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Origins of Jesus Christ. Part 2

Posted on: March 20, 2009

Who are the Israelites?  Origins of Jesus Christ; Chapter two, (March 20, 2009)

Joachim (Youwakeem) Omram and Hanna, the parents of the Virgin Mary, were from the village of Qana (10 kilometers south of the city of Tyr and at an altitude of 85 meters; this Qana was called Qana of Upper Galilee and was within the district of Phoenicia during the Seleucid and early Roman Empires in the Near East (Levant). The administrative district of Upper Galilee extended from Tyr to Acre).

Joachim was one of the eminent personalities in the town of Qana and the neighboring region and was an Essenes high priest. He had been frustrated because he could not secure any descendents. Joachim took his sheep to a remote area and fasted and prayed for 40 days. Hanna was also frustrated with this extended absence and decided to take off her black cloth and washed her hair and went out in the garden.  Hanna received an apparition that she will soon get pregnant and that Joachim is on his way home.

Mary was born in Qana and her parents dedicated her to the Great Temple on Mount Carmel (Mount Carmel was also in the district of Phoenicia).  When Mary was 3 years of age she was interned in the monastery of the Great Temple of the Carmel.  Mary was one of the 12 virgins of the elite families in the region to be dedicated to serve in the temple and she was named “The Pigeon of God Eil“. (The Hebrews in Judea never allowed girls to serve in temples).

Joseph was also from Qana and one of Mary’s relatives; he was one of the superintendents at the temple and he cleaned, painted and did the various tasks of maintenance. Mary received the “Good Tiding” from the Archangel while serving in Mount Carmel.

Mary and Joseph got married and Jesus was born in the village of Bethlehem Tifone by the Carmel, close to the famous city of Dora by the seaside and north of current Haifa within the district of Phoenicia (not in the Bethlehem of Judea).  Mary visited her aunt Elizabeth in Galilee who was 6 months pregnant.  Jesus was presented to the Great Temple of Mount Carmel for sanctification; Jesus was lost in the same temple discussing with the priests when he was 12 of years. Jesus studied in the schools of Mount Carmel.

Joseph and Mary lived in Bethlehem by the Carmel. The town of Nazareth did not exist yet and the area was called Nazareth. When Joseph died, Mary returned to her hometown of Qana where her father and grandparents were buried; Jesus spent his youth in Qana. 

Jesus was called “Jesus of Mary” after the death of Joseph to distinguish him from the other people named Jesus. (The Hebrews of Judea never referred a son to his mother). Mary was also called “the sister of Jacob”.  Hanna had remarried after the death of Joachim and gave birth to many offspring; the eldest son of Hanna was apparently named Jacob

Jesus was also called Emanuel (Amanoueel) which means (The God El is among us),  thus, God was made human.  All the names that start with El or finish with El refer to the God El, the all-encompassing God of the Land.

In the wedding of Qana, where Jesus showed his miraculous power of transforming water into wine, Mary was in her own town and it is Jesus who was invited.  Jesus came up from Lake Tiberias to join the wedding.  After the wedding, Mary and the brothers of Jesus (Jacob, Joseph, Simon, and Judah) followed him down to Capernaum by the Lake and stayed there for a few days and then were part of Jesus’ party from then on.

Jesus was highly educated.  He could speak Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin. The folk tales and early manuscripts demonstrate that Jesus studied Law and taught Law at the university in Sidon (Lebanon).  Jesus was born in the year 7 BC and Caesar’s census started in the year 10 BC. Jesus was also called Rabbi (Rabuny) which means teacher in Aramaic.  Jesus said to his disciples: “Do not let anyone call you Rabbi since you have only one teacher in Christ and you are all brethren”

Jesus dressed in the same long white robe that the Essenes sect of Mount Carmel wore; the consecrated members were called “The White Brethren” and they were famous as healers.  The Essenes had many branches in Galilee and a prosperous one in Alexandria (Egypt) and had places for welcoming travelers and the sick. 

John the Baptist, close relative of Jesus and just 6 months older, never left the region of Galilee, baptized with water as of the Essenes traditions and baptized Jesus.

Note 1: Jesus was elevated to Heaven on Mount Carmel. The first church was built on Mount Carmel and dedicated to the Virgin Mary while still alive.  A church was built within the town of  Qana by the disciples and excavations showed a church from the first century.  The Moslems had veneration for the tomb of Joachim called “The tomb of the prophet Omran”.  When Israel bombarded south Lebanon in 1996 for 15 days one of the missiles made a large crater, 4 meters off the tomb of the prophet Omran.  The excavations uncovered a buried church and the tombs of the family of Omran.

Note 2: Qana is famous today because Israel massacred over 100 civilians and gravely injured 120 when her bombs targeted a UN compound in Qana in 1996 and then hit that same town in 2006 and killed 50 more civilians.  Qana was an important town for many centuries before Christ and the main resting place of the disciples before venturing any further. Qana of Upper Galilee (The Galilee of Nations or the Gentiles for the Hebrews) was the location where the disciples gathered for a while after the lapidation of the first martyr Etienne (Estefanos).

Note 3: I may conjecture that Mary retained the title of Virgin because she earned it serving as one of the virgins in the Great Temple.  There is this tradition in the Levant to bestow the title of nun and priest for even those who later relinquished their sacerdotal duties.

Note 4: The astrophysicist Reznicoff confirms that the Comet Halley that showed the way to the mages crossed Galilee and not Judea.

Note 5:  There are indications that Jesus entered Jerusalem for the first time when he was to be crucified.  No wonder that Jesus experienced a cultural chock when he witnessed business and usury transactions within the temple. Jesus got hold of a whip and chased out the merchants and turned their tables over and declared: “It is said that the temple is the house of God and not a cavern for thieves”.

2 Responses to "Origins of Jesus Christ. Part 2"

This is mostly correct. The only thing wrong is Jesus being Jewish. The Omram family were Lebanese. That’s why their native language was Aramaic, not Hebrew. It’s unclear who started the lie he was a Jew, but people have a hunch. Possibly the same who claim Aramaic is related to Hebrew, which it’s not.

If you speak Aramaic in front of Arabs & Jews, only 1 will understand enough to communicate with you. That’s because Aramaic is an Arabic dialect. Jesus greeted people with the phrase Asalamualykum (Peace Be Upon You in Aramaic) and also prayed on his face (Mathew 26:39).
Jews don’t do that, but Muslims do.

It’s no secret that Jesus didn’t like the Jews, and Jews didn’t like him. They had a price on his head cause he was warning people not to trust the money changers, who he felt were imposters as well (Jews are Khazars). Looks like he was right, and things still haven’t changed much.

A few years back Israel massacred the people in the Omrams family village of Qana, knowing full well of it’s historical significance. Maybe they wanted to get rid of anyone who knows the truth. Eerily similar to the USS Liberty incident, when Israel decided to attack Americans, who were helping them against Egypt at the time, in attempts to frame Egypt and trick America into bombing and killing innocent people. Israel tried for over an hour to make sure no survivors would be left to identify them or tell the truth. Fortunately for Egypt and America they failed to kill everyone.

Israel later claimed to have mistook the giant navy ship with the big American flag for an old Egyptian transport boat. Must be why they circled for 5 hours before attacking in unmarked planes… for almost 90 minutes… trying to kill everyone. Those unarmed in life rafts desperately trying to get to safety weren’t so lucky. Thank heaven for the few that made it… barely.

This wasn’t the first or the last time Israel would be caught committing terrorist attacks in an attempts to frame Muslims either. They have a long history of bad deadly habits. Killing innocent civilians to frame Muslims no problem, even if it’s their own.

Jesus, like many in south Lebanon and Galilee were forced to be circumcised during the Jewish revolt against the Syrian/Greek Seleucid dynasty in first century BC. Mathew is the one who tried the hardest to spread the idea that Jesus was a Jew and descendent of David. The disciples followed the Jewish rituals and tried their best to circumcise the new Christian followers. St. Paul the Jew was the main figure who abandoned circumcision which forced St. Peter to follow Paul’s trail in order to reconfirm the need to be circumcised. A long and interesting story.

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