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Lethal Spiritual Myths (March 24, 2009)


As people delve into spirituality, a dangerous phenomenon is generated, mainly a firmer intolerance toward the spirituality of others. As if our newly acquired spirituality cannot develop without the debasement of other alternative spiritual methods. As if spirituality obeys the rule of demand and supply, or an accounting register that shows debit should match credit.


Myth one: Only one way leads to God.  This is the most dangerous and lethal myth that was the cause, and mostly the main excuse for many wars, persecutions, genocides, and judgments of our neighbors. 


The weakness in our spirituality is to blame the authorities or sacerdotal castes for the calamities that we perpetrate on others: We always fails to shoulder our individual responsibility for our belief system. 


That is why the authorities have an easy job of enslaving our spirit and guiding us whichever they wish us to do.


Myth two:  The spirit can cure-all.

There are countless individuals who realized that physicians can overcome illnesses that all our spiritual gimmicks could not cure. 


Many times, it is better to pray that the experienced surgeon still rely on God to guide his hands during operations.  How many were victims of curable illness simply because of taboo spirituality?


Myth three: Red meat obstructs divine light

There are many trends for “purifying our body” by eating the most appropriate kinds of food and how it should be cooked for various reasons, and basically and implicitly, based on religious doctrines.


There are sects that prohibit ale, onion, tomatoes, dairy product, leavened products, and sugar on the ground that they disturb focus in contemplation and meditations. 


Others sects prohibit other kinds of condiments on the ground that they are poison to the body ‘that shell that is sanctified by God“.


Jesus said “Evil is not in what enters your mouth but what goes out”.  Vegetables and flowers grown in greenhouses might be purer for the consumers, but they are incapable, as naturally grown vegetables, to resist minor weather variations. 


Vegetarians are still eating live condiments that obey the cycle of life, as we will also end up being food for lower creatures and fishes.


Myth four: God is sacrificial.

People seek self-sacrificial ways by claiming that the road to heaven is through physical suffering.  If this world is a benediction of God then, why not take the opportunity to enjoying our life? 


Jesus Christ suffered for three days but he enjoyed most of his life traveling, meeting people, sharing his bread, and disseminating his message of tolerance and charity.


The Prophet Muhammad said “Unhappiness is contagious; if you are unhappy you extend it to your neighbors”


Myth five: God is a concept that became real, like the number zero and the imaginary number in mathematics, for constructing moral values that suit Nations. 


This myth is intrinsically related to myth one: God was rendered indispensable for mankind, was reduced to serve man, malleable to man’s desires and his will for power. 


God is used to harangue armies to war and to escape the resolutions of real problems.  Man manipulates God as the arbiter in nuclear debates and even in school systems. 


God is used to lambast totalitarian regimes, Marxist regimes, opposition political parties, discriminating among the evil and good States, and West versus East.


God is made use of to justify repression, apartheid, genocide, and racism.


God is used as a moral police force to subjugate recalcitrant opinions. 


God is even used in sciences under masked names such as “I don’t know, it escapes human cognitive power, providence, organized chaos, other irrational causes, and so on”. 


Religions have instituted sacerdotal castes with power to dominate and regulate civil life from birth to death.  As long as institutions and State governments use God to do business then, God is another useful commodity and versatile enough to be transacted any which way. 


No, God is an individual necessity and has nothing to do with collective usage.  God never needed an institution to promote Him. 


Man had the firmament of stars, of nature, of the huge varieties of animals, vegetables, fruits, insect, seasons, thunderstorms, volcanoes, tidal waves, the sun, and the moon to believe that there is a God,.


Is that another myth that nothing man does will not fructify if God did not participate in the process?

The Jante Law: Mediocrity is King, (March 24, 2009)

In Scandinavia, the Jante Law said: “You are worthless.  Nobody is interested in what you think. Mediocrity and anonymity are your best choices.  If you act according to the Jante Law, then all your problems will vanish”

This Janti Law is the most common and most adhered to principle by most countries and people, though it was never formulated as clearly or known as the Law of the Lands of Mediocrity. 

The Janti Law was stated in the novel “A refugee surpasses his limits” by Aksei Sandemose in 1933.  This law was disseminated recently when the Norwegian Princess Martha-Louise married the writer Ari Behn.

Ari Behn was a recognized and acclaimed writer before he wedded the princess.  After the marriage, Ari was vehemently critiqued and lambasted by writers for no other reason but for daring to surpass his class status.  That is how the world got familiar with this Scandinavian Law. 

By the way, Princess Martha-Louise embroidered her gown with the names of who counted in her life for her 30h birthday, and many started to emulate her generous spirit.

People always claim that many wars would not have started if an anti-Janti Law was preponderant:

1. That people knew that they are worth far more than what they think. 

2. That what you do on earth is far more important than what you believe in;

3. That acting against injustice and expressing your opinions against tyrants will ultimately prevail.

That might be so, but it was still an abstract notion until 2003, when the King of Mediocrity, George W. Bush, prevailed against all the world community and launched his preemptive war against Iraq.

The Spanish PM Aznar defied the wishes of 90% of the Spanish citizens and so did the British PM Blair. The UN did not cover the operation.

Turkey declined 26 billions dollar in aid and denied the US troops a right to cross the Turkish land or launch military operations against its neighboring State.

Colin Powell was forced to forge falsified proofs, documents, and aerial photographs that Hans Blix, the inspector of Iraq disarmament on nuclear and chemical engines of war, contested for many months.

Britain Foreign Minister, Jack Straw, went as far as justifying this war on moral grounds.

The European Nations and their people were against this war.  The Arab States unified to decry this war.  The entire world demonstrated for two months but the King of Mediocrity prevailed.

No, it was not all in vain. Things have changed even if a few leaders still feel shy to denouncing the genocide that the Zionist State perpetrated against the Palestinians in Gaza.

The results of democratic elections are recognized, even if they don’t suit the philosophy of a few powerful nations.  A new urgency for diplomatic resolutions is taking over in world politics.  Sure, financial and economic downturns are helping that climate of overture, but Mediocrity is subsiding among nations.

The common people of nations are reawakening to known fundamentals that terrorism and religious extremism are the symptoms of fear, inequality in rights, injustices, and lack of freedom of speech coupled with anemic economies and lack of opportunities and professional diversity in jobs.

In order to establish just, prosperous, and democratic political systems around the world we have got to believe that it is very possible because it is right and urgent.

Note 1:  The theme of this post was inspired by “Like a Flowing River” by Paulo Coelho with re-arrangement.

Note 2: This post was published over three years before the Arab mass uprising and the Occupy Wall Street protests in the US and in Europe




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