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Bi-Weekly Report (#15) on Lebanon and the Near East (April 2, 2009)


There are a few good news. First, The Italian government finally delivered a scientifically equipped ship to the Lebanese Council for Scientific Research in order to study the Lebanese 200 km of coastal water characteristics.  This ship named Qana-CNRS was 18 months in the making and Italy will send marine scientists and technologists to train the Lebanese counterparts. Lebanon has signed international agreements to investigate and remedy maritime ecosystems.


Second, the Academic Scientists of Lebanon has met for another opening ceremony in the Princeton Club in New York.  I was under the impression that this council was already functional and active and has gone beyond media opening ceremonies a year ago. It finally got a license in the USA. This scientific council was in the organization stage since late Rafic Hariri PM. It will hold a discussion group this autumn in Lebanon.  Four more members from Lebanon proper are contemplated to be included.  The goal of this academy is to stand tall against the Israeli academy in the Middle East.

Professor Edgar Chouweiry is heading this council; he is a head director at Princeton University for physical research. The council members include Michael Attiyeh, director of mathematics at Cambridge University; Jean-Francois Bach, Professor of immunology at Necker Hospital in Paris; George Bahr, Professor of virology at the Balamand University in Lebanon; Andre Cabron, ex-Professor of immunology at the Pasteur Institute; Michel Dercour, professor at Piere and Mary Curie University; Mohammad Al Hassan, head of the African academy of sciences; Joan Nasr Allah, Professor of plants at Cornel University; Mouna Nemer, head director of cells at the Ottawa University; Eve Kirie, head at the French Politecnique University; Edward Simon, astrophysist at Villanova University; Professor Samir Zard, director of biology in France; Professor Hussein Zabeeb,  mechanics of material at Washington State University; and Professor Charles Elachy, director at Jet propulsion laboratory in Passadena.

Among the attendees at the ceremony were many scientists, entrepreneurs, and surgeons such as: biochemist Wadih Jreidiny, Jack Merheb, Ray Debbany, Wael Shehab, Salah Selman, Cesar Shedyac, George Lotfy, George Fares, Nichola Khoury, Edgar El Shaar, Nada Aneed, George Younane, Ghasan Abu 3Alfa, and Nabil Housami.


The third good news is that President Suleiman offered Lebanon to be the liaison among the Arab States and the South American States for economic development and cooperation since the Lebanon emigrants enjoys large presence in South America. More probably, the liaison will be jointly undertaken by Syria and Lebanon since Syria has as many emigrants as Lebanon there.


The fourth good news is that the South American head of States met with the Arab head of States in Qatar and the process is being formalized on regular basis.

Syria has appointed an ambassador to Lebanon Ali something Ali.

General Aoun is confident that he would gather 35 deputies in the next election on June 7; the interviewer was skeptic.

Geaja slept over in Zahle to drum up supporters; Amine Gemayel joined him: he would like to share recognition for any kind of leadership.

A US Intelligence report predicts that the State of Israel will cease to exist within 20 years.  It seems that there are over 2 millions Israelites with at least US residency status and most of them will be heading to the USA as the world economy stabilizes. There are also over 2 millions Israelites with European citizenships and they too will be residing in their States of origin and Europe in general.  The level-headed Israeli Jews have finally realized that the Zionist ideology never contemplated a peaceful and stable state with its neighboring States. All the successive Israeli governments’ policies and actions never offered any willingness to co-exist with the Near Eastern populations.

We Need you to Walk:  The Walk of the Free

There are millions upon millions of Lebanese in the Diaspora.

Since the civil war in 1975, anyone who could borrow money for a plane ticket immigrated. In the city of Sao Paolo in Brazil there are more Lebanese descendents than all Lebanese citizens.

Many boldly declared that they have cut the bridges and burned the ships, never to return to their homeland, as if infamy was a badge of honor.

This tiny land that was coveted by dozens of Empires for its milk and honey; this land that exported to the world olive oil, wine, and dried fruit; this land that built cities and created the alphabet; this land that manufactured and roamed the seas and oceans and transacted with every people is reaching bottom.

This land of water and cool sources has no potable water. International Zionism never relinquished its zeal to bust our doors and sap our energy and determination, even after being defeated twice in less than a decade.

This land that exported highly cultured and educated people is reduced to graduating sectarian, uncouth and poorly cultured new generations that barely can read or write.

We don’t want you to come and talk the talk of the sectarian.

We don’t want you to behave the pessimist and defeatist.

We need you to come and walk the walk of the free; to experience the harsh life of the brave, to participate in our miseries, to revolt and to change and reform a tiny Nation that led the world for millennia.

You in the Diaspora, you might have earned individual successes, medals, honors, or riches but you can never erase a tiny dot of the huge and ugly blotch that scars your forehead.

As long as your homeland is humiliated, shriveled, and under-developed among the nations then this scar will be prominent on your forehead and on your descendents’ because you bare a large part of the responsibility for our degradation and instability.

We need you to bolster the fainthearted who dream harder to inflate the rank of the Diaspora.

We need you to come and prevent those hot air arrogant bourgeois from taking away the arms of the steadfast, brave, and resisting patriots.

“Ye, stiff-necked Levantine; ye the uncircumcised in heart, ears, and tongue.

My curses are upon you and your descendents in the Diaspora to the end of time.

Ye, blasphemous Levantine, wizen up; never dare take my curse lightly!




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