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4 Responses to "Jews against Zionists"

This is actually a hate-filled treatise. “Fascism in the Name of Democracy” would be a better title. Disavowing that you are antisemitic does not make you un-antisemitic. Your argument that ashkenazic Jews are descendants of a Caucasus clan is inherently racist. Who cares what the genetic origins of any people are?
I want to make very clear that despite the title of this blog, the author is not a Jew and is simply cloaking him or herself as a Jew in order to avoid being label anti-Jewish. This is hate-filled nonsense disguised as reasoned argument.

you confused me. In the same paragraph you give the impression that religion has nothing to do with race and then you mention anti-semite cliche. Zionist movement and ideology would like us to believe that Jews are a race, a pure one too. What is your position? My new post “Modern Day Crusaders: The Ashkenazi Spearhead” was a reply to your comment. Keep your comments coming. Thanks.

Hi to Elico Baida and Henie Srour from khaldoun nsouli ex FFE.

Essai de contact


I am glad Khaldoun that my blog was an appropriate link to communicating with friends. Are Elias and Henie still anti-zionists?

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