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Hundreds of Prophets later

Posted on: May 17, 2009

Hundreds of Prophets later:  Hate Crimes and Humiliation March on (May 19, 2009)


There are hundreds of so-called prophets that countless religions and sects adopt as their guiding rod for “sane and peaceful models of living” as they proselytize.  If man cared about messages, if man followed the Word then hate crimes, humiliation, and indignity suffered by fellow man would not be marching on as strongly as ever.  If those prophets behaved in their lives as they preached man would have behaved accordingly.

Man is trained as pet houses; man is domesticated as beast of burden; man has always the spiritual power to reconsider his training; man has always the power to act on his individual reflections and rarely do. That is what history has demonstrated again and again.  Do you think that I am exaggerating?  Hell no, not this time.

If one hundredth of the prophets’ messages was hate inspired instructions then the followers would hang to those hate verses and march on. Most people would easier march on bestial instincts than on rational peaceful inclinations that require hard personal reflections and heavy time invested on reasonable knowledge. 

I am no theologians but I invite those who make it their profession to read in One Book most of their lives to resurrect the messages of their prophets and saints and then sort out the hate messages and peace messages and then report to us what messages stuck most in their heart and feelings.

Not only the messages of those appointed prophets were mostly hate instructions but worst, the behavior of these prophets must have been shameful because people do best in emulating the behavior and style of their leaders.  “Listen to their teaching but do not emulate their actions” was the wisdom that Jesus admonished his disciples when criticizing the Pharisee Jewish religious caste.

No one is born a prophet. Conquering bestial tendencies is hard work supported by hard personal reflections.  You don’t need to dig up in old books to fetch mythical role models that are pure fabrications.  Read and follow current models that you know and some are still alive.  Read and emulate Gandhi.  Read and emulate Mandela. Gandhi and Mandela never claimed to be prophets simply because they would feel shame behaving as the stories of most prophets go.

Do you think that I am exaggerating?  Hell no, not this time.

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