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Bi-Weekly Report on the Middle East and Lebanon

Posted on: May 19, 2009

May  2009 Bi-Weekly Report (#22) on the Middle East and Lebanon

 The US Administration and France of Sarkozi vetoed a resolution condemning Israel’s genocide in Gaza.  Obama and Sarkozy consider that genocide practices are good for the stability and progress of the world. 

I understand that Sarkozy is in a difficult position in France and must rely on the flimsy support of the Zionist lobby in France on ground that somehow he is Jewish by a convoluted way. 

It is getting clear that Sarkozi is a Zionist who believes that Jewishness is an ethnic entity, a sort of a race and not a religion.  If that is the case, then why Sarkozi is still President of a nation who claims to separate religion from state’s functions?  

Why Sarkozi does not relocate to Hungry, the origin state of his parents?  Why does not Sarkozi transfer to Israel proper and live in a colony, a land usurped from the Palestinian people? President Sarkozy excuses the atrocities of the Israeli State and refuses a whole nation such as Turkey to adhere to the European Union on grounds that it did not fully satisfy human rights conditions expected by the civilized world of the EU.

Maybe if Sarkozi ponder a little on his genealogy then he might discover that his grand parents were Janissaries (Inkisharieh) in the Ottoman Empire army.

President Barack Obama doesn’t get it. 

The world community has also elected him to apply the promises during his electoral campaigns or what people wished he meant for a stable and peaceful world. 

Barack Obama doesn’t get it; his Administration is sidetracking him into redundant and Non effective messages and actions.  Obama should know that hate crimes, genocides, “collateral” civilian damages, apartheid behavior and covert racism are not behaviors to be swept under carpets and hope that they will be taken care of by time.

Barack Obama doesn’t get it that Zionists are not to be cajoled and given more time to sober up and start acting as democratic and the rational nations wish they do. 

Zionists will not abide by the United Nations guidelines and resolutions through diplomatic gimmicks; no resolute actions are not about to convince them to change their racist and apartheid behaviors.  

How about President Obama orders Hillary Clinton to condemn Israel barbaric actions once in the UN? 

The world community is waiting haplessly for a sign of real change of position by using the UN as the international body that send the right and proper message for civilized codes of behavior.

So far Barack Obama has been a big mouth with no teeth to make Zionists comprehend that he meant to establish a Palestinian State; to free the Palestinian people in the ghetto of Gaza from misery, famine, and lost opportunities to join the civilized nations.

Barack Obama has been a big mouth with No teeth to actually liberate Syria from this economic embargo that is hurting the civilians and on this humiliating apartheid black list of nations, as if the Syrians are any worse than the Israelis who have been continuously demonstrating that they are the real terrorists in masterminding the most abject activities around the world.

Time is running out on Obama to prove that he is a President of real change that the world would be proud to accept as their leader for change.  If you cannot send a strong message to even the Zionist lobbies in the USA then how will you navigate world problems that require global resolutions?

Barack Obama is to meet Israel Netanyahu.  I would be highly disappointed if Obama cows for just one second.  Iran is not the problem.  It is this ideological apartheid virus applied in a tiny State and constantly cajoled and condoned by the western societies that can spread havoc. 

The Pakistani army is supposedly making a breakthrough by killing one thousand Taliban fighters in the Suwat region.  Nothing has changed; war generates war and Obama is going to deal with another quagmire for the rest of his tenure. 

Leaders always have good intentions of compensating economically ravaged regions that they contributed in setting aflame.  It is not by war that good intentions are attained.  Millions of civilians have vacated the area into refugee tents and many thousands are simmering with feelings of revenge. 

There are no people worse than others: there are people who could not enjoy institutional opportunities to diversify their perspectives.

Another war is reaching an end: the Tamil forces in Sri Lanka are giving up the fight.  Thousands of civilians are in refugee camps.  The Tamil Party is a nasty separatist and apartheid “Christian” movement that learned terrorist tactics from the masters in Israel and in former apartheid South Africa State. 

It is hoped that the western powers let the Columbus government deal equitably with the aftermath and not add fuel to an ignited situation.  The State of Sri Lanka is going to need huge infusion of economical and financial aids if the consequences of a civil war are to heal peacefully. (China filled the economic void, at a long-term price)

Friday, Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah delivered a powerful speech during the presentation of university diplomas. He said that the private communication system of Hezbollah is the most important tool that the resistance had to defeat Israel.

But the Lebanese government had decided on May 5, 2008 to rob the resistance of her potent power.  The leaders of the government of Seniora PM, Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblatt, and Samir Geagea coordinated well the project with Israel and the USA.

Thousands of Lebanese were lured from the districts of Akkar and the Bekka to Beirut and wait in safe places packed with arms and ammunitions.   Jumblatt had previously publicly proclaimed these facts and Nasr Allah confirmed it.

Nasr Allah divulged that the government plan was to initiate a temporary civil war in Beirut and then ask the world community for peace keeping forces in Beirut.

Those citizens financially lured by the government to come to Beirut were not told the purpose of their summons and when they realized that they are to fight Hezbollah then they withdrew at the first attack.  The Lebanese consider the Hezbollah resistance as the pride of Lebanon for defeating Israel after 33 days of barbaric invasion in 2006.

Saad Hariri had vouched that the Mustaqbal movement will never forget May 7, 2008 as the sky is blue.  Nasr Allah replied that May 7 was meant for any government never to forget the consequences if it recklessly repeats foolish decisions without Hezbollah consent.

 General Michel Aoun of the Tayyar urged his supporters not to be sidetracked by those Christian candidates claiming to be neutral or supporting the President of the Republic.  The objective is to win as many parliamentary seats as is needed to activate change and reform.

Note: Israel is conducting on May 31 the largest military maneuvers in its 61 years on Lebanon’s borders and the government thinks that it does not concern Lebanon

2 Responses to "Bi-Weekly Report on the Middle East and Lebanon"

You are just a moron. To think the way you do, means that you are depreciating the meaning of Racism, Apartheid and Genocide
Israel is a Racist country.
What is the basis of this? Because it says it is a country for the Jews? Islam is the official religion of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan etc etc. So why not accept the fact that Israel is a Jewish State. The difference is that, whereas in the Islamic countries, non Muslims are barely accepted, (In Saudi Arabia non Muslims do not have the right to pray…), in Israel, all non Jewish people have a total freedom. If you call this racism, then I don’t know what is racism.
As regards civil rights of non Jews in Israel, I would like to mention that there are Israel-Arab parties in the Knesset (Parliament), the most famous being Azmi Bichara, who used his Parliamentary immunity to attack Israel and to spy for Hezbollah. Israeli Arab have the same rights as other Israelis. Tell me please, in which Islamic or Arab country Jews or Christians have such a freedom? In Egypt? in Jordan? in Saudi Arabia? Don’t mention Lebanon please. The Jews have disappeared, and the Christians have lost their power (or about to lose it, after the forthcoming elections)……
So where is Racism?

Israel is an Apartheid Regime
And as a proof, you will say, look at the Racist Separation wall that Israel have built.
Did you know that there is a separation wall on the border between the US and Mexico, there is a separation wall between Northern Ireland and Ireland? There is a separation wall between the Spanish Enclaves of Ceuta /Melilla and Morocco? Did you know that Saudi Arabia is building a separation wall on its border with Yemen? I have not seen anyone calling these countries Apartheid.
Israel built the wall to defend its citizens (Israeli Arabs and Jews) against Terrorism. Any normally constituted government will do this. Did you know that before the Oslo accords of 1993, it was possible for anyone, I repeat, anyone, Israeli or Palestinian, to move freely without any checkpoint all across the Palestinian occupied territories and Israel? You could go from Rafah to Rosh Hanikra and from the Jordan River to Tel-Aviv without seeing any check point. All this changed unfortunately because of Islamic terrorism. Check points and Separation walls were a “consequence” of Racism Palestinian behavior, sustained by radical Islam.

As to the Genocide issue, based on the “number” of casualties used each time to call Israel’s action a Genocide, one must recognize that the Israelis are not very good at it. Imagine, in 2006, after 33 days, the total number of casualties were less than 1500, and in Gaza in 22 days the same. Is that Genocide?
Now when in the 1970, the Syrian regime massacred the citizens of Hama, leaving 20.000 dead, no one called it Genocide. When during the Black September event, the Jordanians massacred the Palestinians, leaving at least 10.000 dead, ‘no one called it Genocide. During the Lebanese civil war, when the Lebanese happily killed each others, leaving more than 200.000 dead, no one said it was Genocide. Today in Darfur, with more that 300.000 killed, no one dares call this a Genocide because it will upset our Arab brothers…. And you call Israel ‘s action Genocide?

As I said, the meaning of the words Racism, Apartheid and Genocide has depreciated and has lost its true force.

As for Lebanon, the way things are going, I am afraid it will be soon a small Syrian province, rules by a High Commissioner, called President of the Republic. You will say certainly that it is Israel`s fault…..correct…

hi battal
thanks for your extensive and rational comments; you could have skipped the first sentence. i have posted at least three dozens articles on zionism, israel, palestine, and the middle east. you may select my category “list of articles”and then read a few posts so that we could have wonderful rational discussions without repetitions.
i am aware of all your arguments. i like you to realize that israel has to institute democrocratic fronts with respect to “minorities”,fronts that do not hurt its “Jewishness” simply because it is heavily propangizing to the western nations that have been supporting israel for 61 years in finance, economy, military, colonies, and media with over 300 billions since israel recognition.
keep your rational comments comming

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