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Updated “About” (May 21, 2009)

This is the most glorious year in my life since I started publishing in mid September of 2008.  This year is also associated with the most abject financial condition I have experienced.  I read in three languages English, French, and Arabic.  I read books, small and large, old and current, classical and common, biased and “balanced”.  I read dailies and their editorials. I read magazines, serious and tabloids, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly issues.  I uncover nuggets in almost all my readings and then report themes after elaboration, analysis, and exercising my individual reflection.  My posts are no cut and paste gimmicks simply because I have no patience for navigating the net. You may start with the category “List of articles” and navigate from there.  Every new article is posted in the category “Finance/politics” before distribution into one of the 20 categories. 

The total number of posts is reaching the 900 mark quickly and the total number of hits is reaching 10,000.  I am averageing 85 hits per day.  I am not religious but I have a weird individual faith and felt lately to offering a prayer to the readers who patronize my blog: It is a daily communion that starts by receiving comments before offering opinions.  I am reminded that life exercises its cyclical rights and I wish my readers that the ebbing would not last longer than necessary and would not affect their hopes; I wish that they have a support system to remind them that life is wonderful, it is beautiful, it is exciting, and there is a tomorrow. 

I post on average of three articles every two days.

I am a frugal to survive but I badly need any contributon you can spare. Send your donations to the following account in London.

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I realized that publishing electronically is not considered by many political institutions as serious matter since many do not navigate fast communication mediums; as if people read hard copy manuscripts or dailies!  Well, I got a new life to expressing years of writing for myself.  

If you are interested in reading biographies of people “Not famous” or “Not glamorous”, then you may read my auto-biography  titled “Introspection”.  Anyway, most of my categories that are not related to politics, history, religions, or book reviews are about myself.   It appears that my Book Reviews category is the most favored so far.

I got a PhD in Industrial/Human Factors/ system design engineering over 20 years ago from the USA but I refused to practice until recently when I decided to teach in universities and had this lovely opportunity to write over 50 articles published in the category “Professional articles” and lately in the category “Engineering/research”.  

I realized that I love best to write and read; now I need to be paid in order to survive and disseminate ideas.

I read and write daily, a lot, and hit libraries and follow up on news and editorials and feel serious on disseminating what I read.  I even summarize controversial books and offer my opinions ; yes, I love to be controversial otherwise you might just rot. Good reading.

Barak Obama (USA) and Nicholas Sarkosy (France) Refuse to get it (May 21, 2009)


The US Administration and France of Sarkosy vetoed a resolution condemning Israel’s genocide in Gaza.  Obama and Sarkozy consider that selective genocide practices are good for the stability and progress of the world.  I understand that Sarkosy is in a difficult position and must have considered that relying on the flimsy support of the Zionist lobby in France might boost his standing in the opinion polls. Sarkosy is not reading well the changing time and reverting to religious communities in a laic nation on ground that somehow he is Jewish by a convoluted way. 

It is getting clear that Sakosy is a Zionist who believes that Jewishness is an ethnic entity, a sort of a race and not a religion.  If that is the case then why Sarkosy is still President of a nation who claims to separate religion from state’s functions?  Why Sarkosy does not relocate to Hungary, the origin state of his parents?  Why does not Sarkosy transfer to Israel proper and live in a colony, a land usurped from the Palestinian people? “Mr. President” Sarkosi excuses the atrocities of the Israeli State and refuses a whole nation such as Turkey to adhere to the European Union on grounds that it did not fully satisfy human rights conditions expected by the civilized world of the EU. Maybe if Sarkosy ponder a little on his genealogy then he might discover that his grand parents were Janissaries (Inkisharieh) in the Ottoman Empire army.

Sarkosy refuses to get it.  Turkey would not get immersed into the Middle East quagmire if Europe has no intention of extending a unifying hand into the EU. Goebatchev stated a week ago that Europe has missed golden opportunities aftert the fall of the Berlin Wall and has squandered twenty years so far.


President Barak Obama refuses to get it, though he knows that this veto is totally out of place.  The world community has also elected Obama to apply the promises during his electroral campaigns or what people wished he meant for a stable and peaceful world.  Barak Obama doesn’t get it; his Administration is sidetracking him into redundant and non effective messages and actions.  Obama should know that hate crimes, genocides, “collateral” civilian damages, apartheid behavior and covert racism are not behaviors to be swept under carpets and hope that they will be taken care of by time.

Barak Obama doesn’t get it that Zionists are not to be cajoled and given more time to sober up and start acting as the democratic and rational nations wish they do.  Zionists will not abide by the United Nations guidelines and resolutions through diplomatic gimmicks; no diplomatic and cajoling tactics are about to convince Zionists to change their racist and apartheid behaviors.  President Obama should have ordered Hillary Clinton to condemn Israel’s actions that are not in tune with the UN expectations and guidelines.  The world community is waiting haplessly for a sign of real change of position by using the UN as the international body that send the right and proper mnessage for civilized codes of behavior.


So far Barak Obama has been a big mouth with no teeth to make Zionists comprehend that he meant to establish a Palestinian State; to free the Palestinian people in the ghetto of Gaza from misery, famine, and lost opportunities to join the civilized nations. Barak Obama has been a big mouth with no teeth to actually liberate Syria from this economic embargo that is hurting the civilians and to lifting this humiliating apartheid “black list” of nations, as if the Syrians are any worse than the Israelis who have been continuously demonstrating that they are the real terrorists in masterminding the most abject activities around the world.

Time is running out on Obama to prove that he is a President of real change that the world would be proud to accept as their leader for change.  If OIbama cannot send a strong message to even the Zionist lobbies in the USA then how will he navigate world problems that require global resolutions?

Barak Obama is to meet Israel Netanyahu.  I would be highly disappointed if Obama cows for just one second.  Iran is not the problem.  It is this ideological apartheid virus applied in a tiny State and constantly cajoled and condoned by the western societies that can spread havoc.  The Near East States are very worried with the planned all out Israeli military maneuver on the Lebanese borders. This maneuver is to last 5 days and wil cover all the Israeli territory and involve all the civilian and military institutions.  So far, Israel has undertaken over 6 major maneuvers since its defeat in 2006 against the Hezbollah resistance forces. The US tax payer must have realized that the costs for these maneuvers are from his own pocket and that his government is encouraging the Zionist State for more offensive adventures.  The US has delocked 3 billions for Israel in military aids.


The Pakistani army is supposedly making a breakthrough by killing one thousand Taliban fighters in the Suwat province.  Nothing has changed; war generates war and Obama is going to deal with another quagmire for the rest of his tenure.  Leaders always have good intentions for a peaceful world; Obama should be figuring out how to compensating economically ravaged regions that he contributed in setting aflame.  It is not by war that good intentions are attained.  Millions of civilians have vacated the area into refugee tents and many thousands are simmering with feelings of revenge.  There are no people worse than others: there are people who could not enjoy institutional opportunities to diversify their perspectives.

Another war is reaching an end: the Tamil forces in Srilanka are giving up the fight.  Thousands of civilians are in refugee camps.  The Tamil Party is a nasty separatist and apartheid “Christian” movement that learned terrorist tactics from the masters in Israel and in former apartheid South Africa State.  It is hoped that the western powers let the Columbus government deal equitably with the aftermath and not add fuel to an ignited situation.  The State of Srilanka is going to need huge infusion of economical and financial aids if the consequences of a civl war are to heal peacefully.

Workaholic leaders are of no use if their hearts have dried up.

“A Witness in Lebanon with Hezbollah” by Thierry Levy-Tadjine; (May 22, 2009)

The French small book “Temoin au Liban avec le Hezbollah” is of 128 pages and published by “L’ harmattan”; ISBN: 978-2-296-06619-9.  The book is of six chapters and a prologue: 1) Receiving before giving, 2) Jew in one way and pro Hezbollah, 3) My brethren the Shias, 4) Testimony of a war (2006), 5) The Lowest (God), and 6) expectancy and the dialogue.

 Thierry Levy-Thadjine is French; his grand father was Jewish and was incarcerated during the Nazi period. Thierry father was baptized Catholic and married a French Catholic woman.  Thierry married a first time with a Moroccan woman (thus Tadjine) and then studied economics and economic managements of enterprises.  By the age of 40 Thierry came to Lebanon to teach and settled since 2004 and then married a Shiaa woman from Sarafand.

Thierry guiding verses are the stories of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well and Jesus walking with the brothers Emmaus after his resurrection.  Jesus joins the two disciples to their hometown and the brothers did not recognize Jesus because he was supposed to be dead. As Jesus breaks the bread in the manner he did during the Last Supper the disciples open large eyes of recognition and Jesus disappear; the disciples believes in Jesus’ resurrection though he is absent and testify to the other disciples.  Ernst Bloch in his three volumes “The Expectation Principle” is Thierry’s theologian mentor with the definition of “God present under the sign of absence”.

Thierry blame most of the Christians who volunteer to educate the less fortunate (of other religious denominations) but never take the time to understand and listen first to their plight and their feedback.  They believe that they are much better off morally and culturally and fail to befriend the ones they had the opportunity to encounter.  Thus, by failing to receive first they fail to communicate and do proper jobs.

Thierry realized that the Moslem Shias and the Catholic Church have many similarities: first, they are both willing to interpret the verses of the Books and encourage rational interpretations that bring communities together; second, they both believe in “God present in the sign of absence”; and third, they have a structured hierarchy and the clerics study long years to become eligible for preaching and serving their communities.  The Moslem Sunnis and the Protestants are similar because they read the Books literally and have no strong and cohesive structures.

(I have written on those similarities and differences in many of my posts. In fact, on one hand the Prophet Mohammad could not withstand a centralized religious structure or intermediaries between the believers and God simply because he was a disciple of his elder cousin Warkat who was the patriarch of a “heretic” Christian sect in Mecca the “Ebionites”.  At the period, Byzantium persecuted any Christian sect that refused to obey the Byzantium brand of Catholicism. On the other hand, the prophet encouraged interpretation and the responsibility of the rational mind to learning and acquiring knowledge.  The Prophet Mohammad left no instructions on successions or organization of the Moslems after his death, though he had plenty of occasions to set down his will if he wished. Apparently, only in the last two centuries did the Shias structure their theology after the Persia Safavid Empire ruled Iran; before that, the Shias in Lebanon were the most unorganized religious sect and were constantly persecuted by the ruling Sunnis.)

Thierry refused to be evacuated by the French during the July war of 2006 and witnessed the atrocities of the war and he testified to the resistance of Hezbollah as a national resistance against the Israeli invasions and occupations of Lebanon.

Is it you Reap what you Saw? (May 21, 2009)

Society lived in harmony and communicated better when it was the entire community responsibility to cater for the village. There were people who sawed and there were people who reaped; the two tasks never mingled in the same project. You may saw wheat and reap carrots in another field; you may saw wheat in one field and reap wheat in another field. There was a deep sense that legalizing individual properties for agricultural production carries the seed of jealousy, of inefficiency, of detachment from the spirit of community, of alienation to the customs and traditions, and from community celebrations.

The elders communicated their expertise and supervised the tasks.  Saints were created for each week and every month as reference date to when to saw and when to reap. Idioms were coined for easy retention as guiding rules to the community survival.

The class of nobility created a form of individual properties where people could work the land allocated to nobles, saw and reap it, pay the expected tax on production and die of famine if the harvest did not suffice the family to survive the season.  This mean scheme was meant to relieve the noble from the day to day control and management of the land because the nobleman had other more important political business to cater for in the Capital or the county main city.  At first, the individual farmers were ecstatic that they will finally reap the better part of the labor of their sweat, which means the labor of their wives, sons, and overtime work.

Production climbed, money flowed in the pocket of the nobleman, wholesalers flourished, and illiteracy peaked because there was no time for the offspring to go to school, and people died at an earlier age because of too much work and no time to relax and relieve the aches and pains.

Does that sound familiar today?  You open your private enterprise and there is no difference between day and night, Monday and Sunday.  Family is neglected because a small sacrifice early on will reap ten times the benefits expected.  No one in the family is happy, divorce cases increase, suicide increases, heart attacks increases, and depression attributed to weak characters that could not sustain the pressure of competition.

Have you noticed the wealthy class ever been penalized for poor sawing policies?  Governments come to the rescue as in prehistoric community systems.  Only the middle class enterprising slaves pay for their failures either in sawing or reaping.

Since private property was legalized and iconized in an ideology as the best alternative to improving productivity the world has gone amuck. As long as we are indoctrinated that we reap what we saw then society cannot progress in a sustainable manner.    The idea that individual properties are our own responsibility has never worked; quickly you discover that banks want to exercise their responsibilities, that the municipality wants a share in the responsibility, and your neighbor has a say in the responsibility of the property. They all share the responsibility at your own labor and expense because the modern legal economic system wants individual to shoulder the burden of the community and not the way around.


The elders are dead and the community facilities that replaced the elders’ wisdom are detached or infusing general knowledge that are of no use to carrying on the tasks properly.  We are facing global problems that require global resolution within an archaic system of individual properties and individual responsibilities of a biased capitalist system to the upper classes.  This cannot go on to sustain life on earth.  The alternative system of communal life can be regenerated and lessons learned when the upper classes are duely punished for the messes they created.  We can soar high after we cater for the nitty gritty of daily miseries and tribulations.  We are back to basics in preparation for the larger jump to global solutions.




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