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In Want of Labors?

Posted on: May 26, 2009

In Want of Labors? (May 25, 2009)

You barely hear any politician discussing the entrepreneurial activities of immigrants and their real contributions to the global economy of their States.  In general, academic and social studies of immigrants tend to classify immigrants in relational database for rational general comprehension though researchers know that these are easy and dirty shortcuts and could exacerbate communication and strengthen covert apartheid tendencies. One simple way to study differences among immigrants could be by using one binary trading factors and one binary identity conservation factor. 

The economic factor can be stated as “Is it important to establish and maintain relationships in your business with other dominant groups in your new society?” The other factor can be stated as “Is it important to conserve your identity and its cultural characteristics when dealing with dominant groups?”  From these two questions (of yes or no) it is possible to have four major groups among entrepreneurial immigrants.


The first group of immigrants expands its business ventures toward the autochthones while hanging on to its roots in culture and customs.  These families are labeled the integrated new comers because they are dealing with their new citizens and still are feeling very much morally stable and balanced within the new environment. There are statistics that tend to the 60% ratio among immigrant enterprises.


The second group of immigrants opens its enterprises to the citizens but decided to burn ships with its original identity and cultural characteristics in order to feel completely assimilated in the new environment. This group is going to fight hard to have this fictitious feeling of being assimilated believable and might exercise pressures on its offspring to staying clear of its “own kind”.


The third group of immigrants can neither interact with the citizens and are disgusted of mingling with the community of origin that remind it of its failure and blame it on its current miseries. This group is labeled the marginal immigrants and they could be potential threats for laws enforcers when neglect, biases, and brutality become common perception among the immigrants..


The fourth group of immigrants separates from the citizens and transact within a fictitious ghetto that they constructed and walled its life within it.  Within this group of “separatists” many came with a mind fix of temporary stay until political or economic conditions in their home States change; conditions that usually drag on and the parents reluctantly hope that their offspring will have varieties of opportunities to finally integrate their new Nation.  Many had no choice because ghettos are definitely cheaper and easier on the nerves for the starting phase toward integration.  In general, ghettos are readily available pools for cheaper labors than autochthones when projects on large scales are contemplated such as the Chinese when laying train tracks crossing the Atlantic to the Pacific or building gigantic dams.


After the Second World War, Germany welcomed the Kurdish workforce arriving by trains with fanfare and official bands: badly ruined Germany needed to reconstruct the country.  Currently, Germany thinks that it finished reconstruction and has no idea how to repatriate the Kurds of Turkey.  Germany is offering to finance private enterprises in the Kurdish regions for any Kurdish family willing to return.  The catch is: would anyone not feeling secure and safe in his homeland return to experience the same calamities?  Would Germany re-welcome any Kurds if political conditions deteriorate in “Kurdistan”?


Sarkosy of France advocated during his campaign for Presidency that immigrants are economically beneficial when they are well selected. It turned out that Sarkosy meant those human with functional thumbs and trained since childhood to suffer in the fields and construction projects.  Sarkosy is ready to welcome domesticated human beast of burden or maybe those who are highly educated with very rich parents.


Construction workers have been erecting a large building next to our home for 6 months. Rain or shine, they are at it from 7 a.m. till pouring concrete is finished, even if they have to work 14 hours.  They are not stronger than average people but they were trained since childhood to suffer and sustain aches and pains. Most probably their fathers were also in construction and they were tempted by quick cash disbursement above average wage rates. Unless they were not injured at the job site, the fathers tend to refuse admitting that it was the nature of the job that is crippling the flexibility of their joints by the age of 40 and experiencing constant pains and aches in their cartilage and spine.

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