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“A few anecdotes of my teaching methods”

Posted on: June 14, 2009

Article #17, April 13, 2005

 “A few anecdotes of my teaching methods”

My composite class of all engineering disciplines takes my course in Human Factors in engineering for different reasons. It is a required course to the industrial engineers but optional to all the others.

You assume that most university students have discussed with the previous enrollers about the contents, difficulty, novelty and time consuming constraints of this course.

Apparently, the responses generated in class to my query whether the students have any idea about this course prove that they have no knowledge whatsoever.

I prompt them by mentioning the term ergonomics and lo and behold they have read this term somewhere in ads on ergonomically designed chairs and keyboards.

Another surprise is that when it comes to purchasing course materials and answering old questions in assignments many succeed in locating previous students who took the course.

I have tried many teaching styles, revised several times the contents and arrangements of the course chapters, and experimented with various methods to encourage the students into reading the course materials on their own volition.

 I varied the number of quizzes, exams, assignments and lab projects, tried to encourage them to read research articles, investigated new presentation techniques, gave them hints on how best to read and assimilate the materials, emphasized on thinking like engineers and not memorize information and I assigned students to reading to class with basically the same observations.

Engineering students will read only under duress, will barely take notes even if bonus points are at stakes, will start an assignment a couple of days before due date even if the assignment was handed out several weeks prior to due date, will remember to ask for clarifications only on due date, will copy and cheat unabashedly.

Engineering students refuse to carry to class any course material unless the exam is an open book, many don’t bring any paper or pen to take notes, many refuse to redo their assignments for a couple points more or for closure sake, and most of the redone works show no improvement.

Students can use word processors or any computer applications for their assignments but the end product has to be hand written including tables, charts and figures. 

It turned out that my guess was correct: most of the time I can manage to read physicians’ prescriptions better. 

There was a time when engineers were trained to submit neat drawings as engineers should be trained to do but this time is long gone.

Another advantage of submitting hand written work is that students will actually read what they are writing and rely less on copied CD’s and try their hands on being neat, using rulers, compasses and the long lost engineering working components.

I invented several ways to brute force students to read at least parts of the course materials. 

In addition to mid-term and final exams, they have to answer dozens of questions for their mid-term and final take homes exams. 

I assign graphs, tables and figures to students to hand write, copy on transparent sheets and present to class with written explanation attached.

All assignments are submitted on composition booklets.

I encourage them to taking notes by asking them questions on materials not covered in the course materials and giving bonuses to anyone who remember to provide a copy of his notes on final day.

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