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Women in Foreplay: Foreplay is always a quality time, regardless of genders…

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Women in Foreplay

I read a short post on foreplay.  I corrected a few typos and edited it my way, and the comments in parenthesis are mine.  I let her speak:

“Foreplay is a large part of the entire lovemaking experience. Most women will say that if a man knows the importance of foreplay, the experience will be greater for both partners.

There is no such thing as spending too much time on foreplay. The trick is to start intercourse when both partners are having a hard time controlling their desires. Foreplay comes in many forms from hugging, kissing, undressing each other, and all over body petting (oral sex optional).”

She goes on:

“Men who know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay and apply it to their partners will:

1. enjoy their sexual encounter more,

2. their partners will reach an orgasm more easily.

Most women need a lot of stimulation in order to reach an orgasm; and that is where foreplay comes in handy.

To reach this stage (orgasm) you need to understand what will make your partner hot.

Since all women are different, some enjoy gentle kissing while other prefer oral stimulation (including dirty verbal stimulation?).

Women also like to be complimented; tell her she looks beautiful, sexy, how much you appreciate her. Complimenting your partner awakes her sense of security and excitement.”

“Try to set the mood.

Make sure the room is warm, lighting subdued, and the sheets clean! ( Do not worry about that if you are spending the night at her place).

Often women spend a fortune on lingerie: it makes them feel sexy. Therefore, (stupid) kiss around and under the lingerie telling her how good she looks in it. Go as slow as you can; tease with kisses (the lingerie?), long and slow, fast and hard, lots of cuddles and hugs.

Most women complain their partners don’t kiss enough (they might be heavy smokers), just rush directly to the genital area. Don’t be shy (which gender?), experiment, and remember to prolong foreplay with kissing and cuddling.

If she enjoys her sexual experience then she will make sure you enjoy yours!!! (I repeat, men are not endowed to feeling sexual pleasures; they like to pleasure or gratify their “nice” partners).

Practice makes perfect (Virgin women cannot seem to take that advice at heart).”

Rationally, there should be high positve correlation between seduction skills and foreplay teaching skills.

It seems that this correlation applies to seductive men.  Women are much better in seduction, but lousy foreplay teachers.

That is why they prefer to teach kindergarten kids.  Unpracticed women tend to confuse seduction with intercourse.

Women display a wide array of seduction techinques and then play passive: it is more dignified.  They have been trained to remember that at the intercourse stage, love must be the driving force (meaning marriage?): “making love” must mean sharing love.

Actually, sharing is not the correct term.

On the first intercourse with any new beau, many women utter the sentence “You are mine!”, and all of them think it.

Women who swallowed their tongue at the last second, most probably got another occasion (with the same beau).

All that talk is irrelevant if the man is not “beau” or the women not that “belle”.

The longer time is invested in foreplay, the surer the indication that shared love is stronger.  Once this most practical of “quality time” is neglected, then signs of “fatigue” in a relationship emerge.

Man has to keep investing in foreplay if he values his partner and respect her needs to bloom and be of serious support and joyful companion.

3mol mneee7 wa keb bil ba7r.

Foreplay is always a quality time, regardless of genders.

Note: Not sure if that post was not my own creation and invention.

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