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The Sea People (Palestinians) and the 12 tribes

Posted on: July 12, 2009

The Sea People and the 12 tribes (July 11, 2009)

Around the 13th century BC, “Sea People” of the northern Mediterranean Sea coasts vandalized coastal town and pirated ships in the eastern Mediterranean.  Commerce and trade degenerated in that sea, which later on permitted the Phoenician City-States (Tyr, Sidon, Byblos…) commerce and trade to prosper.

Those “sea people”, the ancient precursors of the “Vikings”, spread havoc in Egypt before they were countered and forced to redeploy to Gaza and the southern coast of Palestine (named after the sea people).

It is plausible that the Palestinians returned Not as a block, but in waves to the Palestinian coasts.  Many might have shipwrecked and many were lost in deserts (Sinai) before reaching the deserted region in south Palestine (the Negev/ al Nakab).

The fiction stories of Moses and the nomadic “tribes” that he led out of the wilderness might be a symbolic tale, or a mythical tale since there are no archeological facts or records in any civilization of the peregrination of these nomads.  Even the stories of the Hebrew tribes raiding urban setting in Canaan (all the region north of current Gaza, all the way to coastal Turkey) are fiction stories: No artifacts or any archeological finding have uncovered anything, and possibly because they were nomads and didn’t leave any long-lasting residue or marks.

As these “Hebrew” tribes got acquainted with Canaan civilization they set aside “Yahweh” (God idol of war) and adopted “El”, the monolithic God of the Land.

Now and then, a few of these nomad tribes generated their own “prophets” to remind them of “Yahweh” in period of dire disaster to strengthen tribal identity and pick up arms, devastation, and desolation.

Yahweh‘s” anger and thirst for revenge against civilized and settled people had no limits, and the mythical stories in the ancient testament tell how the Canaan settled people had to suffer from the periodic razias of the desert nomads for loots and easy profits, as was the custom for the nomads in the “Arabic Peninsula” who raided Damascus, until the nomads learned to taste the fruits of civilized life. I call these nomads on the borders of the urban agglomerations as the “Tribes of Transmission” of civilized customs and life-style

The process of absorbing nomads into settled life was long.

Frequently, new waves of nomads knocked on the doors of settled people in Canaan and Palestine.  The new waves of nomads did not just emerge from the south but they also converged from the north (Turkey), the east (Persia), south-east (Arabic Peninsula), and the west (Greeks and sea people).

The Near East settled civilization, in City-States studded along the Euphrates, Tiger, Orontes Rivers and the coastal region, had to negotiate with warrior nations and infuse in these nations their monotheist religion and philosophy, which spread all around the Middle East.

Like in every religion, every town and city had to adopt a patron saint or demi-god to consecrate and identify its particular characteristics or line of business.  Thus, Baal, Astarte, Adonis, Apollo, and all the derivative demi-gods, symbolizing the strength and bounty of nature, were mere representations of particular aspects of the all powerful and omniscient God El.

The Near East has been the melting pot of all kinds of immigrants fleeing from persecution, disasters, wars, harsh life, and soldiers deciding to remain in the land of “honey and milk“.

The trend has reversed: the Near Eastern citizens are immigrating to greener pastures for the same reason they settled down this region thousands of years ago.

The new nomads (apartheid Zionists) are brandishing sophisticated weapons and are abusing the same unyielding barbaric Gods but there are no profitable loots to generate.

The Near East region has been ransacked, impoverished, and depleted of educated and artistic generations.

Now the Near East is succumbing to brutal globalization.

Note: It has been demonstrated that the new human species of Homo Sapiens first settled in the Near-East 100,000 years ago, and from here they migrated to the 5 continents in wave, and the Neolithic Age (10,000 years ago) as mankind started planting and harvesting originated also in the Near-East.

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