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Give Me One Freedom No Sauce


1.   I have a job to do.

A researcher has to collect data,

For the sake of facts.

A scientist has to arrange facts in patterns,

For the sake of patterns.

A mathematician has to formulize patterns,

For the sake of formulas.

A politician has to cater for local politics,

For the sake of leadership.

A writer has to tell us what he thinks we know, in style,

For the sake of old fashion news.

Give me Freedom and skim the Responsibility.


2.   I have to change dresses for the seasons

To discover “What is the meaning of life”.

I pursue my job in one season

And hold my grounds on moral values

In another.

I have to do my job well.

And have to be a man as well.

I cannot die in bitterness

Knowing that I was just a living creature.

Man has to learn to take stands

One small stand at a time

Leading to his Grand Finale.

Article 35

 “Efficiency of the human body structure”

This article is an on going project to summarize a few capabilities and limitations of man. While the most sophisticated intelligent machines invented by man may contain up to ten thousand elements, the human machine is constituted of up to a million trillion of cells, up to a thousand trillions of neurons in the central nervous system, about a couple hundred bones, and as many organs, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

In the previous article #33 we discussed a graph in a story style and discovered that a human barefoot in texture, shape, and toes has a higher coefficient of friction than many man-made shoes that allow easier traction to move forward for less energy expenditure. We also expanded our story to observe that the structure of the bones and major muscles attached to limbs for movements as lever systems provide higher speed and range of movements at the expense of exorbitant muscular efforts.

A most important knowledge for designing interfaces is a thorough recognition of the capabilities and limitations of the five senses.  One of the assignment involves comparing the various senses within two dozens categories such as: anatomy, physiology, receptor organs, stimulus, sources of energy, wave forms, reaction time, detectable wavelengths and frequencies, practical detection thresholds of signals, muscles, physical pressure, infections and inflammations, disorders and dysfunctions, assessment, diagnostic procedures, corrective measures, effects of age, and safety and risk.

Human dynamic efforts for doing mechanical work is at best 30% efficient because most of the efforts are converted to maintaining static positions in order to preserve stability and equilibrium for all the other concomitant stabilizing joints, bones and muscles.  For example, the stooping position consumes 60% of the efforts for having a work done, in addition to the extremely high moment effected on the edges of the lower back intervertebrae discs.  Static postures constrict the blood vessels and fresh blood is no longer carrying the necessary nutrients to sustain any effort for long duration and heart rate increases dramatically; lactic acid accumulates in the cells and fatigue ensues until the body rests in order to break down that acid.

Human energy efficiency is even worse because most of the energy expended is converted into heat.  Not only physical exercises generate heat but, except for glucose or sugar, most of the nutrients have to undergo chemical transformations to break down the compounds into useful and ready sources of energy, thus generating more heat.  Consequently, heat is produced even when sleeping when the body cells are regenerated. Internal heat could be a blessing in cold environments but a worst case scenario in a hot atmosphere because the cooling mechanism in human is solely confined to sweating off the heat accumulated in the blood stream.  Heat is a source of blessing when we are sick with microbes and bacteria because the latter is killed when the internal body temperature rises above normal.

We need Him a witness (July 14, 2009)


            I raised an army and defeated people, entered cities, slaughtered, hanged, maimed, terrified, and ruled; I need a God to witness my deeds.

            I split the atom, generated nuclear energy, searched the stars, and landed on planets; I need a God to witness my intelligence and perseverance.

            I joined the resistance against occupiers and was ready to fall a martyr and I need a God to witness that I was steadfast in my dignity.

            I am living in a desolate region; I am dying of thirst, famine, and curable diseases; I need a God to witness my suffering.

            I am an aristocrat and I inherited a fortune; I need a God to witness my self-sufficiency.

            I am an ascetic; I joined a sect that provides me with food and cares for my health; I need a God to witness the hard life that I consecrated to meditation and repeating his 99 names.


            I was lucky to live long enough and ask “why I got to exist”.  I was lucky to survive long enough through hazardous risks and dangers while others were not born, stillborn dead, died prematurely, and died too young to worry about death. I need a God to witness that I am thankful

            I was lucky to care for imminent departures, dare look death in the eyes, converse with the universe, search for a point of application to move part of the world, to change, to redirect interests, to gain new relationships, to find the courage to confess, to confide bottled up emotions, verbalize uneasiness, to express frustrations clearly, to see nature grow, witness the existence of other living forms, to hang on to my garden, to get cozy in my quarter of solitude, to appreciate my rights as an individual and fight for them, and to get convinced that diversity is good and necessary. 

            I need a God to witness that I did my best to value exotic tendencies, conformist attitudes, conservative behaviors, revolutionary zeal, simple pleasures, a walk in nature, creating a void around me, and inviting boisterous neighbors.  I need a God to witness that I laughed at my limitations, allowed others to make fun of my idiosyncrasies, and showed off my capabilities.

            I need a God to witness that I discovered new cultures, customs, and traditions; that I started collecting artifacts, relics, manuscripts of dying civilizations; that I battled for species on the verge of extinction, minority and ethnic races swept aside by globalization; that I have gone to war for clean air and fresh potable water; that I demonstrated for parcels of wild prairies and virgin forests.


            I don’t need a Creator, all Compassionate, all Vengeful, all Knowledge; it is irrelevant.  I am good, evil, mean, cruel, benevolent, and respectful; who I am is also irrelevant. When all is said and done I need a God who never dies and remembers everything.  I need a God to witness that I was a survivor; that once upon a time I did exist.




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