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Sugar for my brain

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Sugar for my brain (July 16, 2009)


            It is proven that the more consistent and varied are your reading, at least two books a week, the fresher are your laughs and the warmer are your cries.  It is a truism: you learn to laugh normally because you are in company of a friend not capable of criticizing your behavior; thus, you are not obliged to copy cat the behavior of acquaintances in flesh and bones.  It is a truism: you learn to cry genuinely because your cries are no longer bitter reflecting the miserable routine life of your neighbors and yours.

            It is proven that the more consistent and regular are your reading patterns the happier the setting in the after life.  You will discover that there is one accountant in the after life; he does not keep records of the money you accumulated, or the mileage you recorded to drive to your routine and boring jobs.  This busy accountant is keeping data on the quantity of brain sugar you consumed on productive and focused knowledge; consequently, on the quality of reflective thinking you invested on improving your mind and understanding your environment, including man. 

            This after life accountant is busier that ever because He is smart and highly critical. His set of criteria is to discount the sugar consumption in your brain related to anxieties and the irrelevant forecasting of the multitude of problems in the future and how to insure total safety and independence from fellow man. 

            The compassionate accountant (there are no oxymoron terms in the afterlife) will restitute your complete memory, including your multiple lives from reading.   The naive and jovial accountant will judge your average rate of productive sugar consumption in your brain per week and then allocate you a space suitable for your mind versatility so that you never get bored. You certainly get what you were willing to invest in life in improving your chances for happiness and comprehension of your neighbors.

            Why brain needs only sugar to function is an interesting question. Brain does not need protein, fat, or vitamin to function properly; it turns out that most of the food you consume has sugar content; the more you use your brain the more sugar is transferred to your brain instead of accumulating in other parts of your body. When you read you are in fact detoxifying your body and shaping it better than jogging or cycling for long stupid hours.

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