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A Dream Real

Posted on: July 23, 2009

A Dream Real

 Note: wrote this piece when I was in Real Estates

1.   My fellows make fun of me, of my choice of name.

           Posting Dr. Adonis is intimidating, it scares people off.

A few, maybe.  Plenty call on me.

           They keep me busy, friendly, alert and happy.


2.   Dr. Adonis has no business selling homes.

Dr. Adonis was meant to teach, to be employed.

Dr. Adonis joined the rank of the selfish, the greedy.

Dr. Adonis is banished from the elite gangs.


3.   I got to know the mind of the Realtor.

           You see one, you see all.

Like you, I don’t like him.

           He sells houses for fees.


4.   Long hours, long days and nights.

           I sell a friend “My Home”.

I make that dream come true.

           I am associated with a few dreams.

Long lasting dream, long lasting me.

           Kids have their own rooms; I never had mine.

Kids play in the basement; I sleep in part of one.


5.   I call, I mail, I follow up and serve.

I serve and call no more:  Just drop by.

Big hearts, big smiles open the door for me.

I have no home of mine:  Home is where that heart is.


I am a Realtor.  I don’t like him.

I sell dreams, Real ones, at last.

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