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This rude lacks sense of humor

Posted on: July 31, 2009

The rude lacks sense of humor (July 30, 2009)


            You have a sense of humor when you agreed and absorbed the fact, early on, that the sun is definitely not revolving around you.  A concrete example might aid in setting the tone of the theme.  There is this young lady (I try to be accurate in my wordings: a lady is not in her prime youth) preparing her thesis (definitely not the funny sort).  She has been patronizing a private library like me for its quiet environment; private libraries are the ideal places for contemplation.  We have been sharing a smoke on breaks and I thought we were friendly enough to sharing a few comments.  The library is to close for an entire month; I decided to ask the lady for her phone number. She said: “What for?” I honestly replied “In case of emergencies”.  She squeezed her dagger and said “There will be no emergencies”.

            Her ready made reply was not specifically intended for me; she had used it several times before.  The meaning was clear and irrevocable “I have no time to waste on chatting with irreconcilable mates.  I am seriously seeking potential comfortable life long slaves and time is of the essence”.

            People with sense of humor prefer same kind of friends: they know that in associating with other kinds of friends they will end up absorbing their limiting and mean characters.  People with no sense of humor also prefer, by far, to associate with people with a lot of sense of humor; they figured that they will have plenty of opportunities to lord it over their selected “best friends”. Smart people with sense of humor do not leave these leeches and tenias any chance to abuse of them; they tell them right away “the sun does not indeed turn around you.  Do not try hard to exhibit your self sufficiency”

            There are misconceptions. People believe that those sweet talkers, who have ready heart-felt laughs, and could crack jokes are necessarily potential people with sense of humor. Potentiality is always a positive start.  There is a difference between people with potentials to be stand up comics (who have the courage to make jokes of their limitations) and those who love to joke at the expense of others and go on a war path when targeted in their physical or moral deficiencies. 

            Appreciating a joke or retort and laughing within a duration commensurate to quickness of mind is an indication that the person is on his way to assimilating that the sun is not turning around him; now that is a positive sign.  The main problem is that you need to invest some time to knowing this potential ideal “friend”: actions talk louder than believing that the sun is not turning around you. 

            A person with a sense of humor is not necessarily devoid of any other principles, including the firm belief that we are all alike in characters and tendencies save for quantitative threshold of frequencies, but that he is mainly cool to enjoying the present and not unduly fussing over the tragic “deterministic” future.  The universe is pretty much chaotic and chance happenings are usually the rules; you have to consciously observe what you want to happen and the probability of success is much higher than normal.

            People with sense of humor have the great potentials of generating masterpieces in writing and all kinds of artistic endeavors. Masterpieces that withstand time are fundamentally introspections done by writers with strong sense of humor.  The main characters, bad or lovely, are aspects of the author’ honest description and analysis of his psychological complex constituents. The author might exaggerate his characters to drive the theme or idea through and this is a sure indication of the hard work of the author’s honest and determined study of the man that he is.

            You may ride on your high horses as long as you want; the odds are the longer you ride on the funnier and bloodier the observations and critics.  Rude people lack sense of humor; I sincerely have no patience with them. There might be a few brave souls with sense of humor; I should do a better job locating them. I have no sense of humor: my best friends are countable; I ended up with no one.

2 Responses to "This rude lacks sense of humor"

Well, there are *some* rude people with a sense of humor, adonis. Most of them have radio shows.

Rob of Chrislip

My post was describing a specific event. I am not closely familiar with any talk show personality and thus I cannot generalize. Thanks for the comment. Do you have in mind any talk show host in particular that your are acquainted with?

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