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Surprise audio-visual birthday gift? In Naass Forest

Note: Re-edit of “Naass Forest: surprise audio-visual birthday gift; (written in June 30, 2007 and posted on August 6, 2009)”

It is 8:40 a.m. and the weather is going to be hot and sunny.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and had to deal with mosquitoes: I had forgotten to tuck in the net before going to bed.  I lay in bed scratching, although I never heard any mosquito buzzing and it was hot.

I shaved and went back to bed for leisurely exercises, just to wake up satisfactorily.  I fetched the daily downstairs and found a few bags of leftover fruits and vegetables that my sister Raymonde left at the door for the chicken.

I had my coffee and read the daily as Raymonde returned from her morning walk.  I resumed my exercises and had a good bowel movement and I fed the chicken.  I watered a few plants and then I took a shower and started to pack my bag for the camping expedition.

I met my niece Adrea and she told me to be ready around 8 a.m. I saw Hanane riding off to purchase some grocery. Cedric has to work today and will not join us. Little Chelsea of 7 has scout in the afternoon.  Hanane has packed her car. Victor did not go to work yet. William stored a few water bottles in our freezer temporarily.

It is 9 and I am ready and we did not move. We left at 9:30 and I aided William carry the large ice box containing several iced water bottles and bags of peeled carrots, cucumber and “me2ty”.

We also packed several bags of apples and prunes and two empty Jerry cans and a large green tent “bache” that mother used to cover the carpets in the enclosed balcony.

We all carried our particular backpacks.  Hanane, Ashley, Adrea, and Chelsea had advanced us around 9 a.m.

The place is in a forest around Na3ess and the advanced team settled under a large Chestnut-like tree and I swept the place of leaves and dirt and, especially, cleaned the area of broken glass; hundred of tiny glass pieces from unscrupulous previous campers.

We spread six “katroun” cups of pine glue around the place to ward off scorpions and snakes.

William powdered chemicals on the floor to repel crawling insects.  We placed two special large cartons on the floor as carpet and we helped William cover the tent with the “bache”; it was a difficult and intricate job.

Around 2:30 p.m. Hanane and Ashley gave Chelsea a ride to her scout meeting in Beit Chabab, while we installed the six 3-feet tall bamboo sticks that end with a mesh dipped in kerosene, around the open tent for night lights; each stick costing 1,750 LL or a little more than a dollar.

When Hanane and Ashley arrived, we sat and passed around the bags of raw vegetables and fruits and raw peanuts; the crunching was pretty loud since this is what we were expected to eat: William planned to cleanse our system of poisons.

Yuhanna arrived around 4:30 p.m. bringing chips and a kite that Joanna sent him from London for his birthday.

We just made a vigorous run on the variety of chips and we went out to try the kite; William stayed to guard the tent and to meditate.

We failed to fly the kite and Yuhanna, Hanan and I tried our hands in many areas and many heights but we blamed our failure to the design of the kite and its fragility.

Adrea was not feeling well and barely was participating in our attempts to fly the kite and then she vomited all the vegetables; the most efficient system cleansing of poison.

Ashley and I helped Adrea walk and we returned to the tent.  William and Hanane drove off to bring Chelsea from the scout meeting.

Yuhanna handed Ashley, Adrea, and I copies of the lyric “Joanna gimme hope” by Eddy Grant, a south Africa singer, and the song had a reggae rhythm and Rastafarian pronunciation. It is a song about discrimination on grounds of race in South Africa and the chorus reads:

“Gimme hope, Jo’anna; hope, Jo’anna gimme hope, Jo’anna ‘fore the morning come.  Gimme hope, Jo’anna hope, Jo’anna, hope before the morning come.”

We followed the tape recorded song twice and we were excited and energetic.  William and Hanane returned with Chelsea. Yuhanna set up the camera and he recorded us singing the song with birthday outfits of plastic hats and “zammour”.

The song didn’t sound correct and was a total mismatch of sounds and timing in all aspects, but we had a lot of energy and good will.

Then Yuhanna distributed a cute survey questionnaire to fill for the birthday of Joanna on July 10.

Adrea was sleeping and didn’t participate in the whole charade.  Chelsea was harassing Yuhanna. And William ordered Chelsea to go home; he was taking her to the car and I decided to leave also. I took sick Adrea with me.

I helped Adrea walk and Hanane joined us.  We met William returning with Chelsea but we decided to go ahead and return home.  Hanane gave me and Adrea a ride in her car; we stopped at Basheer and had ice cream but Hanane decided to stick to the raw vegetables.

Hanane needed to use the bathroom and she was to show Carine the place on her return back to camp.  Adrea didn’t even speak to her mother Raymonde and she slept right away on the TV couch.

Raymonde was complaining about her husband Victor ruining her summer by taking on so many troubles after he retired.

I watched the evening news and had supper and removed to my study and connected and mailed Joanna and told her that Yuhanna is preparing her a video clip surprise.

I went up to Raymonde and she was watching a concert given by Star Academy last month in BIEL.

Victor came very late after 10 p.m. and he was terribly hungry. I watched a movie till 11:50 p.m. and spread my mosquitoes net to have a good sleep.  Cedric came from work after 3 a.m.

The next day Joanna told me that she was unhappy for telling her about Yuhanna’s surprise.

It is 11:30 a.m. and Cedric is driving off to work; he told me that the Zess Café serves Lebanese food and Italian ice creams imported directly from Italy and that the kitchen is not responding fast to the orders of the customers.

I went up to check if lunch was ready and it was not and ate a few pieces of “fatayer bi banadoura“. Raymonde saved 5 pieces that I carried with me to Na3ess for Chelsea.

I drove off at 12:30 p.m. to drop a borrowed book to the library of Beit-Chabab but it was already closed.

I went to Na3ess, (the guys slept over in the forest), and I filled 5 gallons of water from the fresh source and visited the camp.  They were folding camps on account that the weather is very cloudy, but I believe that they were exhausted.  David and his girlfriend were there and a friend of David.

As soon as they saw me everyone harassed me; they were asking me why I had to tell Joanna about Yuhanna’s surprise gift.

I was very surprised that Joanna would divulge my news so promptly and I felt embarrassed with Joanna “Em Khbaar“.  I believe she had a purpose for telling my news, and I don’t care anymore what were her purposes because I am not telling her anything anymore.

William insisted to knowing why I told Joanna and I said because I never had a surprise party and this is my revenge.

I returned home right away and didn’t forget to bring my sandals.  Adrea is watching a movie at our TV room and mom is sleeping on the couch.  I don’t feel happy today, first because of the dream and now because of Joanna’s treachery.

It is 2:15 p.m. and the gang arrived and they are unpacking and talking about going to eat outside later on. I am going up for a nap before the wedding ceremony that starts at six.

Note:  I should have given details of what wedding ceremony we were attending.  Now I have forgotten.




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