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Trip to coastal Betroun

Posted on: August 10, 2009

Trip to coastal Betroun;(August 9, 2009)

Note: I opened a special category on my blog “Travel/Excursion” to collect all my trips stories.

I got up at 6 a.m. on Sunday, August 10, 2008 and prepared my cup of Nescafe. Unusually, mother was up: she barely sleeps at night and manages to go to sleep early morning.

The weather is already sunny and clear. I removed to my study on the ground floor; all the cars are in.  I gave the two dogs to drink (Not my own) and watered the flowers. Hanane slept over.  My aunt Marie saw me and asked me to gather some mint “na3na3” for her tabouli.

I went through my morning routine and had tanning and then I saw all the girls up and dressed.

I asked Ashley where she is going today and she yawned and mumbled something about Betroun.  It seems that some of them are waiting for their father Victor to come back: he drove to open his clothing shop to a new part-time assistant.

I asked William why he is rummaging through the clothing and he said that he is going biking in Betroun. William and Hanane lived in the next door small apartment on the ground floor.  And then asked me to join them and be ready within 10 minutes.  That is how I am invited “to be ready within 10 minutes

I shaved and was ready within 10 minutes.  We drove off with Ashley and Adrea.  We stopped in Gemayzeh at a bike shop because William decided to buy a mountain bike.

William set his mind on a “Treck” bike for a price tag of over $800; he is to return tomorrow for a lower bike height of 18 inches instead of the 19.5 available.

We resumed our trip to David’s apartment in Jounieh where four people are to join us, mainly Rodrigue, Habib, and David. Noel (a photography teacher) was to meet us in Batroun with his friend and a girl.

We had a nice surprise because it was Batroun’s historical and cultural Day and renting bikes was free as well as having a boat trip and free lemonade at the main center.

We were 10 in all and selected our bikes and biked for over 75 minutes going north toward Tripoli using the old coastal road.  In the return trip I took the lead and then waited for the “peloton” of bikers; I bared my chest, drying my undershirt and my hair.

After some necessary discussions we decided to resume biking heading south.  Many were not lucky in selecting their bikes and had to walk their bike to the shop for repair or to interchange; not necessarily to resume biking anyway.

I took the lead with William and I stopped once before the return trip.  Ashley and Adrea were not in shape and had not gotten enough sleep well last night.

Then we had lunch that cost 130,000 LL for all of us.

I love boat trips and insisted on boarding one of the free boat trips. Noel and his friends did not join us and instead waited for us at a public beach around Betroun or Kfar Abida to be exact.

The rest of us waited for a boat to have the battery changed and then we enjoyed a 20-minute boat trip. Four of the shore kids accompanied us and they dived under the boat and tied and untied the ropes.

We joined Noel and had hard time finding the main entrance.  Adrea, Ashley, and Rodrigue were not wearing swimming trunks and they watched us enjoying a wonderful swim on a rocky beach for an hour.

I removed my slip outdoor to wear my swimming trunk because there was nowhere to hide.  I wore my cap and goggles and looked the only swimming professional among the lot.

We all met at Booza bar in Jounieh; it was expensive because one scoop of ice cream cost 2,000 LL.  I had one scoop of chocolate ice cream.

William decided to follow Hanane on a long widening trip just to locate an Italian ice cream parlour named Gelato, on the highway of Jounieh on account that there are available soya ice creams!

We left Ashley and Adrea in the car to sleep off their exhaustion. I had one scoop of rice chocolate ice cream (for curiosity sake), no cholesterol, no sugar, no gluten and no something else and it tasted no different from the one I had.

William had at least 4 scoops of soya and then resumed with rice ice creams and then he complained of feeling physically terrible because these supposedly healthy ice cream varieties were loaded with chemicals.

Adrea was soundly asleep but Ashley could not because it was terribly hot and humid.

I was in great shape all along this long trip even though I woke up at 6 a.m. and exercised and worked in the garden for over two hours and never felt sleepy or tired or bored and I participated in all the activities from biking over two hours to walking a lot and swimming and returning after 17 hours since I first woke up in the morning.

The next day I woke up before eight and resumed my daily routine as usual and physically worked for over 4 hours and even vacuumed thoroughly my study.

These facts prove that in order to participate in activities as a group for an entire day you should be well trained physically and prepared for the unexpected eventualities.

If you didn’t get enough sleep and you feel tired then you have a fiduciary duty toward the group Not to join it. 

There are fun trips where you are allowed to rest and there are trips that are physically exhausting and you need not participate if tired because you transmit a tired atmosphere on a ready and enduring group.

I used to be invited to climb Mount Sannine twice until the group realized that I was not prepared and trained for steep climbing at its own pace.

We arrived home around 10:30 p.m. William fought off sleep valiantly while driving. I asked him several times to drive for him but he kept scratching his head and shaking his legs to keep awake: William usually sleeps before 10 p.m. and wake up before dawn. Raymonde was watching TV with mother. Victor and Chelsea were sleeping in front of our TV.

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sounds like a great adventure — I can almost imagine being there

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