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Feel good nonsense quotations; (Part 2; August 12, 2009)


Note: this is the second batch of quotations; my comments are in parenthesis.


A simple way to remove fear is to seek knowledge and understanding; (my life story though it is the hardest way: not that simple at all)


The fool wants to be seen; the wise man smile in the audience; (are we talking about politicians? Isn’t the smiling wise man a symptom of his idiocy?)


The less you speak the more you are listened to; (if you have anything to say to people who don’t care for you)


The more you understand yourself the easier to remain happy and peaceful (all that come with aging whether you understood anything in life, yourself, or not)


The survivor knows how to adjust; (isn’t the definition of the capitalist?)


The price of freedom is always responsibility; (with more responsibilities we learn to love any dictator and obey him blindly)


Simplicity is beauty and very close to truth; (mathematicians would love this quote)


To be a child of God means to reflect his qualities; (all 99 qualities? Only children are too stupid and ignorant to seek all these qualities)


Be enthusiastic of others’ successes as yours; (I wouldn’t mind when I got any success)


Be natural.  It is far easier than pretending to be someone else; (not true; society will not let you get your way with it)


How can you see the future if you live in the past? (What do you mean by “live”? What ugly future you want me to see?)


Warning! Your expression will leave an impression; (the story of my life; and pretty decisive impressions I left; what can I do: I have an expressive face)


Contentment and bliss go hand in hand. These two qualities fascinate people; (it is the way around: fascinated people are mostly contented and blissful in their mind)


All tasks are difficult for a lazy man; (not all; we have got remote controls and easy lazy chairs; define me who is lazy, please)


God has a broad back; if you have any burden let Him take it off you; (here we go again; God will be thanked if he unburdens me with a few “friends”)


Insults and defamations will destroy you if you allow praise and fame to puff you up; (You are cluttering my memory; let me experience fame and I’ll get back to your wise quote)


It is like eating unripe fruits when you are impatient to experience the results of your efforts; (not all ripe fruits taste better than unripe ones)


Your conscious is a good friend; listen to it more often; (we fails more often than not by listening to the conscious of the lazy law abiding masses)


If I wish to advocate peace, then do I have to shout and scream? (Yes, now and then, yes; frequently is better)


Using your special talents for evil will change your talents into a handicap; (depends how often to it takes toward evil; anyway give me special innate talents and then I will get back to you)


If truth and honesty come easy to me then love from God do also come easily; (Are we not shifting the roles?)


The odds are much higher that your next moment will be a happy one when you appreciate your present moment. (This is my quote)

The Last Day of an epic war; (August 14, 2009)


            This is Monday August 14, 2006 of my diary.  The war has been going on for 32 days so far; Israel has destroyed all Lebanon’s infrastructure seaports, airports, highways, and polluted our sea with mazout. At 8 a.m. Israel decided to stop the military activities.  Last night, Israel poured its last minutes of vengeance and hatred on Lebanon by dropping thousands of various bombs and rockets on southern Beirut, the Bekaa and Akkar districts.  There are many indications that Israel used bombes that spread thousands of tiny bombs against individuals (cluster bombs); a few cases of injuries happened this morning when children manipulated these tiny booby bombs.        

            Israel dropped leaflets warning that it will target Beirut if missiles are activated. Israel pronounced that it will maintain air, water, and ground blockades until the multinational forces take over. The UN and the Lebanese army have warned our citizens not to touch or approach suspicious objects.

            The Lebanese refugees are on the move back to their home towns in the south by the thousands; they are carrying their mattresses and blankets stacked high over their cars.  They did not wait for any kind of permissions from anyone; they did not wait for the army to lead the way, and certainly, they did not wait for Israel to give the green light to their return. They are the heroes after the cease fire that clenched our total victory over the despicable enemy.  The locals at the nearby destroyed bridges and roads are repairing as best they can and facilitating the convoys of the returnees.  It would take months for the Israeli citizens to return to their targeted settlements at the urge and plenty of incentive from their government.  The nation that won the war is the one whose citizens returned promptly to their lands.

            My niece Adreas, helped by 5 of the neighbors’ kids, cleaned the basement where William sleeps and rearranged the living room so that they can meet and play.  This place is supposed to become their meeting harbor before they disperse for outdoor activities. I guess they intend to bring their daily food supplies and they were dreaming of sleeping overnight too.

            The IDF (Israel “Defense” Forces) has vacated the town of Marjeyoun. The war is going on in the south; Hezbollah killed seven Israeli soldiers and wounded 17.  It looks like the agreement of April in 1996 all over again, after the first Qana massacre; this agreement stated that guerilla warfare is legitimate and the civilians should be are spared.  If the Lebanese government is steadfast behind the resistance fighters, it will not take four years for Israel to retreat to the Blue Line but merely one week.

            I took my youngest niece Chelsea of nine around 7 p.m. to Beit Chabab to celebrate the Eve of the Virgin Mary Day and meet a few of her friends.  This event had strong local flavors before the start of the civil war in 1975. It represents mid summer vacation and parents start worrying about the first instalement to private schools. This was no celebrations this year; though it would have been most appropriate because of the end of the cease fire and our victory.  Chelsea bought herself a hair band and another cheap toy and ate “mankouchi”. While visiting my aunt Montaha, Nasr Allah was delivering his powerful speech.  We returned about 9 p.m. and I watched the interview with our minister of Defense.


Note: This year too, Hassan Nasr Allah delivered a lengthy and powerful victory speech at the same time and date.  The Secretary General of Hezbollah said that the frequent threats of Israel for the last two months only chased away the tourists visiting northern Israel. Israel would love to wage another offensive war but it is too apprehensive to even think about it.  Hezbollah has no intention of escalating the tensions but it is not scared at all for another war. This time around the missiles of Hezbollah can reach any where in Israel and the resistance will respond in kinds.)

The day I registered my blog on; (August 15, 2009)

I was reviewing my diary and I stumbled on the day I started publishing my posts on

It was Thursday, September 18, 2008 at around 3 pm, and my niece Joanna helped me open a “blog”. Obviously, wordpress can state the exact date, but this was an opportunity to recall this eventful day: I used to write exhaustive diaries, everyday, for over 5 years until my computer broke down.

I got up around 8 a.m. and I did my routine tasks of exercising, working in the garden, and feeding the damned chickens (because mother and brother-in-law love to raise fowls) till 10 a.m.

The weather was mostly cloudy.  My niece Adrea went to work with her father Victor.  My nephew William returned by 8:30 a.m. from his morning biking trek, wearing professional biking outfits.

I had tanning and Joanna was epilating her legs because she was joining her mother Raymonde to a “sob7iheh” (morning meeting) in a Zaarour restaurant managed by “ladies only” and which closes for the day after lunch.

I bought Exforge for mother, the strongest blood pressure medicine, for 85,000 LL and then spent the morning at the private library of Maitre Phares Zoghbi.

A 60-year old Brazilian nephew of maitre Phares, named Jose-Antonio, arrived last night for a visit and they prepared a luncheon in his honor at a nearby house.  I left by 1:45 p.m. and borrowed “Chroniques de Gaza” by Caroline Mangez.

I collected just 5 eggs and watered part of the garden.

I removed to my study and saw Joanna working on her portable.  I reminded her that she promised me to open a blog and she did.

I sat by her side and we went through the queries. My site is; the affix 49 is the year of my birth year since Adonis was already taken.

I had lunch around 5:45 p.m and Joanna joined me.  I had a short nap of 30 minutes to rest my aching back.

I removed to my study to start my diary and met Nadine, the red-headed graphic designer and the “rababeh” player, a simple musical instrument of 3 chords.

Mother worked all day on her tomato Ketchup, cleaning, and packing the “bamieh”.

I tried to start publishing articles on my blog of but the internet was acting up everytime I clicked on “publish”.

I checked my emails and sent a message to Cedric.  This might turn out to be a time-consuming process of publishing what I have written: I spent over an hour just for one article to go.

It is 7 p.m. and my niece Ashley had just arrived home and will pick up her sister Joanna to watch her play at Mounir Abou Debs house, a theater director, living 6 months in France and 6 months in the town of Fraykeh (Lebanon).

Victor arrived around 10 p.m. with my younger niece Adrea and we helped him carry up to our enclosed balcony two large boxes of tomatoes.

I told Victor that mother is too tired to process more tomatoes and he said that his brother Nicholas gave them to him.

I watched part of a movie at my sister Raymonde’s and gave a rub to Victor’s legs.  I resumed watching cables till after 1 a.m.




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