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No matter, with a little talent

Posted on: August 20, 2009

No matter, with a little talent… (August 20, 2009)

With a little talent we can make it through.

We can live many happy moments;

We can struggle through old age.

I should worry about people with not a single talent;

People who might have one and never recognize it.

I should worry of someone

Who cannot read, has no musical ear,

Cannot draw, paint, dance, listen to conversation.

Involuntarily, I was immersed since I was born

In the sacred rituals,

Family, religious sect, schools, and political party line.

I escaped marriage:

Not pretty, tall, or rich enough

For the beautiful opportunistic girls.

I valiantly rebelled much later, mostly unconsciously first.

I attempted to be freed of the coded moral restrictions,

To free my life of the accepted sacred rituals.

I have been fleeing ever since, haphazardly, of aspects of the sacred.

I cherished the egoism of my freedom to be “nothing much for others”,

And free of everything in my mind.

No matter, with a little talent

I might have been swooped in the turbulence of social life.

I would not have noticed this powerful bipolar tug of war:

Freedom and the sacred.

Social intelligence, perfected through millennia,

To control and teach its select members to control,

Has closed all loopholes in this universal web net

For controlling every aspect of social interactions

From birth to death.

We have been revolting;

We have been reforming;

For so many abstract reasons;

Observing human injustices.

All the while, we failed

To point the finger to the main dragon;

Too powerful to grasp its devilish control schemes;

Too well aware of our weaknesses, brutality,

Meanness, ignorance, and hate;

Too powerful to even mention its name:

Sacred rituals for our survival as human kind.

With a little talent

We are all the same:

Indulging in consumerism when affordable;

Experiencing the stages of life

As our energy potential degrades.

No matter, with a little talent,

With a few sacred links to society

I might have noticed nothing important.

Rare catastrophes might have opened my eyes,

Then shut close instantly.

To resume my daily habits.

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