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Transatlantic professors;

Posted on: August 23, 2009

Transatlantic professors; (August 21, 2009)


            The English professor David Lodge wrote “A tiny world”; he describes our world as a large university town where conferences, colloquium, and committees of experts converge uninterrupted throughout the year. This global campus is structured and hyped by Medias and all the international professors and academics who are in transit for savant communication and mainly for international sex. 

            Actually, the UNESCO, the educational and cultural branch of the United Nation, is the object of desire as during the Medieval Age knights seek their love objects: acquiring a chair as literary critics at UNESCO will open the free transatlantic highway with plenty of money for experimenting with international sex varieties in the name of global cultural rapprochement.  Half the world’s professors pack the airliners to almost every destination.

            I heard recently that in Egypt, this year, the number of “summer weddings” by tourists exceeded 80, 000 under aged girls.  The prices for these transacted marriages vary with the “qualities” of the girl and the contract may even last a couple of days.  I would not exclude the possibility that the UN might end up with a load of problems; I mean how to handle all those academics flaunting the UN moral standing and extensive human rights laws.


            I have nothing against traveling.  Countries are as good as the traveler. Why travel if you have no intention of conquering your destination country or be conquered by its people? “The condottiere wants to first conquer in order to be conquered” wrote the French Andre Suares in his “The trip (voyage) of the Condottiere”.  This fantastic, passionate, aristocratic travel book describes Italy, Venice, Fiorenza (Florence), and Sienna. It took Suares over 35 years to write this book; he started the travel diary at the age of 27 as Andre criss-crossed Italy by foot.

            I don’t mind traveling; I do mind the frequent flyers: they are immature and frivolous. Don’t they ever listen to the news? Don’t they hear about the increasing air crashes?

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