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“My Name is Bev and I want to Speak” May 10, 2009)


            “My Master Adams Mashedbones seems a rather nice boy.  He has been treating me kindly; he feeds regularly and I offer him my milk regularly; kind of fair deal.  The problem is that Adams thinks that because I cannot read or write that I am stupid. I admit that I look stupid but he should have no interest in pushing his nonchalance too far.  Adams forgets that I can hear and see and obviously has no clue that I can read body language, gestures, and lips when Adams inadvertently turns his face towards me; he has no idea that I can sense his gimmicks from the tone of his voice when chatting with buddy Rufus Lightbeer. I suspect that Adams can read and maybe write but this knowledge is of no use to him.  I know that all his information is hearsay and of the more recent mania of the audio-visual intelligence kind of knowledge.

            My mother Sweety heard her mother Dolly complains a few years ago that what Adams fed her was not suiting her digestive system; Dolly went on exaggerating a bit or mother may have added spices to her droll of story.  Dolly was to have said that many of her companions suffered horrible aches and pains and died in crazy conditions.  Dolly was chatty and spread the news that her kinds have been slaughtered for free and the carcasses incinerated and that Adams didn’t care that much about their painful conditions since he was financially rewarded for his greed before the disease and after the disease by a capitalist system, more likely a particular republican capitalist system that Thatcher was a staunch supporter in Britain and exacerbated the epidemics among my cow kind.

            I have real compassion for the pork these days.  I can associate with their worries and tangible calamities that await them.  Adam’s kinds infected the pork with a nasty flu and now the pork is blamed for the new disease.  In this internet age, information is reaching me that in Egypt all pork is being massacred.  Pork over there is not viewed with esteem.  The Koran as well as the Jews prohibits eating pork as source of evil.  Pork in Moslem countries was supposed to be lucky for that prohibition but trade with the greedy “infidels” did not salvage them.  I hate to be ironic but at least pork raised in Moslem countries will no longer be eaten by “infidels” like Adams Mashedbones.  Oh, how I wished to have been born in India; this cursed internet crushed my dreams and enlightened me: India is exporting cow meat to the “infidels”.  So, I might enjoy the better conditions here as long as it last.


            I overheard that William is on a war collision course against meat eating specimen.  William is so tight assed in vegetarian habits that he would not even eat milk based product, fish, or any product smelling of animal substance.  If William drinks my milk then he will realize that I too don’t eat onion or ail.  I respect his choice of life style since he can meditate as well as I do but not as long as I do.

            Oh, how I wished that the Phoenician of Byblos invented alphabets that can be scribbled by cows.  I would have told Adams a piece of my mind.”

War by the end of September; bi-weekly report #29; (August 25, 2009)


            President Barak Obama of the USA is slipping toward another war.  The health insurance empire lobbying is setting up a nasty trap to the “President” to discredit his leadership. Obama has shown so far that he is intent on unifying the two main political parties on critical decisions for the interest of the people but he failed to prove leadership.  Since his inauguration, Obama has been all rhetoric and promises but nothing materialized on the ground as a decision maker.

            The insurance business has already sunk Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan with no prospects for any peaceful resolutions and now they want Obama to rekindle another of the unending Near Eastern wars.  Obama is being talked of agreeing to a “very limited and localized war” in south Lebanon to destroy the long range missiles of Hezbollah in order to “propulse the peace process” and giving George Mitchell more leverage in his “peaceful” mission.  The insurance business is also enlarging their trap by dangling the prospect of weakening Iran on the periphery of her sphere of influence.

            Maybe Obama is no different than Amir Peres, the former Israeli defense minister who wore his war goggles the wrong side, but we hope that Obama will not fall into this trap of “limited and localized” surgical war; or that war of any size or shape can resolve problems that he has failed to decide on and shown that he is leadership material.

            The only credit that Obama enjoys in the Arab World is the belief of the Arab masses that Obama means good.  Any war would, however “limited”, dissipate Arab people confidence in Obama; he will be cornered as another US President totally biased to the Zionist interests.  No Arab masses confidence no peace process; and George Mitchell will be wasting his time moving his ass in this region: he would have lapidated any credit invested on his good will and efforts.

            Lebanon has no government for over 60 days.  The problem is not internal; foreign decisions to postponing a unity government means that another Israeli war is in preparation within a Lebanese governing vacuum.  Most probably no army land incursions are in the planning but drastic and surgical changes in Lebanon’s political structure will be the results of this coming war.

            Hezbollah is focusing on its internal reorganization and testing the endurance of its mass bases for obeying orders of limited responses to Israel’s air attacks. It would be shameful if Syria is engulfed in these war planning.  The postponement of forming a government is sending too many conflicting forecasts on the real purpose of driving Lebanon to a political vacuum. What I know is Saad Hariri was not the appropriate man to forming any kinds of government.  Lebanon missed the opportunity to prove that it has earned its independence and has enough balls and is willing to form a government before visiting other leaders for their inputs.

Chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, and … (August 24, 2009)


I care for two dogs,

Cats, a chinchilla, a hamster, a guinea pig,

Two turtles, and a rabbit.

They are not mine;

I care for them by default.

If I could dispose of Noah’s cargo

Then I’ll burn it down.


Nieces and nephews got attached growing up

To their favorite pets for a couple of days.

A few pets enjoyed longer friendship before grown ups moved out.

The youngest niece is still receiving pets as gifts

For her many real and faked birthdays.

If I could dispose of Noah’s cargo

I’ll start by tearing at Noah’s beard

Till this old fart bleeds.


Dogs can be forgotten for a couple of days;

They will stay cool and lick your hands:

They can always search the nearby waste bins.

The variety of rodents can squeal their head off;

I may gather now and then a few green leaves from my small garden.


Cats are a pest; they keep rubbing at your legs

And walking between your legs

Until you are ready to offer your own flesh for feed.

Turtles can be forgotten for months;

They will still be moving at a steady slow pace.

I have a mind of carrying my home or tent on my back

And roam the wilderness.

I might survive carrying my talisman on my back.


Someone else could feed and care for Noah’s cargo

If I were rich.

I don’t even get paid for all these hassles:

I am the default guy.

A few days ago I realized that,

In my isolation,

To whom else could I lord it over?


If I were rich

I’ll hire male and maid servants to care for Noah’s lot;

I’ll employ independent contractors for cheap.

If the hired individuals turn out not diligent and obedient,

As most of Noah’s cargo behave,

I’ll turn them loose.

They may howl or beg.

They can die of starvation.

I wouldn’t care:

They are out of my hair.




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