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War by the end of September

Posted on: August 25, 2009

War by the end of September; bi-weekly report #29; (August 25, 2009)


            President Barak Obama of the USA is slipping toward another war.  The health insurance empire lobbying is setting up a nasty trap to the “President” to discredit his leadership. Obama has shown so far that he is intent on unifying the two main political parties on critical decisions for the interest of the people but he failed to prove leadership.  Since his inauguration, Obama has been all rhetoric and promises but nothing materialized on the ground as a decision maker.

            The insurance business has already sunk Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan with no prospects for any peaceful resolutions and now they want Obama to rekindle another of the unending Near Eastern wars.  Obama is being talked of agreeing to a “very limited and localized war” in south Lebanon to destroy the long range missiles of Hezbollah in order to “propulse the peace process” and giving George Mitchell more leverage in his “peaceful” mission.  The insurance business is also enlarging their trap by dangling the prospect of weakening Iran on the periphery of her sphere of influence.

            Maybe Obama is no different than Amir Peres, the former Israeli defense minister who wore his war goggles the wrong side, but we hope that Obama will not fall into this trap of “limited and localized” surgical war; or that war of any size or shape can resolve problems that he has failed to decide on and shown that he is leadership material.

            The only credit that Obama enjoys in the Arab World is the belief of the Arab masses that Obama means good.  Any war would, however “limited”, dissipate Arab people confidence in Obama; he will be cornered as another US President totally biased to the Zionist interests.  No Arab masses confidence no peace process; and George Mitchell will be wasting his time moving his ass in this region: he would have lapidated any credit invested on his good will and efforts.

            Lebanon has no government for over 60 days.  The problem is not internal; foreign decisions to postponing a unity government means that another Israeli war is in preparation within a Lebanese governing vacuum.  Most probably no army land incursions are in the planning but drastic and surgical changes in Lebanon’s political structure will be the results of this coming war.

            Hezbollah is focusing on its internal reorganization and testing the endurance of its mass bases for obeying orders of limited responses to Israel’s air attacks. It would be shameful if Syria is engulfed in these war planning.  The postponement of forming a government is sending too many conflicting forecasts on the real purpose of driving Lebanon to a political vacuum. What I know is Saad Hariri was not the appropriate man to forming any kinds of government.  Lebanon missed the opportunity to prove that it has earned its independence and has enough balls and is willing to form a government before visiting other leaders for their inputs.

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