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“The International Court is politicized…”

Posted on: August 30, 2009

“The International Court is politicized…” (August 29, 2009)


            “The International Court in the case of the assassination of Rafic Hariri PM has been politicized in the last four years” said former chief security of Lebanon General Jamil Al Sayyed during a press conference on Sunday, August 29, 2009.  He went on “The International Court will still be suspected of being influenced by international politics until it clean up the major aberrations that blocked the due process of law”.

            “The International Court has been trying to send the message that all the wrong doings in the procedures should be forgotten.  We beg to differ.  The false witnesses should be the responsibility of the International Court to bring them to trial as well as all the inspectors, investigators, and judges that consciously worked to railroad the proper course of the law.”

            Jamil Al Sayyed named a dozen guilty individuals from internal security officers, to judges, to Deputies of Parliaments, to ministers, to even the Prime Minister Seniora for participating into the grand scheme of abusing of the blood of Rafic Hariri to reap political advantages and indict innocent people.

            Jamil Al Sayyed was the former General and security chief who resigned after the assassination of Rafic Hariri and was made a scapegoat with three other highest officers in the army, the army intelligence, and the ministry of the interior.  These four officers were incarcerated for four years without any charges or indictment.  Finally, the International Court was fed up with Lebanon’s politics and ordered the release of the officers four months ago.

            General Al Sayyed has documented every press and media release and sent 200 confirmed letters to the International Court and the Lebanese judges and corresponding ministers related to the case.  For four months. General Al Sayyed was awaiting reactions, responses, and activities from the International Court and the Lebanese government to redress his claims at no avail.  In the mean time, General Al Sayyed has been filing court orders in France and Germany to put to justice a former investigative judge, appointed by the UN, who was part of the schemes for distorting justice.

            “It would be unconscionable for the International Court to proceed with new suspects until it proves without a shadow of a doubt that it is no longer politicized. The Court should bring to trial all the figures who obstructed justice and give confidence to the international community that it is serious to discover the real perpetrators of the assassination of Rafic Hariri” said Jamil Al Sayyed. 

            Al Sayyed went on to demand from the opposition not to participate in the “unity” government of Saad Hariri because honest and strong opposition is the only barrier to popular revolt.  If the opposition is bedding with the same political parties and leaders that governed Lebanon in the past four years then how reforms can be activated and how justice can be cleansed?

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